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  • thanks and good luck to you too like i said i do have alot of stuff so if you need something im here to help out for the charm :)
    no problem glad to do business with you again i did move to the 6th gen trade shop section so if you need anything just shout :)
    thanks and you too :) yeah trying to get my trade shop section better of what i have so people can see what i can breed i have like 6 different charts on regions and mons i can breed XD i got so much lol as well as i can almost rng anything still :p
    yeah no problem :) i need to get my game name her then trade the ralts to bw2 to tutor then ill transfer i say we can trade tommorow im a bit busy at the moment with a few things today if you don't mind waiting till tommorow...
    hey there croze sure yeah i can give you one the ivs are bit off since they were scraps from trying to rng my shiny ralts for my 6th gen gen team which is nice to see your still around :) how that shiny bagon i rng you dong ;) we did move our shop to the 6th gen section not to much buisness though do to its easier to iv breed now and on top of it people want kalos born mons now which kinda kills my rnging services :/ but i already have a keldeo um you could just give me a 4 iv breed and we can it a deal sense the iv spreads are not perfect?
    Ahhh, * shrug * people might be IV breeding them. so you can try the gen 6 trade section.
    You don't have access to it? I'm going to download mine eventually, but you do know that you can breed DWM's in gen 6 to pass on the hidden ability right
    yeah I'll be transferring flawless dittos and a lot of my flawless dex, so it's quite easy, hopefully.
    Oh wow...that's insane. I have both XY and will be move the shop eventually too, even though gen 6 RNG isn't released yet.

    I'm not liking the mechanics honestly, with the easier breeding and training.
    ^_^ yeah, not sure if I'll ever get the rest of my wants, sadly enough. I really really want them too. But oh well...I can hope.
    Thanks as well, you're always fun to trade with and you give me interesting RNG requests. You're definitely a VIP. Hope to trade with you again sometime.

    Note: I'm unofficially looking for PP Maxes XD. Trying to see what else I want. I'll be offering 5th Gen RNG for a long while coming.
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