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  • Yeah I don't like that either. At college on Tuesday I overheard some people talking about the Pokemon anime...all they said was "Ash's new hat is stupid" -_- my heart skipped a few beats from the mention of Pokemon..but I didn't want to say anything since it seemed like they were bashing it.

    (LOL! That was funny.)
    Showing me clips is piquing my interest at least. My friends love that show. (XDDDD LOL! Actually...what if Pod starts to travel with them for a few episodes and wakes everyone up like that?) Is it? I'm guessing it's funny? XD

    I see....hehe I like Reshiram more than Zekrom..just because Reshiram seemed really pretty :3

    Yeah it is Dx I think there was a banned episode on that lol. That cave WAS bad xD
    Yeah, good point there. ^^; I swear Pokemon doesn't get much respect for an anime though....even in its own fandom.

    XDD LOL! That's hilarious! My friends love that show (well one of them does, I can't speak for the others xD) I hear a lot about Black Star, and I noticed how he uses "ore-sama" lol Pod uses that too xD

    Oh man...same here Dx but I had Black so I had to battle Drayden (his beard creeped me out xD)
    ...Oh gawd..I hated that cave Dx
    That's good. I'm really hoping they do something different this time. It'd be amazing if they break something as tradition as the league like they did in the games :3 I mean..here we thought it was ending...but it's still going XDD Oh believe me, I bet people will complain, unfortunately.

    XDDD Yeah that's true, plus Dento doesn't take offense to it. He just goes along with it XD Ugh...that's just...I wouldn't like that either Dx What happened to good humor D=

    ^^; I dont' think they'll upgrade it unless a third game comes out. X3 Yes, I love some of the things that Iris says while she's there.
    That's all I know as well ^^; I'm really hoping he gets one though. Possibly..I don't know what they'll do. Am I the only one who wants the league to stop in the middle and things go haywire? XD

    Yeah exactly of course I laugh when Iris calls Dento a pain I see a lot of commercials for them, and I wonder if they even have a plot o.o they just seem to be shouting and yelling....I can't even understand what they are saying XD

    No you don't :( I wish we did though. I don't even think you could battle Gym Leaders again with the VS Seeker anyways ^^; however, in Undella Town during summer you can see Iris running around Cynthia X3
    Yeah I understand that XD; but I think N had a cameo in the prolonged Plasma episodes. I think this because in the translation Team Plasma were saying that they were doing this for "the hero" and N thought of himself as a hero.

    o_O Wow that's terrible! It's sad to see what they do to some shows :( I'm happy that all Pokemon really had was a va switch so nothing really drastic changed.

    Well....she's moved around if that counts XD they probably don't want to animate her jumping all the time maybe? I thought that was adorable though.
    Yeah I agree ^^; at times the anime just seems TOO elementary. It could be a little bit more like Pokemon Special and actually have a strong plot to it. I don't think that would hurt the anime at all.

    I don't watch many cartoons (I never watched many actually xD) but I think I know what you mean. I see commercials for them o.o; they don't seem funny or even that good for kids. They all just seem stupid. I've seen some of Fairly Odd Parents, not much though. Well it's good that it was revived at least ^^

    Iris is ADORABLE in the games X3 ...sometimes I wish Iris in the anime was a bit more like herself in the games ^^;
    I think he watched..........erm two? The only one that I know that he watched was BW009. I can't really remember all what he said other than "The new Pokemon series sucks" DX I hate it how people want Brock back already. Gosh give Dento a chance people ^^; I could understand within a few years but...man xD

    I agree. People get into the mindset that things for kids are stupid and childish and if one watches it they are also childish and silly. At least that's what I think what most people figure ^^; Pokemon is much better, I think it was one of the better shows even when I was younger (well to me at least). I was pretty picky with what I watched xD;

