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    if i get into a sequal it would take place after satan was freed from hell after 1000 years of torture.the main character would be Alex and Cherries sons and daughter. alex jr,son goku,ike and nana! the title,pokemon prime.the kids are like thier parents.nana is very wild and energtic,alex jr trains endlessly with his mom and dad son goku rivals alex jr and ike is a mercinary in training so he can out mach his fathers sword skills.alex and cherry have been married since alexs return.
    cool, even though i got hurt because me left foot fell asleep it did,and instead of waking up and doing what it was sposed to do,it gave out and almost broke me leg yarrrr
    no not at all.i dont feel threatened by your words.besides i just dont know how it would work for me anyway.i am both a lover and a fighter.it just depends on if i feel threatened or not.like if someone puts up something like alex is a perv and he only wrote his story for bad reasons.ur my friend anyway so i wouldnt attack unless its to defend my honer.anyway i also make icons out of sprites and can duplicate them also:]if you want one i can make one for u.thanx for supporting me,JIRA'BALL is going to be 50 volumes long so this is more then just a fic for me,its a dream come true.i'll remember what u just said always.
    then again i would probably not do shipping,not my cup of tea u know,my life is lonely and it kinda sucks.but hey it happens.if i did the couples thing it would be red and sapphire for pokemon special.if it was for my sequel like series,cherry and alex would be together,aaron and stormey,shelby and shaina,josh and dorie and maybe kristin and robby.
    hi i miss talking with u.i dont really talk to anyone because nobody is on anymore.i saw u looked at my profile and decided to drop by.i understand that our time zones are different.plz drop by.pacific time
    its ok lol.my faves are Red and Sapphire.however i wouldnt pair them together.she is cherries mother in the story and red is my father.my characters mother was the one who wished with sapphire that thier kids became very close to one another.
    im glad u like it.it was the only thing i could think about since i went to lakota middle school [aka HELL]. my first time actually doing something worth doing. anyway thanx for making my bday a really awesome day:D i also understand that your favorite pokemon special character is blue.
    i will send you an invitation to the group so you can join in a few minutes.it is located in the user created social group section.feel free to post your own material on this group.also my story is kinda out of wack so plz start at the first page of the forum.it is still not finished. but enjoy
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