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  • You've gotta be the 1st person that I've come across to like Ninetales the most lol. I will say that it can be very dangerous at times especially if trained right. Is it just me or did it take a while for their to be a female champion?
    Oh, I see. I'm usually just gaming, reading, or...doing nothing outside.

    I am disappoint. D:<

    Oh well, have fun wherever you're off to.
    I'm tempted to just live in the U.S.,this country is just plain boring. Well, I don't have much the patience to handle kids around me so, yep they're a handful.
    Well, here things are quite more warm. I can't imagine cold weather. Also, babysitting can be tedious depending on the child.

    You reply fast, lol.
    Of course. Well, it's easy to tell you're a busy person. Everybody is like that lately for some reason.

    The weather is warm and windy here.
    So..am I to assume that you're the same Crystal Power who attempted (and failed) to add a certain trivia to Iris's page on Bulapedia?
    Well hey Christina, I'm Yaz and it's nice to meet you too :) and you're welcome! I hate seeing people unfairly picked on just for expressing an opinion. Ah the Japanese names...proof that things really do sound more clever when they're in a foreign language, hehe
    Hi :) that's ok, just wanted to say I felt BCVM22 was being a bit of a jerk to you on the Confirmed Pokemon Discussion thread...you are totally entitled to your own opinion, and I actually agree with you about some of the new names :)
    Oh yeah.... Christmas is just 5 days away.:D Were I live its been raining for a few days now....lol I love the rain.
    Nah its nothing, dont be sorry.lol I actually enjoyed the debate, really I did.:)
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