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  • Updating Sprites! Updating Sprites!
    It looks like im getting better at this
    You can use these sprites but give credit!
    Next up: Sprites from my laptop
    @Garchomp : Thanks man
    @Amosday : Thanks but this sprite is already last year's, and I learn from a member (forgot who it was) "SAVE ON PNG" So until now I saved it on png.
    Sorry no sprites for a while a Porygon-Z is making a nest on my laptop so.. Yeah
    Your sprites are pretty good as a newbie spriter ^^
    Specially loved the fire sharpedo and the steelix / muk / arbok sprite, amayzin!
    But it would be better for you to save them in png format instead of jpg, because if you save on jpeg, your sprites become all scattery n blurry
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