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  • Alright. Give me a minute to switch back to Black and put a team together. How are we doing this? Singles, doubles or triples?
    Its okay. I gave you a pidgeot in the fic because i figured that was a basic bird for long distance travel. What do you think of the fic?
    What pokemon (besides archeops) are on your team? PM me the answer if you want to keep it secret, i guess.
    And, of course, I'll get you next time, gadget.
    After you battle that other challenger and get space/time for a rematch, my hopefully better team shall beat you. After I've made it, obviously.
    Don't worry, I won't lol. Yeah, I just posted another bit where I establish my gym, and I broke it up a bit more.
    So. What do you want your character to do next? Basically, I'm now taking suggestions from the gym leaders as to how the story progresses.
    Especially when you have it yourself, but are fighting a team of flying types.
    I saw you were reading the fic earlier. I was clearing out my inbox and accidentally clicked on your profile. What did you think?
    I know. It's dumb, and hopefully something that'll be changed when the next game comes out. Also, purely because I want to see all of your team, triple battle, please.
    And my current team ranges from 50 to 80. What level is your team? Actually 50, or spread out? It's looking like 3-on-3 single is how this is going to go,though.
    For no good reason at all, it seems that there isn't a way to have a flat 1 v 1 battle with 6 pokemon. You can use all six in a triple battle (or four in a double) .. but only three in a single batle.
    Then I shall choose single. And, just to check, the Level 50 setting levels stuff down as well as up, right? Either way, I'm ready whenever you are.
    Thought so, but was just making sure. You ready to do the whole exchanging FCs and battling thing?
    If so, mine's 0003 2509 0476.
    Something I really should have asked before ... by Sunday, did you mean today, or next Sunday?
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