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  • That is TRUE. I flipping hated what they did to Ambipom!!! Dx Just because Dawn couldn't win a contest. If she won more I bet she would have kept her. :< OMG ME TOO!! <3 I'd love Ash to get Larvitar "back" (even though he technically never caught him). Gosh speaking of Larvitar I was so happy to get a female Dream World Larvitar >.> then I find out Tyranitar has a real crappy ability.

    I think it took me a while too...oh wait no it was Ho-oh. I had the original Silver. ^^; Poor Snivy. I didn't even notice. XDD I tune out battles these days...

    OCD? Or you just like being organized? XDD From what I heard in my Psychology class it's only recorded as a disorder when it deviates from standard and is a pest in your everyday living. I'm actually wondering if it's possible to be obsessive compulsive over Pokemon. If that's true, I have it. XD

    LOL IKR? Probably, I mean why else would he say Pokemon is demonic? XDD (I'm not sure, I barely know of any cheats ^^; especially with the older games)

    It was a cute ending. X33 Sort of....now just with the Voice Actors (I'm still hoping for a legit Dento/Iris theme though complete with voices.) It's weird, I've started watching Pokemon live w/ keyhole TV and there's commercials that show Dento and Iris together and not show Ash. The opposite of the English commercials, they just showed Ash and Iris. XD

    XDDDDDDDDDDDD OMG THAT WOULD BE EPIC. Dont' forget about Pikachu getting p*ssed randomly and running away from him. XDDD
    Ah, I've never touched Bleach. I hear it's addictive.

    Oh, see, I didn't watch the original series, so I'm even more lost than I normally would be.
    XDDD Well I laughed so hard at it, I'd almost have the mind to put "like" XDDD I think he was just ticked he couldn't beat the E4. I just find it dumb that he picks on...POKEMON of all things. Yeah, wynaut YuGiOh? XDDDD

    Snivy would be cool to be. X3 They need a version out. D= Please...nintendo? 3: Do you want to see the video too? It's adorable. xDD I tried to cut out Ash's team on the Spoilers on the WS thread...but you saw them anyways. XDD Aww yeah that's very true. :33 I'm happy Ash gets the SG Krokorok as well. :DDD

    XDD YeS IT DOES. I love the image in my head. XDDD It's so funny.
    xDD I sort of complained too when I saw that epi. I really liked Gliscor...I don't see why they had to get rid of him just for Ash to get Gible. :( Oh yes same here. I wish Ash could get another shiny! D=

    XDD I did the same with Reshiram. I threw an Ultra Ball and caught him (with not hurting him either) i laughed when my friend was trying for hours to catch his legend. XDDD Lol I've done that before.

    Yeah I've noticed that. I normally skip through battles, they bore me now. XDD; Though I do like some of them. Well of course, at that time they had to animate everything. XDD I want him to wear that coat again. XDD I wonder if it's bullet proof? Probably.

    That's what I normally do, but in college we'd never have to put dates on our papers. XDD ...We don't do many papers :/ mostly just read and sit for lecture. XDD And now that I'm still on break I haven't paid much attention to the date. Though, I have to go back to school on Monday. Dx Joy...>.> That'd be amazing if they did that. Also how about every theater AND more than two days. xDD
    Ah, no.
    I don't watch the Japanese versions of the Saturday Morning Kid's Anime. Just a personal preference, I don't like getting ahead of the broadcasts.

    I was thinking maybe he'd become a villain or something. XD
    I don't wanna turn the volume on. Then I'd have to think about it. XD
    *mostly uses that show to wake up before Pokemon*

    Oh. Okay. Wow, that makes so much more sense than what I was thinking.
    The only downsides are that I don't know the names of any of the characters (I give them silly nicknames instead), and sometimes I lose track of the storyline.

    Like just recently! I thought I knew what was going on, but then suddenly we see the werewolf-looking guy, who hasn't been part of the story for like the whole season, walking through a desert wearing a cloak and pulling what looked very much like a coffin full of rocks! What in the world was that about? XD
    Really? Aw man that sucks. :/ They need Black and White stuff!! Dx XDDDD I probably would, I don't use calendars. o.o; We have them in my house, but I never need to use them. ^^; Pokemon is huge in Japan. I looked on Pixiv and Pokemon was under "Popular tags" so that should say how big it is. xD I can't get a number of how big it is though or anything. I think it's a shame that Pokemon isn't more popular here though, it might be making a come back though...maybe. I was just shocked they put the Zekrom movie in theatres.

