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Cryptic Blaze
Last Activity:
Aug 10, 2011
Apr 25, 2010
Likes Received:
June 27
Neither here nor there
student, part time pyromaniac

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Cryptic Blaze

Blinded by the light, from Neither here nor there

Cryptic Blaze was last seen:
Aug 10, 2011
    1. Larris
      Here's the deal! Read it like a book, from top to bottom :D
      Me neither. My summer holiday has kind of begun now, so I can sleep how much I want. However, I have to get up really early tomorrow to book some ticets so... :)
      HAHAHA. Poor clumsy Blaze. I'm not so fond of the new legendaries. I think they look a little â€uglyâ€. HAH, true story! Nothing beats Probopass!
      How's the SR:ing going? :'D Any luck yet?
    2. Larris
      (I've actually never watched Monte Python, but I checked up the bridge of death scene and your references are so funny) :D
      (After we cross the bridge of death a blue mist attacks us. It takes me a while to recognize the Squirtles in black sunglasses who popped out and is now about to attack us. Me and Blaze swings our katanas.
      Squirtles: *stands with arms crossed and laughs*
      Me: We can do this all day!! *swings*
      Squirtles: *shoots two paralyzing darts causing me and Blaze to drop to the ground*
      (They tie us up to a pole and starts carrying the pole while we're just hanging there)
      Blaze: Where the hell are you taking us!?
      (Before anyone answers we arrive at a large circular grass patch filled with a lot of flowers. In the middle there's a throne and a man sitting in it. He's barely visible in the shadows but we see that his face is painted with eyes)
      Mysterious man in throne: You're here.. At last.. Welcome Blaze & Larris.
      We: Huh?
      Mysterios throne man: *dramatically opens his eyes* I've been expecting you.
      Blaze: Here we are, now release us!
      Mysterios throne man: Oh I'm afraid i can not do that. You see, it has come to my attention that you carry a black box with you. And according to the NINJA code that is not accaptable. And therefore, I must punish you.
      Me: Okay.. I don't know who you think you are. *in a threatful voice* But we're ninjas, you don't want to mess with us!
    3. Larris
      Mystierous throne man: You're not going anywhere.
      Me: Okay, we'll give you the freaking box and then we're free to go?
      Mysterious throne man: I think it's too late for that. *turns to army of squirtles* Boolicky licky.
      (The squrtles disappear for a while but comes back with their arms full of firewood. They start a huge bonfire)
      Me: Oh-oh. *gulp* GIVE HIM THE BLACK BOX!
      Blaze: NO!
      Me: Do you want us to become the meal or what!?
      Blaze: Trust me, it's better that way, you don't know what the box can do if it's in the wrong hands!!
      Me: Oh Blaze come on. He's just some pathecic guy, thinking he's so cool with his throne and army of Squirtles.
      Blaze: Fine. *unwillingly tosses the black box to the man in the throne* Larris, don't say i didn't warn you. *turns to the man* Tell us who you are!
      Mysterious man in throne: I am........... (Squirtles starts drumming while the man stands up and walks out of the shadows) ... THE NINJA LORD!!!
    4. Displeased Owl
      Displeased Owl
      Yeah thats no problem, i should be on all day, just studying so i'll need a break. I'll drop you a VM sometime
    5. Displeased Owl
      Displeased Owl
      hey im from the NCTH do ya fancy a battle?
    6. Larris
      Here I am again! Did you have a good time? ;D
      You know I've been busy, I'm going to answer you tomorrow. I'm soooo tired now. You should now that I love reading what you write and writing to you. You're soo funny, Blaze. :'D Always make me laugh. I'm so sorry for the delay mate!
      Btw, what do you think of the new legendaries?
    7. Larris
      Hahaha! True epic fail :) I'd love to watch that.
