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  • [ South Park is a comedic cartoon. It's from America, but is popular in many countries, including the Netherlands, where I live.

    I haven't watched XY yet. Anyways, I fear the worst. The writers have proven to care about nothing else than money and trolling the fans during the past sagas, I don't think they suddenly changed. And besides, I fear PokeShipping is going to die because of Ash x Serena, which already has huge implications while the saga barely started... I'm going to be devastated about my OTPs death, that's for sure... I'm also afraid Serena will have no goal other than seducing Ash... ]
    [ Sorry. In my journey fic, I tried making things more interesting by having Ash and Misty as 16 year olds as a couple.

    Maybe you'd be interested in a South Park/Pokemon crossover oneshot? I have one.

    I'd never ask you to have one, I think every person should decide these things for themselves. I just think no one should look for a partner, it needs to happen naturally. When I befriended my girlfriend, I never thought she and I would be boyfriend and girlfriend two months later. She and I just naturally fell in love while talking.

    For me, it was horrible to watch. DP has no group chemistry. The fillers are boring, the plot is copied from the game and lacks creativity, Dawn's Piplup is an annoying screen hogger with a horrible voice, Brock is there but doesn't do anything, Dawn is obsessed with looks, Ash is mature but boring... And BW? Ash got a major regression and became even more annoying and boring than he was before, that should be enough. ]
    [ You didn't mis anything. For me, DP and BW are pure sadomasochism to watch.

    Would you like seeing some fanart of mine or reading my fics? The links to my fics are in my signature. Some info:

    "Aquatic Passion" has 42 chapters. After Misty escaped the Gym after six depressing years of being a Gym Leader against her will, Ash and Misty travel together at the age of 16 as a couple. In the beginning, everything is new and fresh, there's barely any conflict. But later, arguments start happening ocasionally. Will their relationship survive? Will Ash finally win a League or not? What will happen to Misty's Water Pokemon Master dream? Two things:
    - Chapter 1 to 12 are bad, I just started out as a writer back then, chapter 13 and onwards are much better.
    - In one chapter, I made Danny appear to make him flirt with Misty (he's about 20 years older than her) to get Ash jealous, and made him get blasted off. However, I realized Danny deserved better than that and felt bad, so I tried to make things right by making him appear again in a later chapter to make him redeem himself. There, he wasn't pervy anymore, was polite, and battled Ash. So when you read that first time Danny appears, please realize I'm not bashing him.

    "Misty, The Mysterious Mermaid" is a oneshot about Misty being out of money and food. Her sisters are on a holiday, and Misty has a 24-hour-per-day chore list. She has no time for a second job, and won't get any money soon. She organizes a mermaid play to earn lots of money in one day. Guess who will be the prince?

    "Together Forever" is a drabble collection about Ash and Misty.

    "Love, South Park Style" is a South Park/Pokemon crossover oneshot, in which Stan and Wendy tag battle.

    It's easy to guess you're probably Japanese. I can't read Japanese. Just Dutch, English, French and German.

    Are you in a relationship or not? If you don't want to talk about it, that's fine, I'm just asking in case you are fine talking about it. ]
    [ Hi, I love your username, I love Suicune, and I love Pokemon Crystal, so maybe we could be friends?

    If yes, let's introduce ourselves to each other. Could you tell me a bit about yourself, just like I did in this message?
    - Favourite Pokemon: Milotic.
    - Gender: male.
    - Name: Pim.
    - Place of birth and where I live: Eindhoven, the Netherlands.
    - Date of birth: 28 July 1994 (age: 19).
    - I have Asperger Syndrome, a form of autism.
    - Hobbys: drawing, watching Pokemon anime, writing fanfiction, collecting Pokemon figures, gaming.
    - Since 30 January 2013, I have my first girlfriend, it's an internet relationship (she lives in Australia), it's definitely serious and true love. Her personality and appearance are perfect. Kind, understanding, honest, open-minded, no make-up, no fake tan, no push up bra, pure natural beauty and sexiness, cute smile, cute eyes, nice hair. She doesn't care much about looks and is a cute tomboy, I like that, personality matters much more than looks.
    - Main flaws: too unselfish, trouble with letting things go, I can't stand up for myself.
    - Qualities: extreme honesty, being a hard worker who isn't lazy at all, and that I've never felt group pressure, I've never tried fitting in or being popular, I don't care about that.
    - Taste in music: mostly old rock music.
    - Favourite bands/singer of mine: Queen, KISS, Pearl Jam, Guns N' Roses, Coldplay, U2, Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi.
    - Political preference: left-winged.
    - Religion: none/Atheism.