    Not them, but some people view Pokemon as "Satanic" (I don't think as much anymore, but you never know.) Pretty much this video. Man, Mr. Priest knows what a Pokemon Master is...so I guess he'd say Pokemon Sommeliering is cannibalism? xDDD GOD I just listened to that guy ranting on the terrors of Pokemon and I'm laughing my head off. Dento's totally going to do this with the terrors of PURRLOIN. XDDD

    X333 That'd be cute. I'd probably want to play as Oshawott because I love Sea Otters. :3 As for my buddy? Maybe a Torchic depending if you could pick older starters. Oh I see, maybe the new one will be a little more substantial? :)

    OMG OMG!! That's funny...I felt kind of bad for Pikachu though....but I don't think I want one ever as a pet. xD

    XDDD Haha! That'd be fun! :D

    (o.o Sorry for the long post...I didn't realize my "Shiny Vulpix 'Glitch'" took that long)
    Lol I meant in battle, but he could flip Paul too. XDD I mean, the best moment of DP was this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=STGDT7t8Mkc XDD
    OMG YES. That's perfect. I wonder if that'd work, Pokemon really should take ideas from you I honestly think I could trick my friend into doing that. I told my friend that she needed to take two male Pokemon into the daycare, walk long enough until they finally have an egg and then the egg will hatch into a Pikachu. Trade it into Pokemon Black/White and take the Pikachu to Dento and he'll teach it Iron Tail. Then teach the Pikachu Dig and put it back into the Daycare with any other male Pokemon. Then wait for them to have an egg and it'll be a shiny Vulpix. XDDD (She believed EVERY WORD. XD) Of course, she was bummed out that she didn't have Black or White. :P In reality, finding a shiny is like...hundreds of times easier than THAT working. XDD Aw really? I was hoping for a Remoraid/Octillery evo. xD

    Oh I see. I just chuck Poke Balls at them till I catch them, it works if you have a whole bunch. I wouldn't try that on Legends though...

    That's true, I'm hoping we'll get some Black and White stuff here though. So far they still have DP stuff I think. Yeah they were o.o; I don't mind the CGI in movies and what not, it makes the colors pop. I don't like the CGI in the opening though. -.- That would be awesome. I'd need to gather up some of my other buds so we could cover all the sides. XDDDD I think I'd want to go as Detective Dento. X3 No one gets how amazing Dento is just coz he can do everything. For one thing, whoever heard of a waiter THAT versatile? XDD
    xDDD With Iron Tail. He flipped a Torterra once...he should have done that to Paul >:| ooh that'd be really cool. XD I remember people thought there'd be a grass-type Pikachu. XD Watch Ash's Pikachu evolve into a new evo. XD

    Well you can catch a Feebas there then. xD They are waay more common than a Milotic. Somehow I have fun catching evolved Pokemon in the wild..probably coz some of them are really rare and I want to see how hard they are to catch in a Poke Ball. XDD Gold from PokeSpe got me to like gold. XD Ooh! If Ash had a shiny Charizard...that'd be sooo awesome!!!!

    Yeah I know, I bet people might have recognized him this year. XDD
    Ooh that's really cool :D xDDD I can imagine, almost EVERYONE knows Ash and Misty :D I can't believe Pokemon is technically a classic. o.o; Masked Sommelier is epic, I wonder if some people would gather a group and dress as different Dento Times? XDDD

    I'm sure it will. I still see DP stuff around though. :O I don't hear many people talk about Dawn, except my friends. They say she's dumb. XDD Really? And that was TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS? What a waste. Dx Hmm...well I'd say in it's second year through maybe. :/ Not all the way sure. Black and White is big in Japan though. XDDD HUGE. They even have little Dento and Iris figures. They might have one of Ash, but I haven't seen it yet.

    Well she got over that hate. XD Her mom stilll hates it though, and it's not because of Church or anything, she just heard stuff from my friend to where she thinks it's terrible with no plot. (I guess it never helped that the episodes I showed my friend were all out of order and fillers. XD)

    OOH yes, same here. Pokemon Mystery dungeon is amazing. I really hope they come out with a Black and White edition. :3 I've never played Pokepark, but it seems fun! No I haven't, I've seen commercials along time ago for it though.

    Yeah that one, it seems cool so far. It's ok, I wanted to hack it and play as Dent. :/
    Maybe when we get to Twist Mountain we'll see something worthy enough to replace your current gif...

    No prob! I'm just glad you like it. :p
    Oh, you changed it.
    The, um, the other one. The three-legged-race one.
    *watches that show before Pokemon every Saturday with the sound off, found that scene amusing with the sound off*
    <3 YOUR SIG~ I hope this becomes a tradition every time a new Wishful (or Wishful-looking) scene comes out XD
    Does Pikachu throw you off? :p XDDD I like Raichu better...

