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  • It has been years.

    I go on a site called Ever Grande City now, but I thought I'd say hi since you viewed my profile!
    No I need to think you. Lol I having hard time getting people reply back on this. I fix my friend list with all the Pokemon that I do know on my Mii list and Pokemon
    I am all about building up my resume. Anything to gain experience! I just started this master's degree, so I have about 11 more classes to go. I like that the classes take only 8 weeks each too. It goes by a lot faster than traditional schooling. I should finish by next December if I continue my courses in the summer too. My last class is a practicum with field experience, so that will push me into the job related experience too.

    I was applying for everything using my Biology degree and past experiences. There is not much out there, but we all have to start somewhere. My girlfriend's mom always tells me, "It's not how you start, but how you finish that matters." I like that advice.

    Just a few more days until X/Y! So excited! Every new pokemon release fills me with anticipation. The best thing is, I finish my 3 classes before it comes out! I will have time to play through the game :)
    Epidemiology? Biostatistics? What do they even mean? lol That's pretty cool, though! How many more classes will you need to take? It's definitely nice to have a wide variety of career options. =) Where would be your ideal place to do missions to?

    Yeah the competition is crazy! Fortunately I was able to get into a Co-Op so I had the job lined up after graduation. It was definitely a big blessing to have gotten into the program.

    Hopefully the magazine place can work out! Subsitute teaching could be fun! That would probably look good on a resume.

    I didn't realize he could throw his foam. That's awesome. lol
    Nice! Sounds like a lot of stuff I wouldn't understand. lol Do you specifically study the effects of different foods on people or is it more complicated than that? And amen to the video-game comment! lol That a self-study? ;P Hopefully the interview went well! I'm responding late so maybe you have heard back already?

    Graduated in May with a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering. I'm currently working full-time as a Flight Test Engineer. Basically I make sure everything is working as it should and if it's not that it gets fixed before someone dies. lol

    Nice. I'll eventually own both too. Why Froakie? You're the first person I've talked to who'll be going with him.
    I'm still here, for some reason. I leave for extended periods, but come back for some reason or another.
    Haha nice. Taking breaks from productivity? ;p what's your masters a focus in?

    X/Y is going to be pretty amazing. I don't blame you for spending a lot of time in discussions. Which game and starter(s) do you plan to get? I'm going with Y (solely cause I like the title legendary). Not sure who I'm starting with, though. Originally wanted Fennelin but with the announcement of Torchic and the kanto trio, I'm pretty conflicted. lol
    Welcome back! Long time no see! Glad to hear that you're still alive and well! How have things been? In the CA you said you're working on your masters now?
    Holy wow, you're back! It's been, like ages! Welcome back, nominator of the first PBB winner ever.

    And cool, you still have the picture I drew for you on your profile.
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