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  • Hi Cryuel! How's it going? Just wanted to say that in the OP for the club, you put me under Psychic probably because I picked my luv Espeon. If i have to pick a Pokemon corresponding the type I picked (bummer), then I would pick Bisharp.
    Ahh, I wasn't aware of this. Thank you for informing me. :) I will check it out very soon and make the proper changes.
    [Could i trade you for a clone of that swablu in the raffle? I can understand if you say no since it's the grand prize of the raffle though :3]
    Not to say I told you so, but I told you so :p
    knew I wouldn't get the swablu. random shiny vivillon is alright though~
    Guess what? Last egg in the batch I did before my sd died? Shiny. XD
    I thankfully saved before the sd died, so now I have a 31/31/31/31/x/31 venonat shiny with all the good egg moves in a moon ball XD

    My point is: how can I MM for a week and get nothing then when I DON'T want a shiny just yet I get one? Happened to me with phantump, too. Only that was worse because I got two shinies out of that bunch.
    making it a button doesn't change it's value ;P
    and he's ok with it so yaaaaaaaay. giant freaking button!
    have another vm ;P
    k so, my sig is being enormously difficult :/
    so right now its just the banner. I'll try to make it fabulous later.
    hey, just letting you know that starting Saturday I'll be gone on vacation until the 30th, so I dunno if you wanna advertise an interim Flying leader for the time I'm gone.
    oh just added the buttons, removed the badge/symbol. Just couldn't get what I wanted with those and the buttons. out with the old as they say~
    also I converted my banner into a button(discovered how while playing with placement). I was going to ask you if I should ask astral if it's ok, but astral made the image/gif, the url is just the leagues so that made me think that if I should ask anyone, it's SM for making the banner. Idk just how it seems, going to go ahead and tell/ask Sm about it but if you want me to contact astral I will.
    lol xD
    yea I'm really happy about it.
    had to change my theme to grass because water wasn't letting the blue text in it show up very well. I'll probably mess with it and add the buttons in later.
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