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Cryptic Blaze
Last Activity:
Aug 10, 2011
Apr 25, 2010
Likes Received:
June 27
Neither here nor there
student, part time pyromaniac

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Cryptic Blaze

Blinded by the light, from Neither here nor there

Cryptic Blaze was last seen:
Aug 10, 2011
    1. Larris
      Okay, you got me. Cookies and ice cream is way better! :)
      Nice shinies! My shinies are; Typloshion, Metagross, Suicune, Umbreon, Skuntank and PCP ;D
      What do you think about the new pokémons? :)
    2. Larris
      (We move closer to each other while keeping our battle stance)
      Me: Sorry, was curious you know.
      (The dark figures take one step forward, we automatically take one step backwards)
      Mysterious figure: You afraid? *laugs*
      Me: Never!
      Mysterious figure: *snaps his fingers and suddenly we're all dressed in suits. So, who are you?
      Me: You already know that. And what's with the suits?
      Mysterious figure: Well, this is your last night alive so, I just wanted to give you a proper farewell.
      Blaze: *fixing his collar.. I'm Lord, Ninja Lord. (Everyone chuckles) Wait, wait wait! Let me do that again. I'm Blaze, Cryptic Blaze.
      Me: *tries to hide my laugh while Blaze gives me an evil look* And I'm Larris. No Ninja Lord, no nothing. Just Larris. *sighs* Now tell us who you are and what you want from us!
      Mysterious figure: *signals to his minions and they start walking to us*
      Me: Okay, so this is the way it's going to be! *tries to pull out katana but the scabbard is empty. Me & Blaze exchange worried looks*
      Mysterious figure: Looking for this? *shows all our weapons and gives us an evil smirk*
      Blaze & the others: *gasps*
      Me: Hmm.. I wonder... *snap my fingers* Katanas! (Suddenly the katanas are in our hands)
      Mysterious figure: HEY!! Only I can do that *snaps his fingers. (The katanas are back in his hands* (Everybody starts snapping their fingers to get the katans and this goes on for a while. Untill..)
      Mysterious figure: Cookie jar! (Our cookie jar floats over to his hands and he starts walking away)
      Everyone: ???
      Blaze: You trapped us and controlled Oak, just to get the cookie jar?
      Mysterious figure: Don't be stupid. I'm going to sit over here and eat this while watching my minions take care of you.
      (The minions get closer)
    3. Larris
      Flygon: *flies and grabs the mysterious figure in his cloak and flies high up* Tell us who you are, it's the least you can do since you took away the sun! Mysterious figure: OK, OK, just let me down. (lands with a thud) If you really want to know. *In a high and dramtic voice* ; I AM..... your father. (everyone gives him a doubting look) No, I AM... your mother.. I AM your teacher? (This also goes on for a while. We're just standing there with arms crossed)
      Mysterious figure: Okay, I've run out of excuses, I AM.........
    4. PkMnTrainer Yellow
      PkMnTrainer Yellow
      My parents are one of those kinds that make me go ='<
    5. Larris
      Yeah!! Thank you! :D I can't believe I actually had the patience. And 800 SR:s that's not so much :) I consider myself a bit lucky.
      That's true! What would life be without cookies. I love the combo of cookies & tea. <3
      WOAH, congratz! :D
      Shiny Bagon, that's awesome! I really like Salamence, he's in my team on Platinum. Oh, that sucks. Hope you find a shiny Bagon soon! And don't forget about the Groudon.
      You have a lot of shinies? :)
    6. Larris
      (It's completely pitch black)
      Me: Ok.. I don't like this. *tries feeling around with my arms*. It's getting a bit claustrophobic..
      Blaze: Hey, for all we know this might be a cool underground room with food, and a tv and a couch.
      Me: Hmm. Flygon use sunny day! *A blinding light appears*
      Blaze: Nope, it's just a hole.
      Flygon: *panics* Don't take my air!!! No one is allowed to breath!! *starts hyperventilating*
      Me: Flygon! You can not die, only faint. Think about us humans, we could die!
      Flygon: Oh.. yeah.. No worries then! *relaxes*
      (Rrriiing, rrriiing)
      Blaze: What's that??
      Me: Woah, that's some good reception. *pulls out phone* Hello?
      Mom: Hey, it's mom. I just called to say that I picked up something at the mart. I used your mone---- CLICK.
      Blaze: HEY, what did you do that for??
      Jester: Yeah, she could have rescued us!
      Me: Oh, didn't think of that. *looks at phone* Oops, the battery died.
      Everyone: *facepalm*
      Blaze: Hm, Flygon and Jester fly up and try to get us out of here!
      (They fly up but it dosen't look like wahtever's sealing the hole can be removed)
      Me: Omg, we're really trapped.
      (A strange noise is heard)
      Flygon: *jumps up and tries to sit in my lap* What was that!?!?
      Blaze: Relaax, it was just my stomach.
      Jester: Look what I found! It's some kind of map, look, these dots got our name on them. And according to the map we're stuck in a hole!
      Me: No kidding.
      Jester: And according to the map, someone is standing on the other side of the wall. Hmm. That can't be right. Cause then..
      (CRAASH!! The walls starts shaking like an earthquake, smoke appears and a figure is now visible through the mist)
    7. Larris
      Thank you Blaze. I've done about 700 SR's now, still no luck. Gosh it's boring.. :p
      Mmmm, ice cream <333 Summer isn't complete without ice cream, candy, cookies and cakes!
      So, school is over for you? FREEDOM? :) What you been up to lately, my friend? ;D