      You home yet? What did you do? ;D
      I'm sorry I haven't answered you yet. I've been really busy. :P Hope you understand :)
    8. Larris
      Must have been fun to watch ;D I don't know how far 700 feet is, but I assume it's pretty far for being a rocket. Hahahah! Epic fail :'D
    9. Larris
      Okay, hang in there mate! Hope you get it soon!
      Launching model rockets, I can understand why you didn't want to miss that! :D
      Are you excited about the trip? :)
    10. Larris
      Me: Thanks Flygon!
      Flygon: *is silent while he looks down at the neon sign with a sad expression* What about the hobbits!? They're taking them to Isengard!!
      Me: Oh come on Flygon. Give it a rest.
      (Suddenly we're blinded by thousands of flashes)
      Blaze: What's happening!?
      Jester: Um, I think we got company.
      (Fifty Pidgeotteos are circling around us, holding cameras and snapping pictures 24/7, while yelling: THERE THEY ARE!!)
      Pidgeotto # 31: Pose for us please!
      Flygon: *puts both hands on the back of his head and winks*
      Everyone: ...
      Blaze: Hey, let's get out of here!
      (We fly away but the Pidgeottos follows us with their cameras ready and we're surrounded. Music starts playing and a Pidgeotto grabs a mic and starts singing)
      Pidgeotto # 44: I'm your biggest fan I'll follow you until you love me, papa- paparazzi!.
      Blaze: *looks at Jester who is dancing together with the background dancers* JESTER, come back here!! *sighs*
      (We fly past the dancing pidgeottos, but they're still following us, the sound of their wings getting louder)
      Me: Man, we can never catch a break.
      Blaze: LOOK! *points at a purple airballoon* We can hide there!!
      (Latios and Blaze jumps in to the basket of the airballoon)
      Flygon: I can't get closer to the balloon, you have to jump.
      Me: *looks at the distance and gulps* You have to toss me!
      Flygon: What? You're a ninja!
      Me: I cannot jump the distence *afraid* And.. Don't tell Blaze this.
      Blaze: Umm. Am I invisble? I'm right here, you know..
      (Flygon tosses me in to the basket and we duck as the Pidgeottoes flies by)
      Blaze: WHEW x 2
      (We're losing height. We land with a low thud)
      Voice from the balloon: We have arrived.
      (Everyone except me pretend as if nothing strange has happened.)
      Me: Can balloons talk? :O
      Everyone else: *sighs*
      Blaze: You do know it's a pokémon?
      Me: *pulls out pokédex* Pokedex voice: Drifblim, the blimp pokémon.
      Me: *mumbles* Oh, right..I knew.. I was just.. Ehm.. Checking.
      Flygon: WHERE ARE WE!?
      Drifblim: *satisfied smirk*
    11. Larris
      Oh a Shiny Groudon ;D When I get me Kyogre I can lend you that (if you don't have it) so you can get a Rayquaza ;D How long have you been SRing?
      Sounds fun!! Hope you have a good time there. *wants to go on a trip too*
      Hahaha! Nice to have a day off. :D
    12. Larris
      :O You're online this early! I'm writing on the story now ;)
    13. Larris
      You know what, I actually thought that I should give SRing a try too. It would be cool to have e shiny Suicune, Rayquaza and Latias. But I don't know how much patience I got. I'll probably end up like SR:in 100 times and then give up. I tried the masuda method in platinum and after about 80 cyndaquil eggs I just gave up :P
      Aw! True story :D Marvin with his big eyes <3
      Oh, fun!! What are you going to do on the trip? ;D I'm going to miss you and all your funny stories. But I hope you have fun! :)
      (And I'm going to continue with the story today) :D
    14. Larris
      I'm more of a casual gamer too. Don't have the patience to IV or EV or SR. ;D
      Awh, thanks. Marvin really cheered me up though!
      How's your day been?
    15. Larris
      Oooh, go for it!
      Hahah, yeah table tennis is quite fun actually. *wonders if i still got it*
      Do you IV or EV train your pokés?
      I want cookiiiiies :'D <3
      I'll answer you as soon as I'm done with an essay.
