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  • Ive actually used this site a few times before, about 8 years ago, and every once in awhile made account or two through out the years, but generally they never lasted and I ended up using this site as just a source of pokemon information, haha. Though I'll admit I used to be heavily religious and my debating skills where...less than stellar. I was a hell child back in the day, and still am to an extent. I mostly learned how to calm the hell down through not being such a damn zealot, a few facebook atheism pages, philosophy classes, and just in general questioning the world at large. Ill admit I still pull a few things out my *** when arguing, as I still have the knee jerk reaction to try and stay on top in a discussion, though I've steadily learned that slow and stead was the sure fire way to go.

    And no worries about the discussion, Ill admit Ive become a bit fatigued of arguing for a bit, as I sometimes have to rewrite an entire reply because the damn site here kicks you off if you're not constantly active and I didnt know that by signing in the reply I write will be posted assuming I dont leave the initial log in page when asked to sign in.

    And the way I see, it, its every ones debate, considering theres no such thing as a one man debate, haha.
    A thing I learned while not here: sourpatch jellybeans should be renamed sourpatch lies.
    Hi, just saw your response to my post in the Zimmerman thread. Thanks for replying, I wasn't picking on you or anything, I just wanted to see what you thought :p
    SunnyC, I take it you've been paying attention to this Treyvon Martin case. What all happened during the course of those events? I've gathered the following: Martin was walking through the neighborhood; Zimmerman thought he looked suspicious and followed him; Martin noticed he was being followed and started to physically attack his follower; Zimmerman had a gun and shot Martin to end the attack. Is that anywhere near the story of the events as they've been understood?
    I'm happy someone noticed the crux of my argument in the regard to defining personhood.
    I always assume as long as someone keeps posting, he will keep responding. He's mechanized.
    I think I remember you talking about being sick. I am sincerely glad you are better. On another positive note, I have quite a bit of schoolwork to accomplish the next few days and Easter with my family so I will not be on here. I will give you a moment to take a deep breath of relief.

    I didn't know about the ragequit comment. I haven't followed VIA's remarks, though I think the only reason he wanted to come back and post was because of my presence. Surprise for him, I don't hold much "authority" in the debate forum.
    You bringing up Werewolves made me think of Grimm. The "Big Bad Wolf" is an Antique watch repairman, who is also a vegan, does Pilates, and plays the Cello. Not your profile of a wolf at all... unless you're looking for a Wolf in Sheep's clothing...
    ... He does wear a lot of wool sweaters though ;)
    In short: could someone provide an actual source explaining the correlation between homophobia and gay suicide to actually disprove JDavidC rather than deriding him with sarcasm and implying that 'his kind' is causing the suicide? Thank you.
    For this, and for other things like this, you have my sincere thanks.
    Well. Yes and no. Like. If you haven't played KI before, there's gonna be a ton of stuff in the game where you're just like. "Um... what... why are they doing that???" Like, there are big Groucho Marx Nose and Glasses as enemies, and these enemies called Reapers that freak out in a really silly manner when they see you and bosses that turn you into silly foods and try to eat you. If you have played the old games you'll be like "Oh! Haha! They put that in there too!" but if you haven't, like some of the reviews I've read, you'll be like "Um... that's really... dumb...?"

    But as to whether or not you should get it, Kid Icarus: Uprising is hands down the best game for the 3DS so far. I check the 3DS news every day. I've watched reviews for almost every game out for the 3DS so far (except like Nintendogs and stupid stuff lol). I've got a pretty good knowledge of whats out there. KI:U is just leaps and bounds beyond everything else that has been released so far. The graphics are amazing, at least Wii quality. The soundtrack is fully orchestrated like Skyward Sword. The voice acting, while intentionally silly at times, is sooooo funny and compliments your progress through the levels. Its like playing a Saturday Morning Cartoon. The difficulty can be as easy as you need it, or quite literally as impossible as you want it to be (I haven't been able to finish the first chapter in anything above 6.1). Then there are the literally hundreds of weapons and items in the game. Oh, and online Free for all or Team multiplayer. Oh and then hundreds of AR cards which are actually cool looking.

    Yeah. If you can scrape up the $$$ for it, KI:U is absolutely worth the 40$ or 29$ if you get it from Best Buy I hear. I've put 9 hours into it in the first 2 days and I'm about 18% through and still learning.
    That's really neat. Man... I don't think I've ever once taken the time to train any of my pokemon up to L100. I only play VGC though, so I usually don't need to go much over 50. I just thought it was neat to see which games you trained each of them in. Very nostalgic!
    Ah, I ask because I've read of a genetic correlation between gay parents and their gay children.

    I'm gay, my cousin is gay, and have a lot of blood-related gay ppl in my family `0`
    I never took the time to look at your sig till now. Is that really a list of your favorite pokemon or something like that?
    it should read

    "please don't give these people any more money"

    They've been at this for quite some time. You're on a college campus, right? You've heard of this before?
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