      Edit: I GOT IT! The shiny Suicune is miiiiiiiiiiiiine :D
    8. Larris
      Me: Mmm, cookies. *does the magikarp dance and accidentely trips, causing the jar to tip over. the whole grass patch is covered in cookies*
      Blaze: And here i thought I was the clumsy one..
      Me: *grabs a whole armful of cookies and throws in the air* This is paradise!!
      Blaze: Indeed! What do you say, should we let the others join us?
      Me: Well.. *a bit reluctant while glancing at the cookies* I suppose it's okay.
      (We throw all our pokéballs in the air,)
      Blaze: Ohno. *stares in shock at the pokémon, they still have red eyes.*
      Me: Damn it. They're not cured.
      Flygon: Destroy!! *aims dragonrage at us*
      Triclops: ZAP CANNON!!
      Blaze: Here, give them this! tosses ”anti bad-*ss cookie” (we manage to get the pokémon to eat them)
      Flygon: Whaa... What happened? What did we miss?
      Me: Well you know, nothing really. No action here aint.
      Jester: So you're telling me that a huge whole didn't swallow Professor Oak and an army of Digletts didn't came to the rescue? (Silence) Can't you leave some fun to us..? You know it's boring in the pokéballs..
    9. Larris
      (Suddenly someone grabs me from behind, pulls my hands behind my back and ties a rope around my wrists)
      Me: *upset* Okay, Blaze. This is not funny. Just because you're the Ninja Lord, you can't arrest me for trying to kill you before. *looks behind me and sees a figure dressed in a black cloak, i keep looking and see that me and all the pokémon are standing in a circle with black figures behind us. All except blaze.*
      Me: What's up with the wooden stick? *laughs and looks at the wooden stick that the black figure behind me points at my face*
      Blak cloak: You're laughing? I can kill you.
      Me: Yeah right *laughs* with... *laugs* a.. *laughs* a.. branch.
      (Another Black cloak arrives, he seems to be the head of the pack)
      Black cloak: So, you're the boy who lived?
      Blaze: I guess you could say that..
      Black cloak: Then I have to kill you. *points wooden stick*
      Blaze: Why? *ice cold voice*
      Black cloak: Neither one can live while the other survives.. You're the one, you have the scar!
      Blaze: *wipes his forehead and the â€scar†disappears* What scar? Oh, that's just chocolate.
      Black cloak: Oops, got the wrong boy.
    10. PkMnTrainer Yellow
      PkMnTrainer Yellow
      Lucky! I want to be out of school, like, now until forever.
    11. Larris
      Me neither. :)
      Hahah, yeah I tried that. Now i'm fully recovered :D
      Oh yeah, I've just started SR:ing myself. I'm after a shiny Suicune and I've done about 100 SR:s now. I wonder which one of us is going to get the shiny first. ;D

