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  • Me: Okaaaaay, what just happened? NOW, you're telling me I've been looking for a box that was in your pocket all the time. *sigh* And why did you do toss the box in the portal!? First you want it, then you toss it away. Hmpf. Something isn't right here..
    Blaze: (laughs with arms crossed, trying to look cool)
    Me: Since neither our pokémon battle nor our ninja battle gave any result, besides the obvious fact that I AM awesome, I think we should settle this in another way.
    Blaze: How?
    Me: Blaze, you - me - here! I challange you...
    Everybody: ooooooooooooooooh *drumroll*
    Me: to a DANCE OFF!!
    Blaze: Eh.....?
    Me: But not just any dance off. I'm talking about SUPER MEGA AWESOME LASER DANCE OFF. Ludicolo is the judge. The rules are simple, all our team members gathers on this battlefield and laser beams will start flowing in the air, if you touch the laser you're out. Last man standing is the winner. You got it?
    Blaze: Yeah.
    (All the pokémon gathers up)
    Ludicolo: Team LARRIS with Suicune, Entei, Raikou, Flygon and Ho-oh are you ready?
    Us: Damn right!
    Ludicolo: Team BLAZE with Jester, Triclops, Mystiq, Latios and Giratina. Are you ready?
    Blaze & team: Yes!
    (Evertyhing goes black, music plays and red laser beams are circling through the air.) *1 second*
    Ludicolo: Giratina you're out!
    Blaze: Stupid big Giratina.
    (My team dodges all the laser beams and Blaze's team are doing pretty well too. Surprisingly! 10 minutes later..)
    Me: *whispers* Suicune use ice beam. (Mystiq slips on the ice and touches one of the lasers)
    Ludicolo: OUT!
    (Suddenly a weird sound is heard)
    Me: You hear that!?
    Everybody: *looks at me confused*
    Me: Seriously you can't hear that!??! Wait -- it's from my earphone. OH! Blaze, when you threw away the black box in the portal you accidentely tossed the microphone with it. And now I hear all these strange noises. From the other side of the portal.
    Everbody: :OOO
    Had a great day?
    Nice team Blaze. If you want to know my team, here goes; Typloshion, Flygon, Metagross, Shaymin (because it's cute, not because it's a legendary), then I'm saving a spot for Suicune. And as for the last spot.. I don't know :O
    You're right. Stupid school :)
    Me: *swings katana* That wasn't the black box you were looking for? I suppose I should have figure out that the one you threw away was a bomb. How could I miss the text? :p
    Blaze: So, WHERE IS IT?
    Me: You mean *dramtically* this black box? *pulls out black box* -- No wait, that's a spy kit. *tosses away* This box!! -- No, that's my sword polisher. *tosses away* This box!! -- No, that's just a regular black box. *tosses away* (This goes on for ten minutes while Blaze is sighing and all the pokémons are tapping their feet eagerly to the ground, until there's a huge pile of black boxes beside me)
    Me: Hmpf, I really should stop carrying all these black boxes.
    Blaze: So, I watched you pull out box after box for ten minutes and NOTHING!?
    Me: Well.. If by nothing you mean -- *covers my body with my cape and then dramatically reveals the black box in my hand*
    Blaze: :OOO
    Blaze: Give it to me!
    Me: You think I'm just going to hand it over to you? So you can trip and slid the lid open, like you did with the cookie jar, no no no. I guess I'll be going then, *laugs and turns around about to walk away*
    Okay! :D
    Ah, I see. What's your team? Jester, Triclops and..? :)
    I'm faar behind you actually. I've only beaten the 8 first gyms. I haven't had much time playing ;( But in a week or so I'll definetely start playing again! Wonder if my pokémons even remember me. Yes, it has been that long since I last played :p
    Me: Aah, another one of your plans. And of course it failed. I wonder, how does it feel to fail all the time? *chuckles*
    Me: *swings my katana* Don't *swings* you *swings* EVER *swings* TRY *swings* to drug me *swings* again!!
    Me: *looks confused* A black box? No S_S..... Oh wait, you mean THIS BLACK BOX. *dramatically pulls out the black box from my pocket*
    Blaze: How did---- Where did---- It's not possible----
    Me: Keep studdering mate. If you must now I snatched this from you in the Cookie Monsters hideout while you where busy playing "whack-a-cookie" with your lolhammer. I even installed a microphone and tracking device on you.
