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  • No they don't....wait they might. I don't go to many dollar stores (as you can tell) xDDD; Oh gosh, that sounds terrible. I could never write about that xD I'm analyzing an ad to a bank.

    Well, I was lucky that those two friends were a year younger than me. I didn't have many friends that were in my same year ^^; our year was known to be jerks, except for the quiet ones Yeah, that's all girls seem to talk about. I mean, there are some guys that I like, but I don't yap it to the world ^^; I'm more shy about it.

    xDD I wish I went to your school :p it seems like fun. I'd totally put him in there xD

    xDDD I can relate a bit, but my mom's just a little less of one (she's more interested in what my friends are doing than I am) Yeah it is. Ebay is good, but I'm rather sick of it xDD
    I'm sorry :( But I'm using my phone to be on here. And you have a choice to write about someone else favorite shipping,Make banners or graphic arts. It is by random. So Whom you get then you chose one of their fav shipping to write about. It is a Secret Santa thing.
    X33 I love Airheads too. I don't get them too often though (we never seem to get much candy haha) That is very true. I don't think she ever got one though xDD I really want to write one soon, but I have to be focused on Comp. Dx I have to write it on an advertisment. You don't want to know how badly I want to write it on this xDD Oh I see, one of those types of people ^^;

    UGH. I know Dx that really irritates me. I had a friend who'd get a new boyfriend each week. Then I had another friend who COULDN'T get one and for 3 months straight she talked about this boy that she "loved" and I just wanted to talk about Pokemon :<

    I got my yearbook when I graduated :) that's cool how you could draw for it X3

    Yeah it's great. I like that site a lot, I actually learned of it from school for an assignment xD Well my mom's not obsessed, but she's definitely nosy about it ^^; xDD My mom is more of an ebay person.
    My internet don't have a focus signal right now. If you write fanfics then check out the Secret Santa Shippers thread. It would be fun. :D
    xDD Yeah I know. I did have a friend though in HS who wanted to have a blue airhead to make her tongue blue. But since no one gave her one she had a green one instead, and then she sat there trying to have a green tongue xDD Yeah, in HS I swear dating is like some sort of status symbol, and I'd say 98% of high school romances do not work out. Aww that's sad :( maybe someday you can get back in contact with him ^^

    LOL!!! WOW, that's pretty awesome there xDDD Geez, your school is filled with people who like Pokemon ^^

    Yeah there are :p have you ever went on behindthename.com?
    Don't get me started with Facebook xDD My mom does (almost) the SAME exact thing. I never use it though xDD but she always goes on there to snoop on my friends. I'm like you, I never use it, but I hate it when she does that Dx
    xDDD I always like Elementary school...because back then you could just be yourself without people teasing you or whatever. And if they did tease you, you could just cry or tell on them :p plus that was when I had a lot of friends, but now most of my "friends" are now girly preps. I'm only in touch with like 2 of them from Elementary School. Well, it's only the first semester, you'll do fine ^^

    xDD I don't know when they epi aired in a America. All I know is that I didn't see it till 2007 or something.

    xDDDD LOL That's funny. I should doodle a picture of Dento.

    I can understand that, but there are many more unusual names out there.
    Yeah but still it's a good idea to get focused on college :3 I mean, I think I like college much more than High School.

    I actually never saw his battle till 9th grade I think. I skipped a lot of episodes.

    Really? I wish I had some better writing skills. I don't think I'm bad, but I wish I was a bit better because I enjoy it. It's not on Fanfiction or anything. It's just something I was writing when I was bored haha.

    Oh really, that's a nice name ^^ It's not to common at all.
    XDD Yeah so am I Dx I don't like it, but I'm awfully happy with my schedule ^^; I can see why you'd get sick of them pressuring you, but I'm sure it's because they care about you and want to see you do well :) all parents are like that, and the ones who are not may not be the best parents out there.

    ...I don't think so. I think he appeared in the opening though.