      Strawberries with ice cream and chocolate sauce. YUMMY! :D
    12. Larris
      Me: Sorry about your grandson, Professor.
      Oak: No biggie. He can be such a douche sometimes. Hey, let me heal your pokémon. (We toss our pokéballs to Oak)
      Me: Okay.. Let me see if I got this right. You were in an accident involving Darkrai, a Wynaut and a toaster? And then nightmares started to escape your mind? And Darkrai gave you a box to trap them in?
      Blaze: Yeah.
      Me: Dude, there's something seriously wrong with you. And yeah a toaster?! A freaking toaster?
      Blaze: I said don't ask.. And hey, since I'm the new Ninja Lord, you should show me some respect.
      Me: *mutters* Stupid Ninja Lord....
      (A bright light appears and when it fades, we see Charmanders, Bulbasaurs and Squirtles. But their eyes are piercing red)
      Me: *chuckles* I thought you took care of pokémon, Professor. *looks up at Oak, but notices that his eyes are red too*
      Oak: I don't care about them. They're nothing but tools to me. I've created an army so I can be the new Ninja Lord.
      Me: Your kidding right? You're just a 50 year old man, and you want to be the Ninja Lord?
      (notices Flygon, Jester and all our other pokémons, standing beside Oaks pokémon. They are all red-eyed too)
      Blaze: Jester, come here! (Jester ignores)
      Oak: I've been researching about you two. *pulls out pokédex and points it at us*
      Pokedex voice: Cryptic Blaze and Larris, ninja trainers and possible troublemakers. Only known weakness - cookies.
    13. Larris
      (Suddenly something white and huge, three times our size, is visable beside Oak. He dramatically pulls away the white sheet and a big jar filled with cookies is revealed.
      Oak: Give up your ninja title, Blaze. And you'll get this cookie jar.
      Blaze: Never!!
      Oak: Well, I guess I have no other choice. Jester *gestures at Jester* Throw it.
      (In Jester hands there's a bomb. And before we react he throws it, it lands just inches from our feet)
      Oak: *evil tone* Say goodbye.
      (We're frozen, just staring at the bomb that's going to explode any second. But when there's supposed to be a BANG, there's nothing.)
      Oak: ???
      (While Oak is in shock the ground suddenly opens and before we know it, Oak and his army are swallowed in a hole.)
      Me: Goodbye.
    14. Displeased Owl
      Displeased Owl
      well this site does have major lag, kinda ironic when its based around a pokemon who controls time. lol yh steelixs attack isnt amazing i use him as more of a stealth rock lead. sounds gd im training a moltres and my new entei, nd we look forward to your challenge, keep posted at the NCTHUJ thread in the group!
    15. Displeased Owl
      Displeased Owl
      That battle was crazy good, sorry I was a bit late my internet was screwing up and I had to use my DS browser :S but yeah that was incredible, first time testing out the team i used on shoddy (except it had gyarados instead of electivire). yeah i was wondering why you didn't switch magnezone out! If only my Steelix was stronger lol that explosion should've taken everything out, then i realised pidgeot was in the air :O
      yeah we should deffo battle again sometime gg
    16. Displeased Owl
      Displeased Owl
      cool I'll meet you online, my FC is in my sig and in the non-comp FC thread. good luck and have fun in advance. we'll make it 6 on 6 doubles lv.100 anything goes?
    17. Larris
      Woah, congratz! Hope you did well on your final exam. :)
      OH double congratz!!! A shiny smeargle, that's awesome! I'm terrible at chaining. I've no patience and I always get so irritated when a chain breaks.. :p
      Btw, have you found any shiny leafs? :D
      Oh yeah, I couldn't answer you yesterday, I was up all night with a friend. And I mean all night. So imagined how tired I was when I hadn't slept at all for 24 hours. When I got home, which was around 9am this morning, I slept a few hours and since then I've been awake. Well, I don't know if you could call it awake. I feel and probably look, like a zoombie! I'm surprised I'm still up :)
    18. Larris
      Me: Nightmares escaping from your mind? What's wrong with you!?
      (Tap-tap-tap, suddenly we hear footsteps. And out of the blue Professor Oak appears with an exclamation mark above his head)
      Me & Blaze: *surprised* What are you doing here?
      Oak: *frustrated* Where is HE!??! WHERE!?!?!?
      Me: Who?
      Oak: The Ninja Lord!!
      Blaze: Well we took care of him, he's trapped in this box *pats the box in his arms*
      Oak: NOOO!! *starts pacing up and down* The world must ALWAYS have a Ninja Lord!
      Me: Ok... *confused*
      Oak: Who trapped him!? WHO!?
      Me: It was Blaze.
      Oak: *stares at Blaze with fear* Ohno.. Then that means.. That Blaze, you're the new Ninja Lord!
      Blaze: *chocked* I'm the new what!?
      Oak: Ninja Lord..
      Blaze: WOAH! How awesome is that. *jumps up and down and does a victory dance*
      Oak: Don't get ahead of yourself.. Being a Ninja Lord isn't something you want.. With it comes great responsibility.
      Blaze: Oh, I think I can handle that. *smirks*
      (Suddenly battlemusic is heard and guy with brown hair appears)
      Oak: Oh hey Gary.
      Gary: Grandpa, got here as soon as possible. *notices that he's not alone* Huh, never thought I'd be bumping in to you two losers. *gives me and Blaze a disgusting look*
      Me: Sorry, who are you?
      Gary: I'm your and Blaze's rival!
      Me: Really? O_O
      Oak: You're too late Gary. The Ninja Lord is already chosen. And is right here.
      Gary: *turns to Blaze* You're the new Ninja Lord!?
      Me: HEY! Why would you assume that, maybe I'm the Ninja Lord! ...
      Gary: Yeah, funny.. So.. *turns to Blaze again and starts pulling out things from Blaze's pockets* A half eaten waffle, a tracking advice that dosen't work, a broken shurikan, *pulls out Blaze's katana* And I half expected it to be made of wood. *evil smirk* You're without doubt the worst Ninja Lord I've ever seen.
      Me: I'm surprised you could se him at all behind that hair of yours.
      Gary: *ignores* I've waited so long for this moment, I WILL be the Ninja Lord. So I guess that means... that I'll have to destroy you Blaze!!
    19. Displeased Owl
      Displeased Owl
      on the DS? you wanna go now?
    20. PkMnTrainer Yellow
      PkMnTrainer Yellow
      I'm doing pretty well! How are you?
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    student, part time pyromaniac
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