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  • The only parts that I found some-what enjoyable about that episode was Detective Cilan, and when Ash failed at trying to climb up that cliff/mountain. .-.

    I didn't exactly know who would win but considering type match ups and other factors I was 99% sure Iris would win. I thought their battle was okay but I was just waiting for him to lose at that point.
    It's a plus most of the time, unless I didn't enjoy the episode or found it boring. :/ Oh well.

    I thought most of the battles in the tournament were good, but the fact that we had to wait and extra 2 weeks or so to actually finish the tournament really made my enthusiasm go down. And reading the spoilers didn't help either. ^^; I did miss seeing them actually travel and doing things but I also enjoyed seeing most of the characters return and interact.
    Lol I used to be the same exact way as you. I honestly don't know why I started watching the RAWS but I dont mind them now. ^^ I usually go back and re-watch them once they're subbed but I'm not sure if I'll be doing that for the Don Tourney. ^^; I'm really just glad it's over with that's why. XD
    XD Yeah true, but then all your new vm's could have to be pushed underneath. :p Have you seen the new episode yet? :eek:
    It's no problem at all! :D It's great knowing I could help someone out. ^^; Lol you can totally brag about how awesome that picture looks on your profile now. :p

    Poke maniac is like my go-to girl for any questions. XD She's really helpful. I just needed to get the formatting correct so she showed me so I could give it to you.

    And sure! Haha you didn't have to ask really. :p I love making new friends anyway.
    Ok after searching around a bit, I found it and with some help from 00poke_maniac I was able to get the formatting right for you. ^^ So here it is.
    Ikr? xDD I love it! It might have been posted on the Wishful thread a couple weeks back. But I'm not going back through all that. Just leave it to me I'll find it. >:3
    Hello ^^

    Thanks, and I think I have it saved somewhere on my computer. ^^; If not I bet I could find it since I know the artists's name on Pixiv.
    Lol! I was just joking on the profile pic part. I was going to put "jk" after it but I forgot ._.

    XDD; I do post a lot, don't I? Though I think most of it is because of my imagination....I think I only know of a few posts I made where I was 100% serious o.o;
    I was thinking in terms of a random event, such as a scenario with Cilan and Iris walking together when they overhear a strange lecture about separating humans and Pokémon. At a certain point during said lecture, or even just after the lecture ends, Cilan and Iris say or do something that gets Ghetsis' attention, and then these two kids are face to face with him.
    Possibly, I really can't remember haha XD; it wouldn't surprise me if I clicked and it went straight over my head lol.
    Everything seems quiet in my corner of the world, which I could easily welcome, given everything I've learned thus far. I could chuckle at any unexpected Pokémon-related developments floating in my head, but hopefully, Pokémon Black and White is able to get back up to speed on a certain villainous group prominent in Unova. What do you think could happen if Cilan and Iris encountered Ghetsis or N by themselves, out of curiosity?
    Aha. Greetings, fellow Wishfulshipper. I don't have much going on around me for now... other than prospects for a new Pokémon White team. Are you doing well this weekend?
    XDDD That's hilarious. I think you're the first person I saw too. For some reason I think I clicked on your page but I don't think I noticed *facepalm* That's awesome though =D
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