    Blaze: *looks puzzled*
    Me: Yeah, you heard me. See, there on your katana, a 10 centimetres tracking device. And yeah, that thing you have over your ear and in front of your mouth, that is a microphone. Honestly, it's right in your face and you didn't even notice. :)
    Blaze: Whaat---
    Me: *throws the box in the air and catches it, acting indifferent* So. Is this your box or is it something you stole in the secret hideout? And more importingly, what does it do? Having your sudden studdering in mind I assume that you don't like the idea of the box being in someone else's possession. This must be powerful. If only I could figure out what these engravings mean *follows the engravings on the box with my fingers* TELL ME WHAT THIS THING DOES, OR I'LL OPEN IT!! *thretens*
    Aaah, I see. I haven't seen the parody, well actually now I've seen the first episode. It was pretty funny ;p Nice song! :D
    Btw, do you have SS or HG and if so, how far are you in the game? ;D
    First of all; HAHAHHA. Can't stop laughing at the thought of a beard and mustasche drawn on my face. :)
    Anyway, the continuation!
    Me: Seriously, why are you laughing!?!?! *turns to Ho-Oh*
    Ho-Oh:*laughs hysterically*
    Me: COME ON, you're supposed to be on my side. *sees my own reflection* What a....!?!? *tries to take it rub it offwith water* Damn it, stupid waterproof. *turns to Blaze* Well, well, well.. That was a funny prank...
    Blaze: Hey, you should thank me. It suits you!
    Me: ARGHH!!! *pushes away the dancing Ludicolos* I think we must settle this the old style; NINJA VS NINJA. No more tricks, schemes or bamboozling. Just me and you. You're not afraid eh?
    Me: *stands opposite Blaze, 5 metres between us. SWIISH - pulls out my katana. Blaze does the same. We're moving slowly in a circle. Eyes narrowed, both prepared for an attack. Then our blades crosses and a sword duel is about to begin!*
    Ludicolos (cheering with pompoms and doing splits and building pyrmids while singing): GO LARRIS! Always an ace, so Blaze - IN YOUR FACE! GOOOO LARRIS!
    Me: Hmpf, I don't see anyone rooting for you? And also, this may very well be your last words, so tell me. WHY did you poison me??
    HAHA, my head is like totally blank now. I guess that means no cookies for me :( Oooh, a theme song, now I'm curious! Is it firepig perhaps? Haha. I don't know which one I'm going to get yet, depends on their evolutions :D

    Really? It takes that long? ;O Well I'm glad you felt like it went good :D
    (Woah, what a cool coincidence! Ooh.. That's seems tough, I really feel for you. How did the math exam go?) :D
    (I agree with you. The grass starter is cool. Usually, I'm not that fond of the grass starters, but I think it's way cooler than the others. The fire pig reminds me of mawile and spoink and the water starter kind of looks like an "ugly" version of Piplup. It's cute though. Which one are you going to chose? I assume you're getting the game!) :D
    So, back on track!
    *While everything is going in slow motion I look at the attacks about to destroy Suicune, Entei and Raikou, then looks at the legendary dogs barely breathing, then back at the attack that's bursting through the air, then at the dogs again. I jump in front of them, with arms stretched and yelling "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!"*
    (The attacks hit me and suddenly everything goes black. My ability to move slowly fades as I'm about to pass out)
    Blaze: *claps his hands* That's how it's done. *bends down to pick up my sword, holds it in his hands* To symbolize my victoty I shall take your sword. HEY---------
    (The thunderstorm clears up and rainbow colours appear in the reflection of the sword. And there above our heads, a beautiful bird with prismatic wings is soaring. It's HO-OH!)
    Me: BAZINGA!!! As you can see my loyal friend Ho-Oh resurected me. *does a sweeping hand motion* You may have noticed that my incredible fast dogs have taken care of your little friends. (Giratina, Jester, Mystic, Triclops, Latios - lying on the ground with duckt-tape and rope tied around their hands and feet. And as a special bonus they're all trapped in a cage) Correction; you didn't notice! Now, that's skills! *laughs*
    Lucicolo: Permission to dance around them?
    Me: Allowed! As long as you take their energy too.
