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  • hey cryuel, are others allowed to use those buttons you had astral make?
    reason I ask is because they're not on the front page(well I didn't see them in any spoilers anyways), and was wondering :3
    If not then I'll get my own made I guess.
    It's finished! :D
    [at first I was like eww blue and orange. but the orange looks so good, and so does the blue. and the whimsicott is so tribal xD It grew on me fast]
    using the sig check thread to help me make it all work. I'm sure I'm either just under/over the height req. and I'm trying to organize the colors and what not to look good. Hopefully my sig magic will come out and it will come together really awesomely.
    Edit: I realized that it's because of the fact that blue&orange are complimentary colors, they make each-other stand out. So it's amazing looking orange next to amazing looking blue and your just being forced to look between the too amazing colors xD
    just making sure.
    I didn't put it in but when you said that I was like, dafuq? lol xP
    pfffffffft you and I both know I won't get it :p
    I admit I have a knack of randomly winning the #1 prizes, but winning one I desperately want? psh. I'd sooner believe slurpuff could fly.
    and honestly I kind of lean more towards the physical one. She gets d-dance, e-quake, can't remember if she gets outrage, return, heck could even use facade if you get burned xD
    idk. I like both sides.
    I'm able to be online for about four hours now. Gonna try MM'ing for a shiny ralts :)
    If you see me online, we could do the trade easily :)
    Oh, sure. xD

    It's a shiny River Pattern Vivillon. 5 IV perfect (31/x/31/31/31/31), with Compound Eyes and Timid nature.
    It is EV-trained, however; and I sorta remember the moveset off the top of my head, but if it's needed, it has: Substitute, Sleep Powder, Quiver Dance, and Hurricane.
    oh no I kept asking a lot of diff meaning questions :p
    alright just making sure on that last thing though.
    I dare you to count how many spoilers you have btw :p
    found it. Ik that if they yata yata enough then they get the right to carry the badge, but can they she challenge me while she's my apprentice if I open at the time?
    Just because I can doesn't mean I want to .3.
    I'm not lazy for nothing.
    the last one what? be more specific >.< the very very last spoiler isn't. or do you mean on the faq?
    stop being vague phantom :p
    For now I have Jolly Prankster Riolus, a 6IV Jolly Guts Tailow, an Adamant Swift Swim Kabuto, Adamant Mold Breaker Drilbur, Adamant Sewaddle, Modest Togepi, Modest Magby, Bold Porygon, Timid Fennekin, Timid Caterpie, and Jolly Delibird. I can breed most competitive pokemon, though, so if you had an idea for a theme I could accommodate.
    so what happens after the 3 weeks are over?
    does she have to reapply or can you only be a leaders apprentice once? guessing its the latter but curiosity is just killing me.
    That's the only animated version of N from the games.

    But I can change it out for that button, if you find another trainer.
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