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  • I feel as if we haven't been in touch for a long time. Whilst you probably do not come here anymore. I feel obligated to check up on you, and see how you have been.

    Stephen Pierce
    R4 DS / R4 Karte
    Sounds neat. And yeah, internships are always good. You get paid and accumulate experience! =D

    True. I'm just used to being with people who start to crack after a few weeks of not seeing each other. =P

    So, did you get Black/White? I got Black and beat it on Sunday.
    Environmental Science is not just the "go green" people. I learn a lot about animals and ecology. There is Wildlife and Natural Resource that I can do. I am going to do an internship this summer with a state park. It will help me build up my resume, so I can get a good career later. I will hopefully be graduating in December!

    2 months away from each other is not too bad if you think about it. I get to see her for spring break, and hang out for a week. Then school is only 7 more weeks after that.
    It's all good. Probably better that you don't spend as much time here as I do. lol

    So does an environmental scientist do what it's name sounds like (making stuff so that people can "go green")? Sounds like it'd be tough. =/

    That's great. My sister is in the same situation (her bf is always away at college (LU as well, actually...)) so they make up for not seeing each other often by texting each other constantly all the time. Glad to hear that you guys are keeping in touch whenever you can.
    Glad to hear that college is going well. I know alot of people who go to LU and they've liked it alot as well. What is your major?

    Long distance relationships can be tough. But it sounds like you're holding it together pretty well. Do you ever return home on random weekends during the semester?

    Not gonna force you to do it, but you're always welcome to throw your two cents around in the CA if you've got the time. You've been removed as co-owner so all obligation to post/keep-up is gone. But you're still a member so you'll always be welcome in the club. =)

    Horray for remaining a pokemon nerd! xD On a side-note, I've mastered the art of chaining shinies so if there's any chainable shiny that you'd want just ask and I can get it for you no problem.
    So I've been occassionally stalkering your account. and for the first time in a few years you've finally reappeared (at least, your "last activity" was only a few weeks ago). You gonna stick around a bit longer or are you gonna officially announce that you're leaving this place?

    So how have you been? How is college?

    edit: Upon further stalking of your account, you actually reappeared last November. I guess I read "November 2010" as "November 2009" since that's what it was for awhile.
    Well that's cool XP
    I want to skip 11th and 12th grade, and go straight to college >w<
    The people here act so immature, and loud, and just...ugh, all whiny little brats .-.
    It's so annoying... thats pretty much how my first day of school went ;_;

    You have a dorm?
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