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Cubone Alone
Last Activity:
Apr 5, 2013
Sep 23, 2007
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Cubone Alone

Well-Known Member

Cubone Alone was last seen:
Apr 5, 2013
    1. redpanda15
      I don't mean to sound impatient, but it's been more than a month since I submitted my reffing submission, and I have yet to hear back from you.
    2. Martz
      Good Deal. Would like to take some of these matches on here. Ref queue seems to be clogging up =X Grats on becoming an LO by the way. Sal told me.
    3. Martz
      Just FYI and take your time, Ref app summited on UPN. Couldn't find your wall on there >>"
    4. Martz
      LC, just dropping by to say hey. Been while since I've been on. You mayyyyybe don't remember me.
    5. zerozoner
      Not to bug you or anything, but it's been a couple of weeks since i submitted my reffing test to you and I have yet to hear back from you on my final score.
    6. takkupanda
      I don't want to sound bothersome, but the ref school apps at SPPf have been waiting for more than a month!! :(
    7. biggggg5
      sorry if this makes me seem like a bother or impatient or anyting but abaout how often do the ref apps get checked? no rush though just curious
    8. Pengyzu
      :'( *sad* I'm gonna have to prepare my app already...
    9. FlashFusion
      How you taunt Pengy by approving/rejecting ref apps right before his second match finishes.
    10. Pengyzu
      Really now? :O Awesome... I hope I become an awesome ref!
    11. Pengyzu
      Awesome! Actually, I was already preparing. Ask ABL, Muyo, and Shadow, they all saw it and thought it was good. Just need expert opinion that's all :)
    12. Pengyzu
      Hi Elsie. LoL! Since I haven't completed my two matches yet, can I send you an example of a reffing I have in mind, so I can improve before you approve again when I post my app (about a week :/)
    13. Concept
      Yes but Jeri might go mental and suddenly win a bunch of matches, or Dave might get a big pile o'wins (more likely) while I've done nothing/lost a few, or Dave might have a massive advantage over me in our match, or someone else (you/Kush/SS/Char) might push for it or etc etc. Especially as next rankings I'll probably have added a loss or two from gym matches.
    14. Concept
      But this is my one and only chance at #1 ;;
    15. Concept
      Hey! When you post the new rankings please make the title some reference to fake TO. The tribute title would be good.
    16. SwiftSoul
      I know you're probably really busy, but I just wanted to say that my mock reffing in the ref school has not been judged. I know mine's the only one there right now, but I'm just wondering if you could look at it when you have the free time. Just wanter to make sure it's not forgotten
    17. Oliver101
      You responded and said that I had corrections to make. I sent you those corrections and haven't had a reply about those yet. <3

      ^^ But it's okay. Lol. I was wondering about this. Thanks for double-checking.
    18. SM
      Question! Ok so you were complaining at Concept's waste of dark energy on Faint Attack rather than Dark Pulse. Does that mean you ref Faint Attack as being inefficient on delivering Dark damage (compared to Dark Pulse, for example)?
    19. SM
      If Sabrina were to use a Rock Slide, would it be able to slide the rocks that it can't see?
    20. SM
      Hi LC. Just curious, why didn't Sabrina attempt either of her moves following the Rock Slide? It's not like there was a specification in timing for her orders so jw.
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