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  • Ok the Posted my original one back up under it and yes it does have less CT's than the second one. Either way there is a Triad that Dragon's will hate going too.
    Well at first there were lots of weaknesses shared, I could have left them how they were, but I wanted to change up some of the CT so, most as you see have no CT Stab attacks shared, the resistances however just happen to show up. Yoshi, Art, and I came up with Triad Names that come to mind when you see those Types added. They wanted the Haunted Graveyard Triad for Normal, Ghost, and Ground, our triad names all almost became something terrible.
    The New League Triads are now complete, now unless anyone want to change anything that's been posted. I also posted the number of the total countering types too. The chat could stay as it can help people make their teams.
    No problem, its always good to help, which is why you have overseers, so no one person has to do it all alone. We always count on you for the final decisions.
    I was actually just like this in the beginning if you remember ;P
    I switched gyms so much lol
    I will! I just have to go be a squid or a kid or a squid or a kid or a..........yea gotta go do that now.
    Just letting you know ColtonL resigned again so I opened up Psychic a gym Requests and Dunkleosteus applied for Grass so that application process is now underway. Unless he decides to switch to Psychic now.
    Hate to ask but I need your help. I have prizes for the tournament but I offered the Dragonite the last time, but I don't have anything else worth giving up. Do you have any fully evolved shinies that would make a good prize? I'm working on getting an ORAS shiny Ho-oh, but I'd like another option.
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