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  • hey cryuel btw did you ever add some points to the fairy house in the club for my shiny hunt I got the swablu double checking :p
    glad to hear it :D

    not much, splatoon this, splatoon that. College in a little over a week which I believe this is my last semester of community college so that's scary/exciting.
    Well I didn't want to leave you a million messages while you were gone, especially when they'd get old and I'd forget I even left them >.<
    ahhh hahaha its cool got it now ;) and nope thats a old deck I just converted my fairy deck to melodious now XD and thanks I am trying to update my guild stuff atm its super far behind ._.
    I haven't abandoned the league!
    sorry to get dramatic, I feel really bad for not having my teams done, just some really bad stuff has happened lately T.T
    sure thing getting my ds lite right now as well as I can save it on my game to transfer with a nickname if the winner likes it will edit this post in a bit.

    edit: okay I choose this for the 1st place for the raffle
    Shiny Tyrogue Adamant nature ability guts flawless ivs egg moves: hi jump kick and counter in pokeball and the rng was by me so its legal which I haven't transferred it yet so it can be nicknamed if the winner wants too and has a choice. I had this little guy for so long he really needs a home and be used which I know whoever wins it will :3. Also I noticed that its guts which not sure what the guy was going for noticing if you want me to change the prize I can I several other stuff.
    okay cryuel no problem once I fire up my black version and check out what everything is I will let you know asap :3 sorry for not getting back sooner busy with work and puppy again >.<
    hey cryuel got a message about inbox is full which I noticed that it must be important to pm so go ahead and message again ^_^
    Also I just posted in the mystic club if you can't find no one just let me know I will be willing to help you out to keep the club open which I have a yugioh club that has been pretty much decently active for 6 years.
    oh I have like so many different things on my black version i can offer so not sure XD I have like shiny frillishs male and female which I have porygon and tyrogue as well. I have some more things I have to check in my boxes on my black version that no one picked up from me ages ago when I worked at a shop in 5th generation they still can be used for current meta too since most of what I have didn't change too much just teir usage changes.I will let you know what I got and I will get back with you. Also, I could let cutty train with some other leaders then for now since I am so sporadic with my time online ._.
    Oohhh neat! Where are you headed?

    I'll assemble the info and make the tournament board today. Once its set up I'll send it your way to go over.
    Welcome back from vacation :3 As you may have seen I got a banner done for the Pokemon World tournament. I was thinking of holding off on it until Fairywitch's tournament was over, but since a date hasn't been established yet, I wanted to know if you though we should go ahead with ours? I was thinking 2 weeks, beginning on the 24th?
    hey cryuel quick question about the apprenticeship now if cutty trains with three other leaders would that be able to open twin was talking about that in my profiles if you like to look at it. I just want to make sure I keep making a time but the puppy keeps getting in my way as well as work and my boyfriend ._. I swear right when I want to open my gym something crazy always happens @_@
    oh also I submitted my tournament thread today so keep a eye out for it trinty is welcomed to join :3
    I can contact both of them for it :3 I got some shinies in my black version still sitting in there that never got picked up which they need a home.
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