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  • That's great, I'm glad that you've had such a good time. :D

    Yep it sure did. ^.^ I beat it in a mock run where i hoped to prepare for a real run in the game but I got bored and never paid for the Poke Bank thing so I haven't gotten to start on said new run.
    I don't have it yet. But I'll be getting both a 3DS and X version next week. So I'll be sure to inform you on my adventures. :)
    Look LuringMaster, I see you have your visitor mssg disabled so I have to write you on my wall, I don't know who you are but you need help seriously! Why would you come and attack me like that and I don't even know you or Dr.Ciel like that to be honest. How is calling someone a Beautiful a flirt!? Would you rather I call your friend "ugly", but she isn't smh. I have a Boyfriend and I'm taken too! I'm not one to flirt and not be faithful to my man!! You definitely got me wrong. And you're so rude, ignorant and judgemental to just come at me for practically no good reason. Hopefully you learn some manners, I will pray for you.
    Let me give something straight here, Crystal. You got a lot of nerve on saying that Maria is beautiful. If you believe that trying to being a flirt to Ciel is going to be an advantage to you, news flash: she's already taken IRL.
    I'll be laughing if you get caught by your antics.
    I know, but it's just hard. Also, not to mention my heavy Italian accent, which makes everything I say strange.
    Well, I'd never know, since I hang around smart people only. Hell, I can speak most languages spoken in Europe (Some fluently, including Icelandic), but English is too hard for me.
    Yes, I know I'm smart, my IQ is above 120, but learning a language has literally nothing to do with how smart you are.
    I can understand just a little bit, but not too much of the English language. Mostly the basics I know.
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