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  • Just wondering if you saw my pm. I'm trying to get this fic underway, and I'm gonna need as much cooperation as I can get.
    lol yup, something came up so i couldn't stick around :( we'll get there one day, i think i've battled you before with my soulsilver team that was pretty fun :D on the upside i did beat Ghetsis and now have Hydreigon in my team :D
    We probably will, after dinner I should pretty much be free...only problem is that now I'm about to catch Reshiram so will have to VM you and stay on (as long as I humanly can without getting sick of seeing celebi in the top left :p)
    Hey I'll probably be on and off all day too tbh, around 7-8 GMT I'll probably be off so VM me whenever I should be able to battle :D
    Well I wouldn't say awful because I can battle well, they're just not all there, like counter-wise or type wise, got a lot of weaknesses you see. Post game is where it's at anyhow, I've been 'pseudo-EV training' on my Emerald it's quite fun not knowing exactly where EV's are going but still knowing you're training stats adequately :D
    niiice, whereabouts are you? im about to face skyla - my flying team will be complete with wildcard (sort of) when i reach icirrus city :D
    lol admittedly i havent even been on forge, but i anticipate its a lot more flexible with the various tilesets, instead of being restricted like halo 3.
    i only just figured out the multiplayer maps in all halo's are based on some aspect of the campaign LOL smh
    I think I may be able to get the shiny Suicune today, seems to be the most viable on wi-fi battles. I finally cleared the Reach story it was amazing. But nowhere near as good as Halo 3's. I'm not a big fan of what they did with the maps either tbh, but on the upside forge has never been better!
    yeah i think theywent pretty well thanks we'll see in march. have you downloaded the shiny raikou yet? (if you're in the uk?) and did you add me on xbox live?
    my exams are finally over praise the lord shame i too have a second set in june fml :p i found my old black file i thought i lost so ive been tearing it up on there :D
    Ooh awesome yeah I should be on xbox a bit more soon since my exams are nearly over :D
    The fatal flaw of nuzlockes though - you don't have enough pokemon post-game to do anything useful with. I deleted that file, but it was a good challenge that kept me sane through exam time aha
    Hey I noticed you're a 'Halo game addict', do you have xbox live? Add me RajD 93
    I don't have the reach maps so the best I can play is custom games on there or Halo 3 :D
    Well Azelf died due to a ridiculous mistake with Abomasnow's hail. Then Abomasnow died...
    That left me with Crobat, Dialga, Gastrodon and Medicham + Staravia and Bibarel for lolz.
    I got to Cynthia no one had died then a crit outta nowhere KO'd Gastrodon, leaving Dialga to pick up the pieces and beat her single handedly with the help of like a million X items.

    So I finally did it, now comes the latter half of Nuzlocke where I visit all the post-game areas and catch the first poke on every route there :D
    Indeed it is, and cheers, put to sleep and one dusk ball :D plus i just master balled azelf so with a lot of grinding once i get to victory road i should be all set to wipe the floor with the elite 4 :D
    nah no problem, it died anyways bad times, i just caught dialga for the nuzlocke though, good times :D but i lost yet another displeased noctowl :( so i guess the good and bad times canceled out there
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