    LOL...that was my friend's doing (and yes, we were really, really cracky from sleep deprivation). No, I just don't have the motivation to think out of the box when I have school on my mind ^^; Yeah I know what you mean. I think I'm more of an artist than a writer, but I do enjoy writing once in a while. I might start up my Dento Detective story again since Composition isn't as demanding right now.

    Yes it is :) Thank you ^^
    Sure why not. They do go to lvl 50 to make it even. :) Yeah I used to look at shipping like that too. I didn't like a lot of shipping before but now I do now. :)
    He took my backpack yesterday D= Oh man, wait till you hear about my dilema. Today I had to register for classes, however last night at midnight was when everyone was going to register to get the best classes. I went to register (and the server was soo slow) and I found I had a hold on my account. So I had to get my High School transcript this morning and turn it in. I don't like doing anything wrong...and I thought I'd be in trouble so I was extremely upset last night. I'm better now though :3 my new semester classes seem good, and I won't have class on Thurs. or Fridays.

    That's what I do. I go through spurts. Sometimes I REALLY want to battle and other times it's just "meh." Wait what? xD LOLOL! Yes. Everyone thinks he says that :3

    Oh I see. I don't know, I didn't watch it, but I"ve seen it around.

    Yeah, my main problem is that I'm not as cracky as I was over the summer ^^; and I have to rush, at times I barely have time to post them, but I enjoy it xD LOL! That's like when I want to draw fanart. Really, you do a great job. X33 Yeah it is. (I had a joke when Dento/Iris/Ash were all in bed that Dento and Iris made Ash go get pie xD)

    OOOH I see. Azurill are adorable. I named my character "Latias" once, but I normally just stick with my own name or I use "Granite" which is the name for an OC I came up with for a Pokemon Special/anime crossover RP ^^;

    I agree. Who'd buy a 36-40 game just to talk with Pokemon nerds?
    Oh it's fine ^^ You're welcome, I had fun! (ugh my dad jacked my backpack ;_; )

    For the Battle Subway? I know you can get some TMs, Rare Candies, and a lot of other stuff.

    It's just Eastern Unova...and you can catch Kyurem. No there are, believe me xDD Yes he would have. Krabby's just awesome like that.

    Really? XD I can imagine it was o.o I saw a Best Wishes abridged series, but I didn't watch it. Lol I wonder how he'd do his fabulous side? Yeah I know xD not many people are that dedicated.

    XDDD Yeah we could. Btw your captions on the thread is just so funny xDD I would try to do more like the Meowth one, but I run out of time ;_;

    No actually you didn't =o Is it from Azurill? XD

    Yeah exactly ^^; I can't say I blame them though because if I had a child and they were talking to their DS to people around the world I would be concerned.
    Not all of them. My Emboar and Zekrom are in the lvl 70s. When it comes to shipping you don't look at the cons much. More on Pros. To me I love to ship Ash a lot. But I can't ship Dawn much even though I love Dawn more than Ash. XD
    Just currency. Think about getting tickets at and arcade and turning them in for prizes ;D

    LOL Really? I hated those trainers. They found me and I was just "Crap." ;_; LOL He should, I dont' like Trollbias Tobias. They just gave him legendaries for the heck of it. It should have been the Bug Catcher with the Heatran xDD

    Well actually it's because the Japanese speak different words faster than English :p so when I get used to hearing it (because believe it or not I mostly watch episodes RAW then watch it subbed like once) xDD It's hilarious when they do. They did great voices haha. They had me impressed.

    LOL! I think you can, I saw one where they had Dento cross dress or something He looked irritated xD

    ...What eevee obsession? XDDD I thought how the Eeveelutions were like the Striaton Brothers so I named them after them. Then I thought how Espeon was sorta like Iris so then I got her. Then I just named a Jolteon Ash xD

    Aww I felt bad. I didn't want to seem like a jerk who dind't want to talk to you or something. My parents are just really overprotective and everything ._.;
    Not really. It is ok to support just two ships for a fandom. :D. Oh I beaten the game. I transferred my Pokemon from my Heartgold game to White so my Pokemon are at lvl 100. XD.
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