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  • Sorry I took so long to respond!

    Yeah, halloween style is one of my favorites. Phantom of the Opera, Pirates of the Carribean, love it.

    Who knows? I might already know you... 0.o Well, maybe not, but that would be pretty cool if we met up one day.

    Sure! You can PM me whatever it is if you want.

    Starved dog at a fried chicken! *writes that down* Yeah, that's exactly how I feel about my senior year and beyond.

    Man, seven years! Yeah, you got me beat alright. And yes, guitar is an AMAZING instrument. The thing I love about it is that you can play the same note like 4 different ways on a guitar neck. So if you want to play some certain scale or progression, there's a bunch of different ways you can play it, and then just use the style that fits best. Versatility, my friend, versatility.
    just in high school lol I go to an institute of tech as well, studying engineering, wby?

    uhh which server do you use? still don't really get it lol

    did you get Black or White?
    you mean the one that is my profile pic? yes i did that. :) the two characters are alexander and goku. (used to name my espeon that.) now i should probably change it because i don't use goku. i use my new espeon named after one of the patriarchs Moshe (Moses in hebrew) pronounced mosheh.
    Man, five years. Nice. Got me beat by a bit. ;)

    Piano, good choice. And actually, I really like playing the organ. Most of the stuff I do with the organ is just playing around with old church organ stuff. Ya know, something you'd hear in a Halloween movie.

    Yeah, I'm thinking about mostly chilling my senior year. The stuff this year is killing me.

    Absolutely! Scales are probably my favorite part of guitar right now. I just love sitting around messing with scales, making up little solos and riffs, stuff like that.
    It's okay. Even if I was able to test them, things wouldn't have changed. Unless, of course, they went against different teams.
    The teams didn't work out that well. I didn't use my first team, as I was in charge of the tournament and planned to use it only if I needed to. The second team faced against a team that had a type advantage, and thus lost. In the second battle, the team had neither an advantage nor disadvantage, and managed to show me how well it works. Unfortunately, nothing is that good when Sleep Clause is off. :/
    Kinda, thanks. Yeah, I'm a junior, and I'm hoping everyone's right when they say that the junior year is the hardest...
    Yeah it is! Jamming around is where I get a lot of my inspirations and ideas from. I've been playing for about 4 years on the acoustic, and about 2 on an electric. How about you?
    Haha, yeah. Those three and bass. I want to learn how to play every stringed instrument someday. Oh, and I play a mean kazoo. ;) Most of the stuff I know was self taught. Piano was my first instrument, but it made it so much easier to learn others. I did take a few guitar lessons early on to learn chords and styles, but most of the improv and scales I learned on my own. Makes it so much easier to play other instruments now that I understand scales! And I take it you've been doing a lot of self taught stuff?
    Man, I've tried ultimateguitar.com before, but to be honest I stink at reading tabs. I mean, I can translate tab to guitar after a while, but I find it so much easier when I can watch someone play something and visualize what it would look and sound like.
    The tournament is at 1830, but a friend is coming over around 1500, so I might not be able to battle. I don't know what time you normally get on, but I doubt I'll be on at that time. Send me an email when you get on. If I'm my computer, I'll have my email open. I'll send you a PM with my email, since you probably don't know it.
    Yeah, I'm about the same age, though I'm a junior in high school as of now. Right now I'm taking pretty much the core classes (AP Language, AP US History, Honors Chemistry, Accel. Math III), as well as Spanish (wish I could take Russian) and Advanced Web Page Design. Next year I'm probably going to take our Bible class to finish off my high school career.

    I do a lot of the same stuff in my spare time to. I like reading books (I've tried listening to them, but they're too quiet...), non-fiction and fiction alike. I like to play games as well, although I haven't much time for it anymore. That and sports. But yeah, like you, I do a lot of music. Usually I'll just grab my guitar and walk around the house jamming to whatever comes to mind. Fun stuff! I also sometimes will sit down to the piano and drums and jam when I'm bored.
    Yeah, I don't read very often. I love the series and the book's already awesome, but...
    Great. I really wish it was done earlier: the tournament's on Thursday.
    Okay, I might watch it sometime.

    Darth Bane is awesome except for one thing. I bought the book on its release date, but I'm only on chapter five.
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