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  • "[...] I go about trying to make peace between people so much sometimes I forget to be myself."

    I just wanted to say this sentence really stood out to me. I know it doesn't have a whole lot to do with what you were debating, but it's something I can relate to.
    If you have a scale where one side is not balanced with the other, putting equal weights on both sides will only enforce the same inbalance!
    Just wanted to say that was an excellent pedagogic illustration of the argument, SunnyC.
    Things are going pretty well. I haven't been making as much progress writing articles as I should have this year, mostly due to my continual procrastination. Thanks for asking! How've you been?

    I'm not sure whether I'll get to the "straight privilege" debate immediately. It looks like I offended someone I didn't know was available for debate (by...not knowing he was available for debate), and I'm not even sure how to respond.

    The spirit of Pokemon is totally with the Debate Form. We like to fight day in and day out like Pokemon do.
    Awesome. Sigged.

    BTW, I'm sorry I haven't elaborated on the issue I wanted to continue in the Bible debate. Things have been a bit ridiculous around my family's house since our dryer stopped working. I might be able to get to that soon.
    Got a question:

    Well the obvious answer is they have the need to reconcile their two loves: their religion and their culture. Why else would you pick a fight if not to fight for something you love? I may not be a by-the-book Christian but I'm pretty sure people can be said to love their religions, and for that reason, gay-friendly Christians are not just going to pick between leaving their religion for their gayness or being ashamed of their gayness for their religion. Look at all the branches of Christianity that have developed all through history to adapt to new ideas. What gay-friendly Christianity is trying to do is branch off in much the same way that historical Christianities have, and doing that means finding new interpretations, digging up new claims, and just generally causing ridiculousness to the Christianity it's breaking away from. You probably won't agree with any of their ideas, but I bet if you went back in time and explained your reading of the Bible to someone from a denomination yours broke away from, they'd find your ideas just as hopeless and ridiculous and even revisionist.

    I do want to say though, I really liked this post. I definately got this vibe that you were trying hard to reach across the aisle and really communicate with your opponent.
    I have a lot that I could say about that topic. Would you like to continue this basic sub-debate in the Bible thread?
    What we are looking for here is not just 'consent' but 'informed consent'.
    Hit the nail on the head. I had been trying to get that basic point across earlier, but you said it far better than I did, and hopefully it will clear up some really crazy misconceptions.
    I thank you for your comment:D While I'm not certain I can say they contain genuine clarity myself, I hope that they bring insight to a debate seemingly without a truthful answer.
    I tend to stay mainly in the Debate Forum. The other forums just seem boring, especially General Pokémon Discussion, which threads average to 100 posts, all of which are the same.
    Thanks for sharing that. It's nice to know that people around here each have their own stories to tell.
    Not a quote. I was trying to convey how I see it before I'm forced to turn ideas into words.

    I was thinking about something you said today. You spoke of not assailing people's positions of safety, but just showing them that it's not grounds for governing the lives of others. I think there is some truth to that, but it doesn't cure the illness of hatred. I believe that if some eyes are opened now, there will be hope for the future of humanity. I don't blame people for their blindfolds, we are a product of the lives we've lived.
    It's very important to donate blood, and my condolences to your cousin. I can't think of much else, other then apriciating that somebody actually reads my too numerous posts!
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