      Edit: Hm, maybe I'll answer you tomorrow instead. Something's come up and I'm a bit sad now :(
    16. Larris
      Woah!! How cool! ;D
      Okay, I don't play sports either. Used to play table tennis when I was younger though.
      Awesome *turns cap backwards*
    17. Larris
      Me: Team Ninjas - 1, Team angry Pikachus - 0!
      Blaze: So, who wants food?
      Everyone: *jumps up and down* Me, me, me!
      *Everybody gathers on the floor of the helicopter and digs in to the food*
      Triclops: 1337 f00d.
      Me: Blaze, tell me what that thing was? *shivers*
      Blaze: I said, I'll talk about it later.
      Me: No, now!
      Blaze: No!
      My team: Come on, tell us!
      Blaze: Seriously guys, this is not a good time.
      Me: Why not!?
      Blaze: Well, becuase. NO ONE IS PILOTING THE HELICOPTER.
      *Everyone freezes and at the same time looks ahead through the window and sees a mountain just inches away.*
      Me: I guess this is it. There's no time..
      Umby: We can still make it!
      *A neon sign sweeps in saying "INESCAPABLE DANGER"*
      Umby: Never mind.
      Flygon: *turns to Jester* Never thought I'd die fighting side by side with a Honchkrow.
      Jester: What about side by side with a friend?
      Flygon: Aye, I could do that. *Everybody cheers*
      *We're just seconds away from crashing in to the mountain..*
    18. Larris
      Oh, sounds nice! Mine begins next thursday, really early! :D Plus we don't have school wednesday so I can't complain. I just have one essay to finish until friday and I have basically 1 or 2 lessons a day until the summer holiday :)
      Do you play and sports? ;D
      And hey, we should battle sometime. For real ;)
    19. Larris
      Me: *in panic* BLAZE, HURRY!!
      *Blaze throws himself and manage to get a grip on one of the helicoper's landing skid. The helicopter lift off in the air, while 100 Pikachus are hanging from him*
      Me: Pheew, close call.
      Blaze: HEY--- I've still got these yellow things around me. Oh-oh. *stares in fear as the Pikachus are about to thunderbolt him*
      Blaze: DO SOMETHING!! *A bright light appears and the pokéballs open*
      Flygon: Mmm, I smell food!
      Latios: Yeah me too.
      Blaze: HELLO!! Remember me???
      Me: Well, as long as you're just hanging there.. I suppose we could have something to eat.
      Blaze: ARGHHH.
      Me: Nah, just kidding mate! Hm, help me guys. *turns to the Pokémon*
      *All the Pokémon looks out of the window and sees Blaze hanging there, struggling, his grip getting looser by every minute, as Pikachu's are trying to drag him down*
      Umby: *jumps up and down* What's going on!? I can't see anything!!
      Jester: Shall I describe it to you, or would you like me to find you a box? *smirks*
      Blaze: *just holding on with his pinky* I'M STILL HERE!!
      Me: Oh, really? We thought you fell a long time ago. *smiles* Okay, Triclops do your thing!
      *Triclops starts piloting the helicopter, moving in zig-zag to shake off the angry Pikachus after a while we succeed. But the helicopter is still moving quickly from side to side*
      Blaze: TRICLOPS!!!! It's just me now.
      Triclops: 00hh. *smiles*
      *Drags Blaze in the helicopter*
      Me: Oh, Blaze you shouldn't have eaten all those waffles.
      Blaze: Oh shush!
      Me: Pheew, that was a close one.
      Flygon: *coughs* Ermh.. I think .. We have a problem. *looks up, hundreds of Pikachus are standing on top of the helicopter..*
      Everybody: [!!!!!!!!]
    20. Larris
      Hahah, tell me about it. *shivers too*
      So when does your summer holidays begin? ;D
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    June 27
    Neither here nor there
    student, part time pyromaniac
    Favourite Pokémon:
    drawing, writing, and playing videogames among other things


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