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  • I really have to see where it goes. It could turn out to be a cash grab that lacks substance, but I want it to be filled with substance.

    Savers is a good choice. I didn't finish that series. I only got to a little passed the half-way point, I think. I'm around the point where Kurata revealed himself as the villain. But yeah, I enjoy that series a lot. Kurata's a cool villain.

    What do you think about Adventure 02? I don't think it's nearly as bad as some other people do.
    That is very, very true. :) Nice to see another Digimon fan on here. I don't see many on here. Digimon's one of my favorite shows. My profile picture is Angewomon who you probably recognize. I haven't seen every episode, but I've seen all of the first 3 seasons and a few episodes here and there from seasons 4-6. I'm looking forward to Adventure Tri. :)
    Hi, Crystal. Are you a Digimon fan? I saw you said your location in About Me is the Digital World, so I'm wondering if that was a reference to Digimon.
    I'd like it to have plots like DP and fillers like Kanto, and equal screentime for every main character and Team Rocket barely existing if they have to stay.
    I'm rewatching the OS, maybe AG and DP later on, and Chronicles, but I think after XY ends I'll be done. They need to really change stuff if they want me to keep watching.
    Yeah I know that :x In DP Dawn had at least 10 more episodes that focused on her over Ash so I don't get why they're not continuing that.
    I'm alright and I only watch the Serena focused episodes. I don't care for any of the XY episodes otherwise.
    Well Ash and Team Rocket suck worse than any other series so far, and Serena has been pretty boring and non existent until just recently, Clemont is boring, and Bonnie is great. The battles are pretty good, but the group chemistry is boring and it lacks any real conflict, besides Team Rocket, which isn't even any conflict anymore imo. I will drop the anime if Serena doesn't improve much.
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