    Lucolos: *happy dance while using mega drain* Ludi-colo Ludi-colo :D
    Me: You're all alone now Blaze. Do you surrender? And I can give you the combination to the cage, not that you're going to be able to use it after I've finished you off. But just to be nice. It's 6-4-6-5-2 (guess what that spells!) :)
    (I'm at school now and just finished a 4 hour math exam, soo tired now. I sure need some cookies! I'll answer you as soon as I get home!) :D
    OH NO YOU DIDN'T! *fears the rising Giratina and jumps up out of my sunlounger*
    (The legendary beats quikly recovers and are now really really mad)
    Me: Okay everybody, line up! (Raikou, Entei, Suicune lines up and gives Blaze's team the mean look)
    Me: Let's set the battle mood. Raikou, use THUNDER! (The sky turns black and a thunderstorm begins) Entei, use flamethrower! (torches all around the battlefield lits up) Suicune, use aurora beam (a beam of ice hits the drink in my hand)
    Me: Aaah *drinks*. Anyway, it's time for us to unleash our powers. Suicune - ICE BEAM, Raikou - THUNDERBOLT, ENTEI - FLAMETHROWER. (a huge beam of blue, yellow and red mixed together hits Giratina right in it's face, Giratina is weak, very weak)
    Me: That's the way we do it. ;)
    (Giratina roars and tries to attack but misses the beasts and instead hits umbreon #2)
    Umbreon #2: Oh hell no. Ludicolo, hold my popcorn!! (Umbreon #2 uses confuse ray and Giratina is now confused.)
    My entire team together: Oh, snap!
    Me: Say goodbye to your Giratina. (as suicune's icy wind is about to hit it)
    *looks at the fainted Flygon. Good job, now return*
    Me: Clever work there, Blaze. However, you forgot one important thing. I'm always one step ahead of you. Suicune.. it's time.
    (Suicune jumps up on a cliff, his purple mane moves with the wind as he howls, AOOOOOOOH. The sound of paws gets louder and louder. The Star Wars theme plays and everything turns black. DU DU DU DU DU DU DU.. Meanwhile 2 shapes dressed in black capes approaches, now standing on each side of Suicune. The light returns and the hoods comes off. It's RAIKOU AND ENTEI!
    Suicune, Raikou and Entei: RAAAAWR.
    Me: *joins Umbreon #2, takes a seat in a sunlounger and starts eating popcorn.
    Me: As you can see, there's no need for me to be active in the battle since the legendary dogs will take care of you and your team. Aahhh *stretches* Tsk tsk tsk. Don't say I didn't warn you, Blaze. (relaxes in the sunlounger while the Ludicolos feeds me with grapes) :D
    (I assumed that triclops was a duskclops and when you wrote that magnezone floated in, I thought you had a duskclops and a magnezone. Now, when I'm re-reading what you wrote I don't understand how I could get it so wrong. And now I have to change the image of triclops duck-taped, still funny though, hahaha :)
    Me: Ditto and Umby return. Flygon, use DARK PULSE on Mystic!!
    (Silence) *turns at Flygon who is doing the macarena to the battle music*
    Me: DUH, COME ON FLYGON!!! (Flygon finally listens and uses Dark pulse on Mystic.
    Me: HA! Super effective.
    *sees the Latios* Me: Ah, a Latios. That will be an easy match for my Suicune. Suicune, use BLIZZARD! (Latios is frozen solid) :D
    *jumps towards Blaze ready to do a ninja kick while screaming HAAAI YAA!!!*
    Me: *looking down at Blaze* Just give up. This is the face of a winner *points to my face*
    (Wonders if the other Umbreon is a spy. Or if I could lure it over to my side.. CRAP, I forgot about Jester & Triclops. Flygon and Suicune ATTACK!!)
    Me: Nice long sleep *yawns* -- HEY!!!!!!!! *realises that there's a battle going on* A neon sign swoops in saying "LARRIS VS BLAZE". *does a cool ninja pose* (Blaze tries to do a cool pose too, but fails) Loud battle music is being heard.
