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  • fudge, we both missed the scheduled time, try to be on serebii 5pm your time tomorow, hope you see this before then and i hope i remember lol..
    They're pretty fun if you get lucky and have good mons :D my diamond one's going swimmingly got loads of backups and barely any faints! Monferno, Zubat, Pachirisu, Luxio, a slave Geodude and Chingling/Mime Jr. are heading up north from Solaceon :D
    How was your xmas btw?
    true that exam revision season is upon me now so minimal pokemon. i may put it on hold for other games now im feeling a pokemon nuzlocke break coming on, those things are really demanding, you need to be in the zone to stop your mons dying...and to grind like a beast :S
    Really? That's totally awesome my friend :D You will send it to me/publish it here right? :'D And you know what, I have a part to the story on my computer. I begun with it like in August/September and I'm still not finished. Hahahha, will get it done soon though. And by soon I mean like erhm, next week :D
    lol it would be awesome, but HIGHLY unlikely, i reckon i've only ever done it once because i happened to be better at prediction than the other guy, or i used some stupidly tanky pokemon :p i would battle you but i have no 4th gen files anymore :(
    lol sack it i've given up with team planning and actual EV training. i think the closest i'll get now is loading mons full of vitamins and grinding them in an area for 'rough EVs'. no time for me to keep counts and such. plus team planning with pokemon online can be a tedious exercise so i think i'll try and be 'that non EV trainer who can somehow win with skill online' :p i started a new file on my white and that's currently the only pokemon file i have across about 10 games. i may return to the 4th or 3rd gen sooner or later but the 5th has me hooked for now!
    good to hear you're doing aite man :D yeah i know i've kinda given up on it now, hence the EVing, it is tedious though so I don't do it a lot. yeah i've just been doing assorted nuzlocke runs and tying up loose ends on black and white :D and planning my EV'd team, its surprising how much you need to know to be a success these days on pokemon online, but i always do that after schoolwork lol.
    yeah it has blaze how you been? i haven't been on much due to school and such, and therefore im kinda disappointed by the lack of activity in the group :( then again its kinda expected with the dawn of random wifi battles on B/W, which have pushed me back to EVing (still can't find the time tho lolz). what u been up to lately man? and what pokemon games you playing now?
    Woah! :D That's kinda amazing you know! :) I'm realy excited about it. A true masterpiece I'm sure ;)
    Yeah, tell me about it. All I do is study, study, study......... Behind on all my tv-series, it's a complete disaster!! :p
    Aah okay, hope you finish that essay soon!
    Yes. You know you have a lot to study when you feel guilty for taking a 5 minute break!! :/ :p
    How's everything with you?
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