    Well they are only on Route 1. Remember that part of the ocean that you can get throw about half way through the route? Just surf there and fish in the bubbles. There are lots of Basculin, quite a lot of Feebas and Milotic are there as well, just really rare. XDD Oh yeah, btw Joltik-kid traded me a shiny milotic :D but it's tail is more of a golden color!! XDD

    I've seen some of those, some people did a better job than the cosplay on Pokemon Sunday (and that was terrible xD) Mine was pretty bad though, I never can get anything exact, but I guess it was passable. Not like anyone knew who Dento was though at that time. :/

    XDDD That's funny! My friend sang Pokemon in a band talent show apparently. What's funny is that she hated it for several years (she just didn't understand my obsession. ;_;)

    Huh, that seems really different than what I'm used to. xD I've never played a Sonic game before either....
    But there is a new Pokemon RPG coming out, it seems kind of interesting. :3
    XDDD Really? But Yellow is supposed to be bright and cheerful. Yellow isn't my favorite though, I think I like blue the best.

    Yup! You can, just fish in the bubbly thingies until you find one. Can take a while though, but you can always get a Feebas, but I think you have to trade with a prism scale. Really? I like it's shiny form :33


    It wasn't very good though XDD I had fun at least. Yeah too bad. If I was in MI at the time I could maybe set it up.

    Really? Not surprising XDD

    Oh yeah I know games like that. XDD I'm not the best with those...I just aim where ever. XDD Hmm weird...I wonder why? :eek:
    Lolz like I said, I like any color. I can't name my favorite xDD I'm quite partial to blue though :3
    I think with those that change formes they don't like to change the shiny color scheme much. A lot better than Shellos though. If I could have a choic for any shiny Pokemon it'd be a shiny Milotic. They are gorgeous *.*

    Oh really? I see :x we never have to do stuff like that here ^^; I think we were required to take Spanish in elementary school though (since kindergarten/first grade. I didn't learn a thing xD)

    xDD That's funny. Last year I dressed as Dento and my friend dressed as a doctor. That was pretty funny. XD

    That's pretty awesome! :D I'd love that, I've never heard anyone play a Pokemon song on the piano before xD I can play Oracion on my flute though :3

    Well...I had my dad battle me once...he almost won xD Coz he spammed powerful moves on me and he didn't even know what he was doing lolol.
    I'm not picky with colors :3 I rather like pink. I like turquoise too though xD
    Eh, the flower on it's head just changes to pink xD I think the Summer Forme looks adorable shiny though. So I'm waiting for summer xD

    Yeah I heard a lot of people in Canada speak French. I know a little bit from my class in middle school I took. It's little to nothing though XDD

    No, jerk year just means most kids are snobbish :( but no one at my school dresses up >.> I didn't this year coz I had college. Yups they must. Yeah I agree. :x Ugh romance. I think I'll stick with shipping characters for the time being xD

    It might be. I do know a lot of people (in your grade) that like it. I always liked that grade. That's where most of my friends are actually xDD Though, I do know quite a few who are a year younger than you that like Pokemon. o_O Really? That's impressive if it's true xDDD

    XDDDD Oh gosh...yeah my mom will come up to me and ask "How do you delete this?" XDD
    That is cool. I understand that. The manga is way better than the anime. :) in darker themes. DP was awesome exepct for group friendship.The rivals were great. AG was ok but It is my least favorite. If they had a rival or two,I would have liked AG.
    Ooh nice find X333 Great job! This past week I got a shiny Deerling off of GTS, but I didn't find it or anything.

    Yes it does X3 I'd totally get it. My friend sent an anonymous e-mail to the (spanish) Dento company. She wrote "GIVE ME DENTO!!! I WANT IT(or did she say him?) NAO" and sent it...XDDDD; on my computer no less.

    Yeah I remember that. I didn't know French worshipped Canada but I knew they were close in some aspects. What do I know though, I'm only an American. XD Well, that's good you managed to get it done :3

    Ya I'm in the jerk year ^^; well that's what my teacher said...and there were lots of fights so I can believe it xD Well, I have heard that infatuation and OCD are similar.

    Omg...gosh I'm going to your school. I'll get a degree for teaching and work there :p I don't even know if that'll work out of country xD

    It can't be too hard. My mom figured it out xDD ok that was a bit mean to my mom. She's quite good with the computer, just not the remote.
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