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Cryptic Blaze
Last Activity:
Aug 10, 2011
Apr 25, 2010
Likes Received:
June 27
Neither here nor there
student, part time pyromaniac

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Cryptic Blaze

Blinded by the light, from Neither here nor there

Cryptic Blaze was last seen:
Aug 10, 2011
    1. Larris
      *holds on tight to the capusule containg all the food, and RUNS*
      Army of Pikachus: FOOD, FOOD, FOOD! *while raising their arms in the air*
      Me: Hurry, guys, they are gaining up on us!!
      *The noise gets loader and loader, waves are coming closer, and the ground is shaking. I sneak a quick glance behind me and see red cars coming out of nowhere, it's the driving Pikachus wearing black sunglasses, i also see the bulldozer Pikachus, the ninja Pikachus and even the rapper Pikachus.*
      Rapper pikachu #510: Yo-yo-yo, pika-pik in da houuuse!!
      *The surfing pikachus are just behind me, I can feel the water*
      Me: BLAZE, CATCH!! *throws the capsule in the air, just when a pikachu is about to snatch it from me. Blaze does a flip and catches it*
      *The ninja pikachus with black bandanas and katanas runs after Blaze, who is forced to throw the capsule back to me, but his toss is weak and i manage to throw myself towards the ground and catches it just seconds before it would've hit the ground.*
      Flygon: LARRIS, get up!! *I quikly jump up and keep running, when suddenly Flygon lets out a cry and I look up and see Umby in high up in the air, hanging from a flying pikachu, Umby is struggling, he dosen't know if he should jump or not*
      * I hear a THUUD!! And I'm on the ground. The capsule rolls away behind me. I look to the army of Pikachus getting closer and closer, there's no time...
      Blaze: LARRIS, LEAVE IT!!
      *I crawl to get the capsule*
      Me: GOT IT!!
      *looks up to see the bulldozers are just inches away....*
    2. Larris
      *Does the magikarp dance while saying YAY*
      Yep, it is. I'm so tired after listening to all the hmpf, fantastic singing :p So I think I'm going to sleep now. I'll answer you tomorrow - be prepared! :)
      Awh, thanks Blaze ;D
    3. SparklingMistral
      Just thought you should know that I've finished your request & that it's been posted up in my shop! (:
    4. Larris
      Hahaha, then I've learned something new today :)
      Haha, wait until the karoke kicks in.. Then it's .................. Can't even begin to describe it. Worst part is that I'm sick, so I can't go out. :(
      Oh, sounds fun! :D
    5. Larris
      Me: Oi, Blaze, can I have one of those chocolate chip waffles too? *puppy eyes*
      Blaze: Well, okay. *hands over a waffle. i'm about to put it in my mouth when Flygon snatches it*
      Flygon: HA! *still stares angrily*
      Me: I'm sorry Flygon! *pats Flygon on the head*
      Flygon: Hm, okay.. I forgive you.. *smiles*
      Me: WAFFLE PARTY!!!! :D (everybody gathers around, including the ludicolos.) *poff* (a huge table appear out of nowhere) *poff* (waffles, ice cream, cakes, candy, pizza and drinks pops up on the table)
      Everybody: Mmmmmmmmmmmm! *stares and drools*
      Me: IT'S WAFFLE PARTY! *puts on a partyhat*
      (a swiishing noice is heard, we look up at the sky and see thousands of baloons in every colour while it's raining confetti. and there's a big neon sign with the words: LARRIS & BLAZE - TRUCE AT LAST)
      Me: So, Flygon & Jester, where we're you?? *digs in to the yummy food*
      Jester: We *chews* We.. *chews* were *chews* .............. ------CHUUUUUUUUUU!!!
      (massive yellow bolts strucks down on us, we look up at the sky and see thousands of pikachu's hanging from the balloons)
      Everybody: Oh-oh..
    6. Larris
