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  • Right on! And Ya, I've loved Flareon since Red/Blue I don't really know why. I think I had a Flareon holographic card from the jungle set a while back and I lost it and I couldn't get over it for like 2 months then I got another one in some new booster pack... I donno. It's just so majestic looking and it may not be the strongest but if all people care about is strength than where's the fun in that? The grass type's my favourite, but Flareon's my fave. Vaporeon is also great! It's extrememly unique looking. Great design of a Pokemon
    Haha, thanks! I like it too. Kinda simple, doesn't take up too much space in the signature area, and it's true too. ;)
    I've never tried chaining before. I really don't have a reason too anymore, now that I have three shinies.
    Thats because the chance of getting a random shiny by breeding is about 1 in 8,000. Same with walking in tall grass. By chaining with the pokeradar the chance of finding a shiny is much higher, but I don't like using the pokeradar so I don't do any chaining myself.

    Do you have wifi?
    I can breed my own Eevees, but I'll remember the offer. Well, I can't chain for shinies Eevees, but the same friend who gave me the three shiny Eeveelutions said he was training the others for me (he loves to chain and has tons of shiny pokemon). So I might have the others soon.
    I'm doing good. I love your profile pic, and your sig! But I'm an Eeveelution fan, so I obviously would. I even have three shiny Eeveelutions- Glaceon, Flareon, and Jolteon. I got them all in a trade from a friend.
    Hey, you seem like a nice person so I'll send you a friend request.

    How are you? Reply on my profile, please.
    well I'd have to breed it(which will take no time so don't worry) but I get all kinds out of the eggs -brave,calmn,niave,quirky,timid,bold,and impish...ect.. Any one in particular you are looking for?
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