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  • O_O

    Surprise second midterm? That sounds about as fair as my final that was after finals week! 10 weeks does sound pretty compressed.

    I like when teachers require or provide anthologies. It feels so much more relevant than a text book, especially since anthologies often provide differing opinions and refutations during ongoing debates.

    Question: Have you reviewed Judie Haynes myths? I was reviewing some information for some final posts in that thread and one of the myths referred back to your post on BICS and CALP.
    I know that feeling. Are you in summer courses or had your semester not ended yet? I'm thinking about taking a Language Acquisition course. This past semester I took a course that spent the first half of the semester discussing acquisition and I thought it was pretty cool. I need another Linguistics class anyway. Who/what did you read?
    Omg SunnyC your post was brilliant. I have more to add, but I am going kayaking. The last few lines about the distinction between the needs of L2 and political demands/ideologies was epic.
    Hm, I see. The kind of dishonesty that mattj is displaying in such a case is disheartening. He can avoid having to own up for his faulty logic by having himself and other proclaim it as off topic.

    That really pisses me off to an insane degree, but I guess i cant do much about it.

    Haha, well man atleast you tried. Just make sure to learn from such mistakes, you dont have to have it down to the letter the second you attempt something as complicated as cosplaying =D.

    And also good to see that people still play pokemon and can recognize said characters. Always good to know that the pokemon fandom is alive and well =D
    Thus far a mod has in fact not infracted me for such posts, though I have been infracted for name calling. Youd think thatd be a more minor issue o_O.

    Im not quite sure where else Id post those replies however, since I thought the tangent thread was the go to thread for this purpose, but it seems like even that thread has a preconcieved purpose(in that case, religion is currently the main topic at hand).

    About being off topic though, I would think that arguing about the inconsistencies in certain arguments as well as mentioning bad argument form would be relevant. Well just see what the future has in store for me.

    Im also not sure if a topic creator neccesarily has solitary judgement on that case, since even a topic creator is fallible, especially in tpf's case since hes pro life.

    Indeed, mattj's best response is pretty much "hurr durr TROLL". I didnt see it until now, but its certainly odd that his best is just blocking me altogether. I think the only way to prove that hes contradicting himself is for all of us to point out that fact to him, since it seems like mattj is falling back on an ad populem argument(everyone disagrees with you therefore you're wrong in this case) when arguing about his inconsistencies, going by his actions.

    Feels good to back some one up in a corner like that. I know im bragging but hey its true.
    I think the worst one had to be the time I got a pin pulled from my right hand. I had gotten a boxer's fracture on my right pinkey bone in my hand (punching a wall like a noob). The doc put me under to straighten the bone chunks, and put a pin in to keep the bone straight while it healed. I got my hand cast cut off, and went to a different room to get the pin taken out. The doctor picked up a pair of pliers (like any mechanic would use on a car), and then picked up my hand. Right as I opened my mouth to ask "Hey... um... aren't you going to give me some anesthesia or something or..."




    No anesthetic or anything.

    It didn't really hurt, like physically, but just watching it almost made me pass out. a;lskgja;slgkasj;glaskdgj;asd
    Oh? No, no, no. I think ebilly said something about people dreaming during surgery. But in every instance I've been under the knife I've been 100% unconscious. I'd personally hate for it to be any other way. I had minor surgery and stitches without being completely unconscious one time (they just gave me local anesthetic to my hand while repairing a tendon) and sweet Jesus, even though I felt no pain, just watching them slice my hand open and stitch my tendon and then skin was horrifying.
    Hmmm, yes it can be pretty daunting to have to keep up with the task of staying as consistent as possible with out offending some one or coming off as to apologetic.

    Nice nice, I got a japanese essy to do by tonight, and im probably gonna do a study group tommorow for a history exam i got this thursday. Seems like a piece of cake to study by myself but studying with people almost always proves successful in brain storming and getting better concepts and ideas together, since one part of the essay is an essay. While I normally hate essays, the essay topics are actually somewhat vague so more subjectivity is involved. I actually hate multiple choice in this class since you really have to pay attention to so many damn details to even so much as be able to deductively reason out the answers that it aint funny.

    It can be, with the pony tail and some what feminine look and all, its just the damn spikes that i imagine can be a hassle. Good luck man, hope it works out ;)
    Eh, I guess I just have a poor self image. I feel paranoid some times when making a reply, since Im never really sure if i argued a point enough, if it came off as rather short or to long, if it missed the point or if a word or two can change the direction of the sentiment altogether.

    I meant the spikes. You know how anime hair is always crazy gravity defying looking? Yeah, like that.

    And its all good, we all need to freshen up after awhile. Admittedly I dont like going to that damn thread any more but I feel like Im obligated to keep going and finish what I started >>
    I couldve expanded on it a bit more. I lack the diction to make a lengthy rear tearing essay like the rest of you. T_T.

    And about your cosplay, looks better now, but it doesnt quite have that anime flamboyant look you know? Keep trying, every detail counts.
    Yeah, I have a history exam pretty soon which kind of came out of nowhere since the teacher didnt want to write it up. He ended up getting sick and wanted to toss the second mid term altogether and jam it all in the final, but the department forced him to do it in compliance with some syllabus rules or something =/.

    Japanese is gonna be a bit difficult to catch up in a few days, itll be a step by step process, and a quiz is coming up soon so right now the kanji are my priority.

    And uh...huh. That poetry was a little difficult to get a grasp of. You're saying mattj's recent style is also on that level of the difficulty to comprehend his writing?

    And nice, I like coming up with stories myself. I had an idea for a kingdom hearts sequel, not directly related to the current canon but rather a different "saga". Id rather not speak of it here since I get paranoid about people jacking my ideas =X I dont pming you about it though if you're interested.

    That n costume aint bad. And like you said, gotta fix that wig, it does make you look like a hag =P

    And thanks for the sig help. greatly appreciated.
    And by the way, do you where/what the signature rules are? Ive been looking for a thread on the forum that states them, since I want make use of that currently empty space under my posts, but the threads that exists only seem to explain how to put things in them and what you can do with them, not the restrictions.
    Ah, yes, I forgot that people have lives beyond this forum <_<.

    It seems kind of pointless arguing for abortion at this point though, its not any things really gonna change. Sometimes I wonder why I argue for the sake of arguing o_O. And e.e. cummings? Not aware of who that is, but I Imagine its aggravating.

    Not sure if you've ever played kingdom hearts, but theres this one character every one thinks is an idiot becaue of personality, called demyx. Then he gets pushed to a corner and goes full rape mode. NEVER judge a book by its cover, dear god. mattj reminds me of him at the moment.

    Naw, its all good. Ive been holding up pretty well thus far. As for debating prowess, knowledge on the field definitely helps a bit during the debate =X. Im kind of in a shitty situation, supposed to be studying after not having studied for 2 weeks straight for one of my classes, but I keep being drawn back to this debate. The posts have gotten far to long,m to the point that it takes me hours to get the entire thing done. FML. Seriously if I put this much effort into my essays id be a straight A student >.>

    Oh, so you're majoring in something that involves lots of writing i imagine? And what kind of novels you comin up with?
    It looks good, even from the picture! I think if you implement the notes you put in the description, it'll look fantastic. :) Nice work!
    i've ticked you off and i really do apologize

    you don't know how often i seriously wish i didn't have the stances and opinions that i do, these conversations and relationships would be so much easier

    but its not just a fleeting opinion

    its who i am
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