    What's your 3DS friend code? It could help with the Friend Safari, and maybe a battle every now and then if you'd like. Mine is 0602-7392-5137. ]
    Nice to see you here too! I just accepted the friend invite.
    Yeah, even though this was my first Pokemon forum, I don't frequently come here as much as I used to in 2005-2010, as opposed to Bulbagarden. I feel it's easier to carry out substantial discussions there. But I find that one positive side to this forum nowadays, is that discussions regarding the old Mewtwo aren't banned in the movie thread like they are at Bulbagarden. It's a lot more active too, especially the manga section, but quality is better than quantity.
    eto.... "ohayon" is supposed to be slang for ohayo [i first thought it was kansai dialect since i was learning it]
    hi there i like suicune i think suicune is 2nd next to raikou but i still care for suicune a lot, but anyway want to be friends? we can talk about raikou and suicune and compare the two or something.
    It's not your fault about JX and me; I don't want you to apologize. She and I both escalated to the point of saying things that we both regret (at least, I know I regret things I said; it may be presumptuous of me to assume she also regrets it). But it's not your fault at all, so I don't mean for you or anyone else to feel bad. In a few days/weeks when the situation is more in the rear-view mirror and neither of us really cares about the topic at hand as much, I'll send her a message and hopefully we will smooth it all out. But it's nothing for you to feel guilty about. :)
    And, you are so outspoken to the level of offending.
    You know, this isn't even remotely necessary. I haven't said a word to you that was personal, and I haven't attempted to insult you personally. You're the one who brought in personal attacks by criticizing my personal way of writing ever since the thread.

    Do you want to know why I've been so biting? Because of the way things started out. I was genuinely confused by your post, which seemed to imply that you were saying no one but Game Freak had the right to create new Pokémon and a new region at the same time. That's not what you were saying, which I know now, but it was difficult to figure out what you were trying to say at first because of the way you worded things and how dominant your example was. Then, after I asked for clarification and attempted to reason through your post on my own, the way you worded things made it seem like you were patronizing me because you were accusing me of missing your point as if I was deliberately trying to argue against you instead of trying to figure out what you meant. You then publicly criticized my way of writing (which in itself was derailing the topic) when I was trying to work through your post to understand and respond to your meaning. So seriously, please don't start on this.

    Not to mention "outspoken to the level of offending"? Do you mean to say that people who speak their minds in ways that aren't meant to personally attack others are offensive? Because, well, we're on an internet forum, so speaking one's mind so long as it's done in ways that don't personally attack others is sort of the point here, so I honestly would like to know what you'd like me to do instead.
    You know, going back and attempting to restate the point of the thread would probably only continue to make the discussion circular. We (or I) get that you were analyzing why people don't write fakemon; the problem is you're stuck on that point when the rest of us went on to say why that should be changed -- or at least why fans shouldn't keep saying that they absolutely refuse to read fakemon fic because of one generalization or another.

    In other words, we acknowledge that point; the rest of the discussion was talking about the merits of fakemon to encourage people to stop generalizing fakemon fic. We weren't saying that you absolutely have to write fakemon fic; we were saying you shouldn't be generalizing fakemon or shrugging it off as a crappy concept.
    Dawn/Hikari club. We were wondering if the scans said anything about her, if she was staying longer anyways. So I came to say thanks. ^^
    Cool, thanks again!
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