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    Thunder Wave!!!

    If Swampert is going to have 2 special attacks, you might want to invest more EVs in special attack, especially to make sure that you are able to kill dragons.
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    Competitive Single Rates 6.0!

    Hey, I have this arcanine set that is somewhat of a bulkyarcanine that I want to see if it would be good or not. Arcanine @ Leftovers 252 HP / 180 Def / 28 SpA Intimidate - Morning Sun - Will-o-wisp/toxic - Flamethower - ??? On Smogon, it says that HP Ground should probably fill the...
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    actually, I did mean to put Fake-Out, not Taunt, but thanks for recommending it! a dark attack does sound like a good idea too. And Nasty Plot was def what I was leaning more towards.
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    So I decided to make a sunny day team, woohoo! This is my first weather team, so tell me what you think! @focus sash Chlorophyll Hasty 252 Spe/212 Atk/44 Sp.A - Sunny Day - Fake Out - Explosion - Dark Pulse My lead. I saw this set on someone's RMT on smogon (forget who, sorry), and I really...
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    i'm a n00b so this team prob sux

    Thanks for the advice everybody! I'll take everyone's ideas into consideration and make my team better :)
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    i'm a n00b so this team prob sux

    Hey, this is my first competitive battle team! It's probably going to be considered really bad, so please don't be too harsh :( @ leftovers Torrent Relaxed 252 HP/118 Def/126 Sp.D/12 Atk - Stealth rock - Earthquake - Waterfall - Roar Lead. Comes in, sets up stealth rock, then if...
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    Competitive Single Rates 6.0!

    ;471; Modest Nature @ choice specs 252 Sp. A/200 Spe/56 HP - ice beam - shadow ball - signal beam? - water pulse? - some type of hidden power? or @ leftovers Not completely sure on EVs, want some in both defenses, HP, and Sp. A, maybe.. 130 Sp. A/126 Def/126 Sp. D/126 HP - ice...
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    Fire Red and Leaf Green Scramble Challenge - New (read first post)

    K since its so hot today, I need something to do, so I'll do this! It'll be on firered, without trading. And if you could, don't just give a pokemon, give me a move or something that it has to know, to make the challenge harder ;) Oh my, I should've checked this sooner! Ok so I have: -...
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    CoroCoro/Famitsu Scans, Pokémon Sunday/Confirmed Info Discussion Topic

    that would be much better. I understood it in yellow because it was based off the anime, but it just seems a little weird for HGSS to have it too...
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    CoroCoro/Famitsu Scans, Pokémon Sunday/Confirmed Info Discussion Topic

    i'm kind of hoping the starters don't follow you around the whole game... I mean, it would be cool if it was just for a little bit, but i'd rather not have my typhlosion following me around all the time.
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    haha thanks a bunch!

    haha thanks a bunch!
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    The GSC Monotype Challenge

    I think I'll do a psychic monotype on my silver! My final team will probably be: ~;080; ~;103; ~;178; ~;196; ~;203; ~;249; just because I love him I also might replace something for a Jynx or Wobbuffet, I don't know yet. I'll keep this updated when I start!
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    thank you for welcoming me! :)

    thank you for welcoming me! :)
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    Best Game of Second Generation?

    I had both silver and crystal, but i definitely liked silver so much more. it just seemed... I don't know, magical or something to me. I think it was mostly because of Lugia. also, I never really liked the fact that pokemon decided to give Suicune all the credit, 'specially because I liked Entei...