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  • hey cryuel if you are still looking for a apprentice I am breeding some ghost pokemon and I was wondering if I could take that slot?
    Pretty sure it was confirmed that the in game latis can indeed be shiny just like how zekrom and reshiram can now be shiny.
    I think it's just the mascots rayquaza and deoxys who are shiny locked
    If I didn't just take up the dragon mantle then I could probably be your apprentice. But I'm already feeling all the weight piling up on my shoulders ;A;
    though if you still can't find someone then I'll try and do it anyways. I've already got a m sableye and some other ghosts trained and what not so I could step in
    hmmmmmmm, if I get fairy tested for the fairy gym apprenticeship then I could probably do it. Let me get back to you later~
    ah I see. Well theres no rush on the survey, I've told everyone in POkegyms a new one was coming so they know at least. And if LF does talk to you and takes the job send him back my way and we'll go over prizes.
    Yeah we got to chatting about it last night and he expressed a great interest in it so if he does become the new overseer I already told him I have some prizes lined up. Also, did you get the chance to do the new survey? We were talking about it before but you weren't on for a few days so I assumed you were with your family
    Oh yeah, forgot to mention, good luck with your story Lati hunt. SR-ing that one is a real pain due to the length of the whole thing, so I hope you can finish the hunt quickly :D
    Komt omdat je een BQ doet toch xD
    Hij heeft waarschijnlijk nog geen shinies, maar jij wel !

    Een fijne jaarwisseling gewenst !
    Oh wow very good :)

    Met mij gaat het uitstekend, heel erg bedankt !
    Heb je nog iets leuks of intressants beleefd wat je graag zou willen vertellen?

    Maybe a challenge but I know you can do it and answer it haha.
    you know, if we can get a website that does the calcs for us, like a random generator type thing, then it'd make it easier for others (like me and sito) to understand and do it.
    i'll google and see if anything shows up :3
    I think people just don't understand the calculations part that and maybe that they aren't really bothered or just don't have enough time I guess. Idk.
    I know you have your job and all but does it really take that long to calculate it all? I thought it would take about an hour or two at the most surely.
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