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  • XDDDD Well I meant on BGMf hint list ^^; we always overanalyze on the threads :p I notice SOO many things that get through the radar for Ash/Main girl ships but for this ship...not much XDDD LOl....obviously XDD...sort of.
    Yeah, it just makes things a lot easier though XD it's kind of amazing of what people will do to please their fans.

    Oh! Sorry ^^; I know I already posted that picture on the WS thread...but I keep forgetting. Sorry about that :<
    Well kind of...but really the Negaishippers went crazy because Ash and Iris hung out for most of the day.
    Lol, and it's name is Swordsman! The only reason I wanted a Gardevoir is that it looked pretty! XDDDD

    Did you at least get the C-gear yet?
    I believe you on that. When I would write fanfiction on my own time, it's easy to get writers block -_-; but when you have fans who urge you to keep writing it'd make it a lot easier :D

    XDDD My mom found some things funny as well. I had to show her the part with Dento and his over-the-top reaction to no Kibago stamp XDD she laughed at that haha. I like it when people find the show funny.

    Yeah...honestly I would be too.
    Yeah you have a good point there. I just recently joined so I'm not really used to it yet. I'll probably do more reviews in the future ^^

    Yeah....poor Ash XD
    Pfft! Oh gosh that's funny. When my parents saw BW my dad thought Dento was gay but thought he was a funny character, and my mom thought Iris was cute with her clothing and stuff XDD My mom says that Dento dresses like a dork and has too much green on him.

    XDD I know it's supposed to be fun. It generally causes me more happiness, but it causes me more stress too. Kind of like a dual typed Pokemon in a way XDD
    XDD I'm not much into reviewing, but I enjoy reading them :3

    Yeah...same here. Really though except for Pokeshipping any other Ash ship sort of makes me feel weird DX I think Pearlshipping is the one that I dislike the most though (I don't see much fanart for it thankfully XD)

    XDD Yes they do :p or better yet it's probably just the fandom's opposing opinions. ...................Good point. It was rather funny. Last year I said I was DONE trying to ship the main girl with someone other than Ash (yes Pearl bugged me that much) and now Wishful is my OTP XDDD (they reminded me so much of Ruby and Sapphire when I first saw them revealed xDD)
    Thanks! ^^ Yeah I got a FF account just to put it up XDD

    Yeah we do. I like that about it because it's not as strict to go by. Yeah >.> I hate it. It's like people have a problem against you just because you like a ship. I don't plan on shipping next gen. Too much stress XDD
    Certainly. It's on here though too. Just so you know, it was my first fanfiction posted on FF so things weren't set up quite how I wanted them to be ^^; Here you go.

    Yeah it's great that you did ^^ I mean it's amazing how the two canons can have such a cute charm to them x33 (one good thing with game!wishful is that there is less pressure against other ships. I don't ship much so shipping wars/preferences overwhelm me a bit)

    Yeah true...I mean you wouldn't want to re-write it or anything xD Hmm I'm not sure...maybe another chapter of it? I don't know XD It's your decision.
    Oh I see. xDDD

    I've only written one actually "What a Pain" on here, and it's on fanfiction XDD

    XDD Well I wouldn't think Corn would want to agree. I laughed that even Dento agreed...but he agrees with everybody X333

    Oh yeah that's right. I think you did the best with the personalities though. I haven't seen anyone ever write about shy, stammery Dento x sweet, hyper Iris before you.
    Der weak. Although I have a level 35 male gardevoir. XDDD Weird, I know, IT'S SERIOUSLY A MALE GARDEVOIR!!!!!!!!
    ^.^ You're welcome! I really enjoy all of your chapters and I look forward to them ^^ I'm sure others read it on here too, but they might not review it.

    XDD You know....you have a point there. I was laughing at that XDD

    Yes they are :3 So far I like them all. At first I didn't think much of the gameverse until I actually sat down and thought about it lol. I think you portrayed it nicely ^^ (really the best out of gameverse I saw...if there are any others XDD)
    OMG...I loved your fanfic btw. Everyone seemed in character and everything. It was great. Several parts in it made me laugh a bit, and it overall was really cute. ^^ I really enjoyed it :DD
    XDDD LOL!! I could picture both of the brothers doing that :3 Dento got stuck taking care of him XDD I'd still love to see him catch one...X3

    Oooh! That seems nice. I remember at first I didn't like DentoxIris much gameverse, but honestly after I gave it some thought I like it X3 (which was...I dunno a couple of months ago XD)
    Let me guess...Dento was the only one who took care of it? Then it turned on him >:eek: I like that idea xDD Plus it'd bring Pod and Corn into the mix :DDD
    Because you said your origional youtube name was CupidKirby.

    Wow. We could do this if I could actually find my white game then. Brilliant.
    Nothing. Purrloins are little demons that will wreak havoc if not taken care of :p XDDD OMG that is very very......likely XDDD As for the leaves the Purrloin was probably bringing gifts D= probably came from like his prized herb garden...
    XDDD I should once I get the time. It'd be awesome XDD

    You know I was thinking something like that..like maybe it ran away? That wouldn't make sense of why he was afraid of it though =/
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