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  • I've been writing since 8th grade...so about five years now? And I really actually don't so any other kind of writing.
    oh ok, downloading it now,

    few basic other interests, music, other gaming, play yugioh sometimes, but thinking about giving up so I can focus on competitive Pokemon, plus I could use the cash,

    I don't read much outside of the internet. :p I'm reading Darth Bane: Dynasty of Evil now, though.

    I have enough to watch, but I might check it out. What time does it come on?

    That's okay.

    No. No one there knows anyone's type, so neither will we.
    Yeah, I've done a little bit. I really enjoy it so far. As far as my favorite bands, I like a lot of the classic rock myself. Stuff like Boston, Journey, 38 Special, Bon Jovi, the works. I also like a lot of country, but my favorite is the contemporary Christian music. Some of my favorites are Third Day, MercyMe, tobyMac, Casting Crowns, and Lincoln Brewster.
    Yup! I have three: Shadow and Light (my original ongoing series) and two spin-offs: Angels and Demons and For the Sake of the World (Harry Potter). :)
    a PO?

    but yea sure, I don't see why not, I've been playing for a few years, but Pokemon is'nt as big as it used to be in New Zealand, so when Wi-Fi came out I decided I'd get into competitive battle, so I study movesets and stuff alot, pretty much only just started though, I'll make up a team and battle you *thumbs up*
    And I missed you by a mere thirty odd minutes. Oh well, we can chat tomorrow. Never assume I'm offline unless I'm off for over an hour. I was working on some stuff on Pokéblack.

    I've never heard of it. Or maybe I have. In any case, I've never seen it.

    I didn't find it that funny, but it was funny.
    haha nice, nice. Lol so my suicide Vitctini idea failed, but nevermind, probably wouldn't bother making one anyway lol, any thoughts on my Crobat?
    Writing calls to me, but I don't answer. :/
    I can battle whenever you're ready. Just let me know which team to use.
    I write Pokemon/Dan Brown/The Twelve Kingdoms/National Treasure/Harry Potter fanfiction (yes, all of those are in one fanfic...)
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