      I think that's weird too! And that you can go back in time. I wish real time travelling existed :D
      Actually, I've found like 3-4 people from Virgina. I don't know if you mean West of Virginia, or if it's some other place. My US geography is really really bad. And it seems like you have many places with the same names. :p
      Awh. Hope you get lucky! It's really beautiful here in the summer.
      Argh.. I'm stuck in my room for the time being. My mom is having a "party" here and that's not a pretty sight, I'm tellin' you :)
      What are your plans today? :)
    7. Larris
      Hahha, yay on the magikarp dance :) I think that's gonna be the new it thing ;)
      Nice to have a whole evening and night! I'm living in the future ;)
      Hehe, how come EVERBODY live in America! I've never been there, I'm so jealous.
      Yep, Sweden! You've really got to visit Europe then. :)
    8. Larris
      *Considers Blaze's offer. A truce would be nice, just for the sakes of our pokemon i mean, but what if this is another one of Blaze's traps.*
      Me: Hmpf.. Well.. Okay I guess. *takes Blaze's hand* Truce. *tightens my grip and pulls Blaze closer* I must say, you are a conniving, backstabbing, stuck-up, ninja. Just like me. We should stick together, not fight. But you know, I will always be the alpha ninja and you the beta. That's just the way it is. *hint* :)
      Blaze: Truce!
      *i offer some peace cookies*
      Me: And for the record, I was SO NOT afraid. Right guys? *turns to my pokémon*
      Suicune, Entai and Raikou: *rolls their eyes*
      Me: *mumbles* Now, why would I, the ninja of AWESOMNESS - yes, that's what I am - be afraid of little white ghosts.
      Me: So, where do you think Flygon and Jester are? We really should start looking for them!
    9. Larris
      Hahah, I see. Birthday coming up, yay and it's your sweet 16!
      No kidding, hehe. I'm watching a movie ;D Getting a bit tired though, it's almost 2 am here. :)
      Btw, where do you live?
    10. Larris
      Awh, that's too bad. It's not so fun playing alone.
      Oki! ;D Do you have any summer plans?
      And what are you up to now? :)
    11. Larris
      Me: YAY, THE MAGIKARP DANCE :D (Everybody except Blaze dances while singing "splash, splash, splash"
      Blaze: Duh, you don't have to dance anymore. The control panel is destroyed. The battle is over.
      (we keep dancing, ignoring Blaze)
      Blaze: Listen!!
      Jester: Can't here you over all this dancing.
      Blaze: Ah, what a hell. The magikarp dance is awesome. (joins in)
      This goes on for about 20 minutes until we spot a red and a green thing.
      Mario: Weren't you supposed to settle which one of you is the best?
      Flygon & Jester: *stops dancing* Yeah!! We're tired of always fighting!! (a purple and black beam hits me and Blaze in the face, it seems to have been Flygons dragonbreath and Jesters darkpulse)
      Me & Blaze: !!!!
      (they fly away, apperentely really really really upset)
      Me: Now, see what you did.
      Blaze: I didn't do anything!! And also I'm the ninja of randomness.
      Me: Well, I'm the ninja of AWESOMEness.
      Luigi: *studders* bb-bb-bb-eeh-in-dd-ddd-dd yo-o-o-o-u-u...
    12. Larris
      HAHAHA, for real, Toadette?!? *googles*
      Do you have it on DS too? :O
      Awh.. Poor you. School is pretty chill for me now, minus an essay and presentation. Next week I have like 1 lesson a day. And then 3 June my summerbreak begins :D
    13. Larris
      No, no, no. It's TOAD :D :D I mean so cute. And fast (HAHA, not).
      I've always wondered, is toad a girl or boy? :O
      I have Mario Kart on my ds :)
      YAY, congratz mate! Well done. Oh, the finals. :(
    14. Larris
      Me: If you want to play dirty, then it's on. I'm tellin' you, IT'S ON!
