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  • DAMN. I forgot your ultra senses.
    AAAARGHHHHHH!!! I knew you were going to do this! My cookie desire is growing. I must get the cookie jar back. But I have to hurry, if you get to the portal you will end up at your chocolate factory! And then the cookies are lost forever. I can't let that happen. I AM the rightful owner of the cookies. *Flygon use sandstorm* (Blaze and Jester are trapped in sandstorm, not far from the portal) I'm just metres away from it. Wait.. The bright light from the portal is fading.. IT'S CLOSING!!!!!!
    That's true. We don't want him to regain his health. Not while we're still here. *nods at Blaze* You're right. We do need him to be alive so we can steal some more of these delicious cookies. :)
    Wooah! *pulls out a pokeball too* GO FLYGON! Use dragon claw! NO, NOT ON HONCHKROW. The Cookie monster is weak now. Let's just get out of here. *jumps up on Flygon, holding tight to the cookie jar* TO THE PORTAL, I SEE THE LIGHT. :D *whispers to Flygon "maybe we should take the cookie jar to ourselves* ;)
    Hahahah, awesome work!
    *using my ninja skills and does some epic wallclimbing* I'm almost there. I GOT IT, THE COOKIE JAR IS OURS! *victory dance* WAIT, I triggered the alarm. *a giant thud is heard. it's raining razor cookies and the ceiling is falling apart, causing huge blocks of cookie dough and chocolate to fall down* We have find the portal NOW! But what about the Cookie Monster? Shall we destroy him once and for all? I see a bottle of milk over there in the corner. Maybe if I somehow manage to pour it over the Cookie Monster while you make him get a taste of your lolhammer, he will die? Should we risk it, or should we just run away?? It's your decision Blaze :D
    Oh, okay I understand :D The epic battle continues!
    Way to go with the katana and the shuriken!! I'm impressed. THIS IS OUR CHANCE, BLAZE! Now, where's that cookie jar! *looks around* I see it! It's right there, hanging from the ceiling. But how are we supposed to get up there? OHNOO... The Cookie Monster has brought some reinforcement! There's a whole army now! We have to act fast. Or else we'll be turned into crumbs.. *gulps*
    *Looking at an invisible watch on my wrist* Woah, it has been slowmotion mode for about 13 hours now. :)
    OMGGG!!! WHAT'S HAPPENING!? We're being attacked!! Thank god for the Cookie Monster's bad aim. Those razor cookies are lethal, we must be careful. OHNOO, choco-grenades! *jumps and manages to dodge in the last second* The grenades are exploding around us, there's melted chocolate all over the floor. It's sticky. How are we going to use our ninja skills now!?!? (Cookie Monster tries to throw more sharp cookies at me, but his aim is terrible, instead they are flying in Blazes's direction) BLAZE, take out your ninja weapon and cut them in half!!!! *everything seems to go in slowmotion*
    Yes, it makes sense that he likes to use a variety of doors. Then it wouldn't be too obvious for people to find the portals. However, what was he thinking with the bright signs "To Cookies Monster's secret hideout place".
    WOAAH, AWESOME NINJA POWERS!! *swiiiiiish* I'm in too. I see you there, looking all newbie ninja ;) No, just kidding!
    *Looks around* I don't see him either. But that huge pile of cookie dough over there in the corner looks really suspicious? Don't you agree? :) Hmm.. Now where's that cookie jar? :)
    Aaah, I understand. Those razor cookies can be tough.
    A toaster!? OK, I think I get it. :)
    You know, I went by the chocolate factory. At first I didn't find anything. But then I went up on the roof. And there it was, a giant chocolate door, glowing! I think this might be it! Well, yeah it has to be it. Because the sign you described is here as well.
