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  • nvm, I'll keep you out of the loop :p
    my handy dandy shoveler is helping me with it.
    I think I have a good strategy for 3 pokes, and its the backups so to speak that I'm having trouble with.
    theshoveler1887, of course :p And I'm fine with UU being my brain position, as I've got experience with it. I can also do UU through Wi-Fi, as I've got enough pokemon bred for it.
    oh i'll fix that!
    thanks for pointing that out. Well I think I have a team in mind, do you mind if I pm you and see what you think? :D
    I definitely will.
    wait is the temple shaman frontier Uber only, so all 6 ubers? (ik as i'm sure they could use lower than uber), but what I mean is it 1 uber for both or all ubers for the shaman?
    seems obvious but I want to make sure :3
    dang, my poor poor xerneas will never be used ;A;
    oh well.
    hmmmm rotation opens up so many doors, and makes a lot of strategies useless .3.
    my rock rotation team is pretty dang good, but I'm not using the same strategy. Hmmmmmm
    especially when breeding can be such a pain. though those unexpected 4-5iv shinies are amazing surprises.
    frontier isn't allowing ubers right? or atleast just the uber based one is?
    even though getting the pokes is a thousand times easier on ps, I'm still really happy its wifi only.
    wifi has better graphics, and also it makes me special >w>
    the new carousel images were just what my sig needed. was dying to be able to add a new color that wasn't doodoo brown. (I know that I could've used blue or pink that I didn't have to do rocky colors but I want my sig to represent. carousel colors fit in perfectly! :D )
    and ty! I only know of 1 mon I want to use right now but i'm definitely going to research and come up with a team hopefully tonight so I can start breeding soon :3
    The forums have been bugging out on me all week so I won't be able to do anything in the league for a few days til I can figure out what's happening, otherwise I'd have the dragon gym open the past few days, I go to view a page of a member or a thread, it starts to load then just craps out and I can't view it unless I leave the page and come back almost an hour later

    Just wanted to give you the heads up and that I'm not quitting the league / avoiding it
    Of course I'll be checking in from time to time :) Current aspiration is to create a team to challenge the gyms a bit more :)
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