      (the ground starts shaking and huge holes appear while all the Ludicolos are tossing water & seed bombs at us)
      Me & Blaze: SERIOUSLY!?!?
      (We're attacked by vines, gripping tight around our bodys)
      Me: Coooome on. This IS sick!
      (Me & Blaze are rolling around on the shaky ground, trying to avoid the lasers and we're actually doing a great job. Or at least I am. *glances over att Blaze who looks like a magicarp using splash*
      (Suddenly a red hat pops up from one of the holes in the ground)
      Mario: Oops, wrong place.
      Everybody: O_O
      Flygon: Larris, I'm gonna help you. *Flygon tries to bite off the vines but is unable to do it due to the laser beams*
      Jester: Blaze, I'm coming. HEY--- where are you?
      *everybody looks around, Blaze is nowhere to be seen*
      Blaze: *in a low voice* Guys, I'm over here.
      (everybody manages to track his voice)
      Me, Flygon, Jester: HAHAHAHAHAH! (at the sight om Blaze lying in a hole, all tangled up in the vines and unable to get up)
    15. Larris
      Woah, coolish! :) But you know what Blaze, you got it all wrong. It's go TOAD! :D
      So, what are your plans today? ;D
    16. Larris
      Me: HEY!! That's cheating. Mystiq was out!!
      Ludicolo: Yes.. That's right.
      Mystiq: *waving eyelashes* Owh, come on. I didn't know. (pats ludicolo on it's sombrero *
      Ludicolo: *heart eyes* Ok, just this time :)
      Me *mumbles*: Stupid Mystiq and it's power to manipulate..
      (Dodges lasers. Raikou does some pretty nice disco movies to avoid the lasers)
      Me: *clap hands twice, taps my right shoulder, then left, then claps again*
      Raikou: *nods* Got it! (Raikou sneaks up on Latios, who's flying around not getting hit, then fires a perfectly aimed confuse ray). *Raikou looks left then right*
      (Latios starts flying around really weird, almost like he's doing some kind of ballet in the air)
      Everybody: *stares* Ehh....?
      Blaze: Watch out!
      Ludicolo: Latios, you're out!
      (Me & Raikou are about to do a secret high five, when..)
      Ludicolo: Raikou out!
      Me: *sigh* And now I'm hungry!
      (I hold out my hand, Ho-oh hoovers above my head and drops a slice of pizza that lands perfectely on my hand)
      Me: Nice trick, huh? *eats while dodging*
      Blaze: I'm hungry too, Latios *hint, hint* (Latios is looking the other way, bored)
      Blaze: *clears throath* I said, I'm hungry too. (nothing happens) Just freaking give me something to eat! (Latios panics, flies away and is back 10 sec later with a rock in its beak.)
      Blaze: *facepalms*
      (Latios drops the rock and...)
    17. Larris
      I loooooooove Mario kart <33 At least I did on N64! I've never played it on Wii, but I guess it's awesome ;D
    18. Larris
      Sounds fun! I want to play too. And you have a Wii, what games do you play? :)
      Okay, I'm not getting anything done with the essay now. I need som sleep. So, I'll answer you tomorrow. :D Have a nice day, Blaze. :)
    19. Larris
      Thank you! ;D Oh, nice. What's your plans today? :)
    20. Larris
      Oh, hang in there mate! :) I found out today that I actually got an A on my English exams. :D
      Hahahah, I thought I heard someone say Honchkrow. Nah, that must be my imagination.
      Aahhh, I'm sooooo tired now. It's 11 pm here and I must finish an essay today! :(
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    June 27
    Neither here nor there
    student, part time pyromaniac
    Favourite Pokémon:
    drawing, writing, and playing videogames among other things


    Thanks to Gladeshadow for the trainer card and Felly for the Banner​

    'We're casual, why should we put more EFFORT into our games and sacrifice our VALUES?' Come to the Non-Competitive Trainer's Hangout if you agree with this statement.