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  • ;_; My parents are in the room...right next to me. There's no way I can talk without them finding out.

    I feel so bad I just see you jumping there XDDD
    For me my ships will have to be
    I like a ton of shipping truly. That is why I see no prob with
    other ships because I'm ok with them.
    Oh and Friend code for White:
    Brett :3353 3421 6962.
    You just go through 7 :p once you go through 3 rounds (so 7 x 3= 21) on the 21st battle you can battle Ingo :3 you gain Battle Points and you can get some good items for EV training.

    Yup, from at least what I can remember. Oh really? Good luck! Oh I meant Ash xDD Not Dento :p he can't even enter the league ^^;

    That is a good thing, but I like the Japanese voices too much XD; plus they talk...soo...sloooow in English. I guess it's just the English language though xD I couldn't finish it last night, because I had to go to bed, but I'm finishing it right now xDD It's funny! LOLOL "Misty why don't you take your clothes off and finish swimming?" XD I laugh at how they do the voices. I'm assuming that's one person, right?

    XDDD YES! I think the brothers come together, so we'd need the troll as well xD Sure, we can have a 10-year old Ash Sim there xD I wonder if we could have them run a mouthwash company? As long as Aloe-Dent doesn't take over

    It depends. If I'm online I normally reply to vm's/pm's and everything else. D= I was in the Battle Subway and it was Leafeon vs. Umbreon...>.> the Umbreon won Dx
    Pretty ok, just trying to finish up some school work before tomorrow. That's why I haven't been active online, and work getting in the way xP I need at least a week's VACA! I should be able to reply tomorrow or tuesday morning!^^
    Yeah it is fun. You should try the Battle Subway. I challenged that yesterday and on the final cart you could hear the song that was in the Background music when Dento said he was a "Metro Sommelier" quite awesome really :) No no, I think it's a good thing to have healing items. I'm just too lazy to go buy them (more like I forget XD;)

    Ghetsis is such a jerk with a hacked Hydreigon DX I think Dento would be awesome with Chandelure...or at least a Litwick xD Lol Ash could catch Zekrom. Watch him win the league.

    Really? I'm not even sure if it'll air near me, I hope it does :3 ;_; I'm used to Ash...I just think I'm missing out. It was like when I watched them movie in Chinese. I thought I was going to hear Mamo's brilliant voice and then my ears bled xD (though, I must say the English voices were better than that at least XD) so I put it on mute the whole time ^^;

    XDD That would be fun! (Reminds me when I'd go over to my friend's house and we'd play Zoo Tycoon...ALL DAY xDDD we'd name the animalls after people we knew, it was hilarious) I heard on that blog that you could download the characters though. It'd be fun xD

    XDD That happens a lot actually. I'm always doing something while I battle xD
    ...In the 60's-70's I think. You can battle flat rule though 50 on 50.
    Nothing wrong with that :) I got into a bad habit of having none.

    Well if you want xD also when I think of "Ash" think of ashes and Zekrom is black...so yeah XD LOL just because EVERYONE has a probably with "Hackdreigon" xDD omg...reminds me of my sleepover with one of my friends. We were so cracky...we were making fun of the Hydreigon and Ghetsis. Fun times~ I hate Ghetsis...I really do.

    D= Aw it's not? I think I'm going to go...(I just hope I can stand the voices ^^; )

    They have almost everybody xDD LOL He was staring up at the ceiling. Make sure to pay attention to Dartshipping. It's funny xD Burgh is hilarious. This whole thing is funny, I knew I was going to battle you yesterday, so I had to get myself composed before I did coz I was laughing too hard XD They could have an Ash somewhere. He just might not do anything ^^;

    That's what I think. For some reason, I think putting Sims characters to ones you already know make it 10x funnier because you imagine the character in that position. After seeing this, I'd like to see the characters all in one neighborhood xD
    Yeah, I know. Ugh...I had to keep re-re-re challenging Irisboy till I won :< I finally won, but I had to use different Pokemon xD Cherry ftw I don't know how to work it either...I never tried.

    I normally train next to a doctor too, that's why I don't get any ^^; ...from what I go through, having healing items is a necessity xD

    XD I like Satoshi....but Ash sounds good too XD Are you having trouble against DEEEEENNNNNIIIIIIISSS? Or is it his Hydreigon? XD I named my Pansear, Chili (he knows Solarbeam) xD

    Yeah they are Dx

    Yeah I see that sometimes too. Most people at least remember Pokemon fondly, unless they say it's stupid now ^^; I was at my friend's Tong Su class and a whole bunch of little kids had Pokemon books :3 (older ones too, with Misty xD)

    IKR? The designs were all pretty good. I haven't posted them but I should. I got a kick out of the Palmer on hopscotch one. Apparently, they just have these things on autoplay XD I never played Sims before so I don't know much about it ^^;

    LOL YUP! He glares at him everytime. I'm just amazed by how "in character" these characters are xD Honestly Emmet's becoming cool after looking through this blog XD
    Oh! I'm sorry, I didn't even see you D= I was probably battling Irisboy at that time...maybe (or Cat XD) It was hilarious. I used my Leafeon (Dento xD) against him and the little guy beat up a Dragonite (which had OHKO'd ALL of my other Pokemon), Unfezant, Samurott, and one other Pokemon that I can't remember. Dento HATES Irisboy xD LOLOL! Did you really? That's really funny XDDD My Serperior almost beat her Haxorus.

