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  • hey cryuel, are you
    I didn't list the IV's because I just don't pay attention to them, and certainly don't try to breed for them. Maybe if I don't care about IVs, then I shouldn't be contributing to the community pot, so it seems... But I did try to calculate my Swirlixes' IV's using a calculator. One of them was difficult to calculate because it already has a few unknown EVs; as far as I can tell, no 31IVs (highest is 24 in Special Attack), but nothing below 10 either. The other is completely untrained and has a 31IV in Speed (and above 25 in HP/Defense too), but really low Special Attack/Special Defense IVs. (Both are wild-caught, so I didn't expect them to have that great IV spreads.)

    I'd definitely be interested in your Spritzee (if you can have it hold a Sachet that would be awesome, and I'd give my Swirlix a Whipped Dream, but if that's not possible, I understand), if you're still interested.

    And I know what IV's are, but don't really know much about breeding for them besides the Destiny Knot trick. And I have no idea how to find out what IVs a baby has, as all calculators I can find don't work very well at really low levels, and it seems I can only get a hint about the overall spread by talking to that guy in Kiloude City.
    Hello, just a friendly reminder that you have yet to VM me your vote for the Ghost Type Club banner ^_^
    But why would you have a part job as well as your full time job...? (non paid jobs don't count as part time in this case)
    Sure! My avatar is actually Robin from the game Fire Emblem: Awakening and the girl in my signature is his daughter Morgan.
    That's a different scenario though, you can have multiple homework projects to do but you can only have 1 proper job..
    You're saying that although your contract for your last job has run out you're part time employed even though October is when you were going to start looking for a proper job implying you don't currently have a job but you're saying you have a part time one...
    Understand my confusion? XD
    People still seem put off by the idea of using unfamiliar pokemon...

    I have endless time haha. Well I'm not at the normal uni/ college yet as I'm still in school technically so that's probably why.

    Did you find another job yet? :s

    Thanks. Cleared now :)
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