    Me: Flygon, stop dancing and use EARTHQUAKE!! (Espeon is burried in rocks, unable to move)
    Me: Now, Flygon use CRUNCH on Triclops! (Hey, I just realised, what pokémon is Triclops? :O)
    (throws a pokéball, Suicune pops out)
    Suicune: RAWRRRRRRR. (Suicune uses aurora beam on Jester, but Jester dodges. Suicune uses aurora beam again and this time it hits Jester who is now having trouble flying)
    Me: *turns to Blaze* So we meet again. This time I WILL destroy you! Flygon finish him off with DRAGON R---- Wait!! *notices that Umby has regained its' health* THAT'S NOT MY UMBREON!!!!! If it isn't mine, and it isn't yours, then whos' is it!?!?!?
    *the numbness caused by Triclops sneak attack is wearing off*
    Me: Damn you triclops and your zap cannons! You belong in the closet covered in duct tape! *looks at Flygon and Ditto, they seem to have fainted* Triclops with its' piercing red eyes, is coming closer. Ready to zap the life out of me *gulp*
    SWIIIIIIISH! A pokéball noice is heard and stars a flying in the air. It's UMBREON!
    Me: Umby, use HYPNOSIS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (Blaze, Jester and Triclops are falling asleep. Blaze seems to be dreaming already: mmmmm... cookie)
    Me: Great job Umby! NOW let's take them to the cellar.? Not so tough now, huh? This is for poisoning me! *throws mud in Blaze's face* WHY, Blaze, WHY!???!
    THUD! I'm on the ground, ONCE AGAIN! I realise that Umby's hypnosis is still affective. *my eyes are closing while thinking that I didn't think this one through...*
    Me, Blaze, Flygon, Jester, Triclops, Ditto: ZZZZzzzZZZZZzzzZZZZzz
    Umby: Oops.. ;) Muahaha!!
    HAHAHAHA. (the thought of Triclops covered in duct tape cracks me up)
    Flygon: Larris, what happened!?!?
    *Ditto returns. He's covered in bruises and has a bandage around his body.*
    Flygon: What the hell happened to you?
    Ditto: I got aerial ace'd by Jester! Somehow, they exposed me!! *turns to Larris on the ground* OH, Blaze really meant what he said.
    Flygon: HE DID THIS!!?!?! We must save Larris, she's our master. Without her this world won't have any awesomeness in it!
    Ditto: Nor epic ninja skills!
    (Okay, I have to admit, since I'm unconcious, I'm not possibly sure that this were the actual words they used. But I imagine this is the way the talk about me when I'm not around) :)
    Ditto: HEY, i think I know how we can cure her. *transforms in to a Chansey*
    Flygon: *facepalm* Dude, for the 19823817491 time, that dosen't work. What we need is an antidote!
    Ditto: Oh yeah, I snatched this from under Jesters wing. *brings out an antidote and sprays it on Larris causing glitter appear around her*
    Me: I'M BACK!!!!!!!! Now, it's time to take down BLAZE!! *hops on Flygon to find Blaze and Jester lying on the ground, paralyzed by the nerve gas*
    Me, Ditto and Flygon: Muahaha!!
    Hahahah. :)
    Awwhh, Jester being a little prankish :D I can't blame him though. The cookies are indeed mouth-watering.
    (Flygon returns)
    Me: So, does he now about the tracking device?
    Flygon: No, not a clue. I took care of the Triclops too while Blaze was busy eating cookies.
    Me: You left Ditto with them?
    Flygon: Yes. However, there's one thing. The Triclops speak very leet..
    Me: Hopefully Ditto won't expose us! We want to now Blaze's every move. Cause Flygon, that's gonna be useful. Trust me. *takes a bite of one of the cookies that were gift-wrapped and winks*
    ............................... *coughs* it's...... *coughs* ....... poisoned!!!! *falls to the ground*
    For a minute there I'm thinking that the cookies are gone, while a ninja rage is building up inside of me. But then I see the beautifully gift-wrapped box. YAAAAAAAY. *me and Flygon does the victory dance* Thank you so much, Blaze. For your epic ninja moves and your kindness. It's even okay that you took a bite of one of the cookies :D *Gives Flygon half of the cookies whispering "Go and give this to Blaze, you know where to find him. Cause back in the Cookie Monsters hideout I attached a secret device on him so now we can trace him with the radar"
    I guess we can say mission accomplished. The Cookie Monster should watch his back, someday we're going to want to come back for more! And who knows when the ninjas will strike again. *blaze, hypothetical high five*
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