    XDD YES they are! That's what I liked about them. I loved his bowtie, I thought it was just the cutest thing XD and Iris's hair is pretty darn awesome as well xDDD I don't know how old I thought Black and White were lol. Yeah I'm happy that they didn't de-age Bianca or something. That would be silly.
    You know how 00poke_maniac put up the pic and you said you saw the preview with it? GIVE ME THE LINK PWEASE!!!!!!!!!!
    Yeah he does XDD My friends haven't watched it. I had one watch it, but he said it was stupid >.> some other people have the normal complaints of "bring Misty and Brock back" and other silly stuff. I actually liked the Audino one. Some parts were boring, but I enjoyed the dialogue between Dento and Iris and how (in JP) Miyano sort of put a little accent in his voice X3 Yeah I agree. There's nothing wrong with liking Pokemon, and I think it's a lot better than some of the shows people are watching ^^;

    XDD I guess not :p I didn't know what he'd look like. I looked at him for two seconds with his silhouette and forgot about him. I'll never forget my reaction when I saw him revealed. He was the WEIRDEST person I ever saw. His hair reminded me of a Torchic and I was stunned he was a snappy dresser XDDD I originally thought he was about 10 when I first saw him XDD
    No they don't :( especially not the anime. But my friend who already joined (Team_Brushfire in case you were curious xD) is a HUGE Dento fangirl like I am XDD so she'll watch the anime for him.

    Yeah it was back with the silhouettes were revealed. Even so though, it was hard to start talking until Dento came into the show (which seemed like FOREVER to me XD)
    XD I must~ jk one of them was already part of this community and I didn't even know it, the other one was just kind enough to join when I asked XDD

    Really? I didn't read the first part too much because it was mostly just on what the ship should be called ^^; I just remember how long it took for Wishful to even start it's topics (but I was sort of impatient anyways) XD :3 I agree that it's fun ^^
    Yeah that's true. I did get two of my friends to join, one of them is not active at all and the other is rather active, but I mostly just talk to her by text anyways xD

    Yeah it is ^^ plus its like "Well I might as well post in it :3" it sort of made me feel welcomed (because I was planning on joining it anyways XD) I'm not sure how others would feel though lol. I have to say the Wishful thread does get this sense of cracky humor which might make rival shippers not think we're serious enough, but I think creativity is a good thing X3
    Yeah I know :/ I kind of wish they did ^^; but not everyone likes forums.

    I have no idea. I didn't join the conversation till later. It was kind of funny Pearlmasterking would put anyone who posted on there to the members list, and when I posted about "Grapeshipping" I was added. It kind of made me laugh so I was all "Cool! I'll be active on this =D"
    I think Serebii is one of the bigger communities, but remember there are a lot of people who play/enjoy Pokemon that aren't forum goers.

    Yeah that's the reason I wanted it XD but I was fine with it better than what I said it should be lol "Grapeshipping" (I wasn't taking it seriously because I was just sort of teasing how they reminded me of Ruby and Sapphire from PokeSpe xD) I really like Wishful. It's grown on me quite a bit. I kind of get a kick how Ash is from Poke-Japan and they have "Negai" and with Wishful Dento speaks a lot of Engrish XDD
    Oh really? I like it there, but after a while it gets a bit boring because it's a smaller community ^^; a lot of the people who come on here, go there as well.

    X3 Yes I do. Actually at first I wanted Disharmony but now that I look at them they are anything but Disharmony X3 so now I think Wishful is the best for them XD
    Yeah it has been too little ^^; oh no I didn't. I only have an account through the forums. I'll ask some people who know bulbagarden better than me and find out ^^

    Yeah that's right. I think Pearlshipping was named pretty early too =o
    XDD Yeah. I know some people already edit it. At least that cute promotional picture was shippy enough. I guess it should have been seeing as how people were fangirl/boying or crying over it on BGMf XDD

    Really? o.o I didn't know that. I remember Negai was named...like right when Iris was in the leaked image. Wishful took a bit longer =/
    I have an account for BGMf (I don't think I can edit things with the whole site though)..I can look into it. I'm not sure if there are certain rules or not =/ but I always notice that the main girl x Ash ships seems to get a lot of favor compared to the others.
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