    I made a creepy discovery though.. There was a trail of cookie crumbs by the door. Blaze... I think he is there. THE COOKIE MONSTER! :O
    Maybe I shouldn't go there alone, are you coming with me? :)
    Is that so? :) OHNO, there are more traps!! The Cookie Monster is pretty smart, but yet easly fooled? Yes, you're right. I shouldn't have any problems. :D
    Hahah, thanks for the tip. One thing before I investigate the chocolate factory, how do I get back? The portal is still there? There isn't like a riddle or something I have to solve? ;D
    *continues to plot too* :)
    Thank god for that!! :) Fresh cookies <3
    Oh, but it was totally worth it right? Yes, it is awesome to live near a chocolate factory :)
    Hahahhaha, I can't believe you found the portal and I absolutely love the Cookie Monster's neon sign. Btw, where was he!? Shouldn't he be guarding the cookies? I don't want to leap into the portal and find the Cookie Monster throwing razor sharp cookies at me. :O Well, I can't let fear get in the way of my cookie desire. I'm going to investigate the chocolate factory, hopefully it will be an arrow pointing to the portal here as well. :)
    Oh, you know I am. I'm just saying, you should always watch your back. :) Damn, you're plotting too.. :)
    Ah, hahahha. I see, this happened a while ago.
    Well, yeah you're right. Then I believe thanks are in order for tripping the alarm, because now it can lead to MY success. :D
    Teleporters, eh? That sounds interesting! It does make sense that there are hidden teleporters near chocolate factories. I have a huge craving for chocolate chip cookies now :D I MUST get to the Cookie Monster's hideout ASAP! And you know what, there actually IS a chocolate factory where I live. No lies. So that's kind of amazing.
    That's just leaves me with one problem.. Is the teleporter a thing? Or just a place? And how do I know where or what it is? :)
    Great to have you on my side, although I think I sense a bit of future backstabbing from your part. Remember Blaze, I'm always one step ahead of you! Hmmm.. Maybe I shouldn't have told you that :D
    HAHAH. You're making me confused. I can't figure out if you're on my side or not. But come to think of it, we're both cookie thieves. :D Someday I'm going to expose you for what you truly are. Whatever that is :)
    Woah, so that's what happened! Normally I would tease you about your lack of ninja skills in this particular matter. I mean, you fell? I don't think a ninja is allowed to do that. However I'm going to make an exception. You managed to open the jar and that's all that matters. I wonder.. Where is the Cookie Monster's hideout?
    Blaaaaaze, raaagghh. :)
    OH OH OH! A HUGE cookie jar! Yummylicious. Now I must steal the whole jar. Then all the cookies will be mine, MINE.
    Thank you for the information. You're to kind. UNLESS.. You're trying to trap me. Maybe when I touch the locks, an alarm will go off. And there will be laser beams all over the room. Wait a minute.. That can't be it. Cause you already now I have ninja skills. It's gotta be someting else that's going to trap me so you can rule the cookie world without having to worry about your cookies. Why else would you give me all this info? :O :)
    Thanks man! I have to say that it's going to be hard for me to snatch the precious from someone with such ninja skills as you have. And someone who also has a really awesome user name. :)
    YAY. Wonder what other cookies the Cookie Monster has. Maybe something worth stealing.. He he he. :)
    Well thank you! I've got some real badass skills :D As do you, unfortunetely for my cookie desire.
    OF DOOM!? Ohno no no, you didn't! You wait and see, I will find your ultra super special lockdown of DOOM. *feeling a new evil plan is about to emerge* :D
    WOAH!! Then the Super Mario cookie is a keeper. I have a feeling it's more valuable than your cookie ;D
    And oh, I have to give you some cred. You ninja'd the cookie straight from the Cookie Monster's jar, that's impressive!
    You know, when it comes to keeping cookies to myself, I'm pretty smart! OH NOOOO!!! I must surrender! I should have taken your ninjaness in to consideration! All I'm left with now is a lousy super mario cookie, AARRRGH! Ah, well. :D
    Btw, you better take care of your cookies, unless you want me to steal some more. Come on, the first time I stole your cookie was waaay easy. Not even ninja skills required! WATCH OUT!!!! Cause the ultimate cookiestealer is on the loose! :D
    HAHA. You think you're so tough with your lolhammer. But have you taken a look at the cookie you stole? I'm not that easily fooled, see I knew you were going to trying to steal my cookie. So, I hid the real one in a secret vault. And you don't know the combination *evil laughter* You can lolhammer the vault how much you want but you're not getting in. That means the cookie is mine forever :D :D
    And btw, NO ONE ninja owns me!! :D That's just wishful thinking by your part.
    NO WAYZ. You know what, I'm going to sleep now. And if I as much as catch a glimpse of you trying to steal back MY cookie, then I'm going to... Ninja the hell out of you!! :D :D That lolhammer of yours dosen't seem that awesome now, does it? :D
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