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  • Maybe you should just stop watching the anime then. I can assure that this will help you more than it'll hurt you.
    I want to watch more anime. I mostly watch Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh! and Digimon. They've been my favorite anime for a long time. I watched Kill La Kill, Gurren Lagann, Future Diary, and Sword Art Online recently. I really want to watch Soul Eater, One Piece, and Fairy Tail.
    What about having a summer appeals to you? Going to the beach? Getting some sun and a tan?

    Homework was terrible for me. I didn't like school in general, though. I much prefer spending time with family and friends outside of school and having free time to write, watch anime and other shows I like, and playing video games. Or doing pretty much anything besides school.
    Oh, geez, sorry to hear that, Crystal. This summer was pretty hot so while your butt was freezing off, I was dying of the heat. And I'm still in school, and yeah, having to do homework was never a favorite thing of mine. I love to have free time.
    I thought TRio were great for most of BW. It was really only in the Decolore Islands where they went back to being incompetent. The episodes with Dr. Zager working with TRio are some of my favorite BW episodes. And while they took a decline in quality in Episode N due to Giovanni and Dr. Zager not being involved, I still enjoyed them.
    Unfortunately, that's true. Though, Team Rocket were good in Best Wishes. If they were more like that, I wouldn't mind them showing up often. Diamond and Pearl did pretty decently with its villains, though. Even though they barely showed up, Team Galactic was still good IMO.

    Who's your favorite human character and Digimon character from Savers?
    Well, they were genuinely good villains in the Best Wishes saga, but outside of that, they've done the same thing saga after saga, and I wish they would focus on other evil teams or other characters from the games rather than TRio being in almost every episode.

    The Royal Knights were antagonists in Frontier in addition to another season? What was the other season?
    They barely use the evil teams in the anime. The most they get is like 10 episodes while Team Rocket appears almost all the time....

    Oh yeah, you said Alphamon. I was just wondering about some others. I always took a liking to the Gatomon and Patamon lines. I love how there are angelic Digimon. Both Angemon and Angewomon are beautiful IMO.
    The Pokémon games are very good IMO. ORAS were really great games. And the games treat the villain teams so much better. It was so nice playing ORAS and see Aqua and Magma done right. In the anime, Archie and Maxie only got 2 total appearances each.

    Who are some of your favorite Digimon characters?
    Even though, I still love gen 1 of both Pokémon and Digimon, I do love some of the new stuff that came after it. In Pokémon's case, even though I find season 1 a lot of fun, future sagas definitely improved on things like the development of rivals and the female leads.
    Oh, I definitely plan on finishing it someday. I enjoyed what I saw so far. And I'm in love with Lilamon. :p

    And you might be one of the only ones that told me they prefer 02 to Adventure, but yeah, 02 is very underrated IMO. I love Ken as the Digimon Emperor and post Digimon Emperor. The 2 episodes that involved Ken's defeat and the episode about showing flashbacks of him and his brother are two of the best episodes I've seen of Digimon IMO.
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