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  • Hey there, whenever you're free just send me a VM and we'll have a trial battle on PS once so that you get the hang of it. As far as application forms go, you'll need to add another tittle for the PS name as well.
    i guess i'm about to close the gym, not getting any challengers. only had 1 battle with my rock rotation team and that was with lord fighting. Idk how I won, he got a +1 jirachi from meteor mash and he literally wrecked the whole battle. then in the end I survived said +1 meteor mash and ko'd back with an e-quake. man I love hunky dory.
    it looks alright. I mean kind of like everything is now smaller and scrunched up, but not bad.
    I think once i get used to it it'll be fine :3
    not at the moment, I'm at work. I should be around in the morning my time, which is 4 hours behind you if I remember correctly.
    I'm just applying for the fun of it.
    I still like wifi a lot more than PS, and won't be disappointed if I don't get to be a brain. (I feel like I'd want to finish getting all badges before moving on to challenge the frontier anyways) :3
    ok :3 just wondering.
    I also added the island to my application. Both sound like a ton of fun :3 (especially since a lot of nu pokes are OU viable if used right :D )
    cryuel are we going to have a page on the doc for people that win frontier symbols, like how we do badges? :3
    Yeah...I want to sign up for the frontier, but i would like for someone else to have the spot instead....

    Getting mah ds now
    Indeed Sanctuary is going to get crowded with applicants but it's just an amazing thing you've come up with.
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