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  • Man, I don't know. I like a lot of songs. I guess my favorite for now would have to be...So Good by Lincoln Brewster. Howsabout you?

    Oh, and to what you said earlier, I do really like putting Draco Meteor on Choice sets. But like you mentioned, those sets are designed to attack and switch. If you aren't choiced, may as well run Dragon Pulse instead.
    They make new versions way too often. I've updated it at least three or four times since I got it.
    I crashed and then you crashed. :(

    Good. I'd really like to see how these two teams go against each other.
    Why? That's ridiculous!

    Is your team a mono team? We should do a mono double battle. I have two mono teams, both of which are only good in doubles, and one of which is equally matched against yours.
    Yeah, but at least Sawsbuck has Leech Horn. That's pretty nice. Personally I like his Winter form.

    Man, Hydreigon is a beast. I love breaking out a Choice Scarf set with him, perhaps with a little U-Turn for good measure.

    Btw, I saw your Hydra sets on the Singles Rate. Very nice. I'd recommend Surf over Tri Attack on that first one, T-Attack is kinda meh. Oh, and you might see fit to put Draco Meteor on there somewhere. Besides Latios and Kyurem (both of which have some problems), Hydra is the most powerful user of Draco Meteor there is. Works wonders on a Choice set.
    That's true, but Samurott looks so awesome. :D

    I'm...doing well, at least by Tech standards. And I'm stressed out, but all Tech students are like that. :p Luckily, it's the weekend, so I'll be able to destress and get back into focus.
    No real reason. I've already read everything in my bookcase at least once, and I don't go to the bookstore very often. The only books I'm waiting for right now are the next Warriors book (because I still read those) and the sequel to Eon: Dragoneye Reborn by Alison Goodman.
    Heck yeah. Piano is a whole other world. But they don't get to do slides and hammer-ons and stuff. :p

    Sweet! And I hope to go to Kansas to chase tornadoes one day. Maybe, just maybe...

    Sawsbuck is pretty cool. I like him as far as his design goes, and he's got some pretty cool moves to. I can't really see him doing so well in upper tiers, due to his average stats and the fact that he doesn't have the greatest coverage in the world. But I like him.
    Black Ice clan? Never heard of it. I'm not a battler though, so you won't see me joining any clans.

    I've been playing through White, although a little slowly. I'm around the city with the airport (Mistralton City, I think). Haven't challenged the 6th gym there yet.
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