    XDD I carry a lot of PokeBalls, but not much healing items (I always run out then I don't feel like buying them)

    ^^; Of course Ash doesn't call Snivy "Jarlorda" xD Of course I would notice :p I like names like that XD because I have a Dento (Leafeon), Pod (Flareon), Vaporeon (Corn), Iris (Espeon) and Jolteon (Ash..what a kid..he's level 1 XD)

    They don't call me that, they just treat me like one. It's hard to explain. I can't talk normally to them if they always go "Aww you're so sweet/shy" :s

    XDDD Oh wow...those poor kids say it right xD I remember when people would say "Pokeman" XD I could imagine myself fangirling over a Reshiram xD Lucky..Pokemon's almost dying around me ;_; probably coz my neighbors are old.

    NO! I wasn't!!! XDD Sure!~ I'll need to grab my headphones though, I'm being lazy watching tv with my parents xD Well sort of, yeah XD He got sick..and if memory serves right....BATTLED.

    Omg have you ever seen this tumblr? Elice_Carol gave me this link yesterday and I was laughing at it all day xD (there's Wishfulshipping too hidden around)
    XDD Yeah, I keep meaning to nickname him Stunny but I keep forgetting ^^;
    (xD Yeah that's the truth. ObliviousCatastrophe (we just call her Cat for short) ko'd me today with her Haxorus's Outrage Dx that wasn't fun lol) No they don't :) I actually almost never have healing items with me ^^;

    I see, yeah I can understand that. Maybe you could name her the Japanese name for Serperior? =o
    Yeah sure! I'm not the best at them though. Oh yeah btw, I saw that you had a "Dento" and "Airisu" X3 reminds me of my Eeveelutions xD

    Yeah only the girly girls...I still found it sad though xD; (ugh I hate some of the really girly girls Dx they remind me of Dawn lol and most of them always look down upon me like I'm a little kid :<)

    Ooh ok I see. Yeah that would get annoying XD

    Ok, that's kind of cool. Reminds me how they used to give Pokemon stuff at Burger King xD I remember I'd go there just for the Pokemon toys. That's cool! I kind of wish I went to get some now ^^;

    XDD Yeah I did too. The Christmas episode was one of my favorites when I was younger :3 I don't think they should have banned the Ice Cave epi. I saw it in JP it wasn't that bad. (Brock actually did something important XD)
    I know. They do rock. Ash is my ultimate favorite because I multiship Ash a lot. X3. I love Dawn but I can't ship her much. There are a few ships I like. By the way what are ur favorite ships of Pokemon?
    XDD Yeah we should have. I always spam people with comments (that reminds me I need to take him to the name rater XD LOL! I was feeling bad for a while...then you beat me anyways XD)

    Yup! Maurice is my Serperior. Lol I almost named him Tsutarja as well, but then I remembered that the Snivy line were made after French Royalty so I gave him a French-ish name xD It was going to be Maurice or Kiwi.

    .............Oh....*looks at picture* ya you're right.
    I see, for my Senior Year we had a project. Instead of doing something I wouldn't be interested in I just showed my drawings and drew a picture of Dento for the class xD ...which oh gosh I remember for that teacher I drew a picture of Dento for a math assignment o.o; and she kept it xD; I've seen someone else not know Pokemon, but I see it's mostly girls and they are normally the girliest

    Boy, and isn't he supposed to be annoying in the series? Like character wise? xD (Oh yes me too XD maybe he'll travel with the group for a while? and try to matchmake Dento and Iris XD)

    Really? I didn't get any plushies from McDonald's ^^; the last plushie I got was a Pichu I got a Epcot x33

    I have no idea. I guess because the skin was (originally) black or something? o_O;
    ...It is? I guess I don't pay enough attention to Ash XD; I think my head is making Dento into the main character Oh wow, that's awesome! =D Video Game violence....and Pokemon? That doesn't seem to add up right ^^; That's funny though. I remember for my "Senior Project" I presented my Pokemon drawings to the class XDD Most people knew what it was (and they thought it was cool...much to my relief) except for one person who didn't know a thing about it XD

    Um...I've watched the first episode ^^; my friends don't like Naruto much though. Ok if you're comparing it to the character I can understand that XD I imagine sort of like Gold from pokespe XDD (gawd I compare everyone to Gold...) (Nah. Iris would just kick him) It'd make my friends happy if I did XD

    Zekrom looked like Palkia to me, but with Reshiram X33 I thought he was so pretty and amazing <3 But, after seeing Zekrom he is pretty cool XD

    Somehting like that XD well not really ^^; I think it was coz the dubbers thought Jynx was a racial stereotype or something :x
    My favorite Anime human characters are Dawn,Ash,Iris,Brock,Dent,Misty,Anabel,Erika,Gary,Drew,Zoey,Bianca(I love her to death X3 Like Dawn. Fanboy alert)
    Manga characters:Black FTW!!!, Red,Blue(girl),White,Bianca,Diamond,Platinum,Pearl,Gold
    Game Characters:Touya,Skyla(X3 I love Skyla),Lucas,Barry,Elesa,Red,Leaf,Cheren,Hilda.
    Pokemon:pikachu,Lucario,Sawk,Zekrom,Infernape,Well every Sinnoh Pokemon expect for Shaymin. Absol,Charizard,Mewtwo,Venusaur,All steel types,All dragons. X3 Every Fire type expect Emboar. -__- I wish it was a dark type more. Oh I love May too.
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