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  • so she wouldn't be able to apprentice after 3 weeks? Hmm alright.
    thank you! and I'm already coming up with an xyz team. to me it looks crazy but who knows ;D
    also would she be able, if she wanted to, to be an apprentice to both facilities. Like say I took over fairy and she the carousel. then we rotated(lol rotated) off and on? just a question. I'm pretty sure we don't do this but i wanted to know for sure. :D
    ugh it's killing me. ;A;
    also I'm going to let fairy be my apprentice, but if she is then can only she open? I'd really only need her to open for me when I'll be unavailable. I did mention I've got 2 tests this week so some studying to do, and I procrastinated on my HW yesterday(finished it today). But anywho was just curious if i couldn't open at all, or if it could be/was situational. :3
    those buttons are really cool! :D
    I'm so excited, too. sm just got 2 more banners done so now I'm #1 on his list <3
    I can't wait for mine. I'm so excited for it.
    yeah but i have been working on this team for awhile to make sure it doesn't counter the first triad XD thats all plus it was super late and no gyms were open too by the time i got on but anyway sure thing i can talk to him about it and dang thats crazy im surprised no one went to it yet...personally i don't use normal types much as well as only normal close i have is staraptor XD its just not my type sadly im more fairy, and grass gal. I hope you find a leader soon :)
    I just started looking at the league again did the normal type leader ever be announced? or will that be soon >.> I was about to challenge last night my computer internet wacked out and by the time i got back on the first triad leaders were closed XD worst luck and i heard fairy gym will not be open till like later this week do to he got to get his hw done. dew said something about he stop being his apprentice is it possible i become his apprentice if he is busy? I am will to help him out so he can get his homework done and stuff. I can talk to coltonL about it if you want me too? I willing to help him out he seems such sweet person :)
    I'm not gonna fiddle with it even though I like the suggestion. Its a bit of a far cry from my initial vision but I think I was being unrealistic xD I was initially hoping to use fan drawn stuff but I'd have to get the artists permission and I'm too lazy to ask xD. Came out better than I thought it would since I gave him such vague details.
    my banner by Astral is done, what do you think of it?

    omg Ik! Immune to 3 things, nuetral to dark and poison. only weak to ghost and steel. Mmf sounds amazing <3
    Oh god, that should be a t.v show. though Phantom and Fluff sounds better to me but meh.
    I'd give up most of the past prizes I've won for it though .3.
    well it's not like a necessity to do it right now :p
    plus I'm tired/bored. feels like nap time.
    what are you MMing btw? :3
    I'm good :3
    enjoying the smash demo, though I do need to get a move on and ev/lvl up my wild card so I can open. Though I really just feel like pushing everything off until tomorrow xD
    next week is going to be hectic. 2 tests, and I'm pretty sure I'm getting an essay asignment too.
    I find it so weird that we're so close to Or/As but I'm not freaking out in excitement like when we were close to X&Y coming out. I guess 'cus it's not a new region, though it's bringing new megas and stuff. Hmmm
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