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  • Hi there! Just wanted see if you are still interesting in continuing the Children of Legend RP? Haven't seen you around recently so just wanted to check up before we move on. Thanks!
    I love OC-centric stuff honestly. I used to write a lot of OC-centric stuff so that's totally cool with me.

    I mean I work full time right now but I'm usually at home after like 10pm and then I stay up fairly late so that's not a huge deal for me.

    Basically me honestly. I've wanted to write so much stuff and I just never get around to it sadly.

    I feel that, it gets pretty bad at time but it gets much better during the Answer part of the game, which is after the initial story mode and may only be in FES; I'm not positive.

    I wasn't crazy about most of the handheld Kingdom Hearts games, they just didn't translate well; however that being said I own Chain of Memories for my PS2 and I still find it to be utterly awful. Why did they ever add cards, it seemed like a horrible idea to me honestly. Roxas is honestly a really good character and I feel a lot of pity for him, especially at the beginning of KH2 where he finds out he was never suppose to exist and gets all bummed out about it. Hurts my heart man.

    Yeah that's what I'm gonna be playing it on when I get around to it. I ALMOST bought a PSP for Birth by Sleep and like Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core but just never got around to it after my parents bought me a DS Lite. I really want a PS Vita at the moment actually but I'd feel really bad buying one because it would literally be for Dancing All Night and maybe Golden just to do Adachi's social link.
    I'd be happy to, I'll attempt to read it by the end of the week as my parents are actually heading out of town so I'll have a lot of my own time in the next couple days. And I totally understand that, I wrote a PMD fanfiction in middle school that I went back and tightened up quite recently.

    Oh gosh, that's like that crazy Super Smash Bros. Brawl fanfic. Although I'm actually caught up on that...

    True, I always get distracted by something so I have to just actually sit down and write one day.

    You mean the auto-battle thing for your allies? Yeah that was annoying, I think it was fixed in the PSP version of the game. Mitsuru and her Marin Karin were the worst.

    I think Coded was my least favourite, or Chain of Memories because I hate those cARDS. I've never played Birth By Sleep because I never owned a PSP, but I'll probably do a playthrough of that pretty soon.
    Oh man, I'll give that a read tomorrow or something! I could always beta read for you if you ever need anyone for that. I actually really want to write a fanfic for a certain event in P4 which I'm actually gonna put in spoilers just in case.

    I prefer the character of four and the differing dungeons, however three just has a certain charm to it and I prefer the darker atmosphere. And the evokers are just really really cool. Adachi is my trash though, trash characters are always my favourites actually; I think I have a bit of a problem.

    Yeah it's actually been years since I played 358/2 Days too. I still own it, maybe I should give that a playthrough again one of these days. I actually thought it was part of the Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Remix but it's only a theater mode which kinda stinks. I'm playing through Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix right now actually. Man it's good, it's been about 5 years since I last played it.
    Dude that's rad! When you write it you should let me read it for sure! Personally I prefer three but I love four too, Adachi is my trash husband because I love him so much even though I REALLY SHOULDN'T. And Mitsuru is my best girl.

    Nice, I don't know when. Perhaps after Children of Legend has run it's course.

    You deleted your side of the posts but my posts are cringy enough. I really don't vm people enough. Also I always meant to ask, is your username a Kingdom Hearts reference? It kinda always struck me as one.
    I didn't even realize you were a Persona fan, that's super rad though oh gosh I love talking about Persona. :>

    I've actually been considering making a Persona themed RPG but I wasn't sure how much interest it would recieve.
    Yeah, serebii became less active I feel like and the threads don't get posted in quite as much as they used to, so I only come on every few weeks and browse for a bit.
    Hello It has been a while but sometimes I think about how homophobic I was when I was thirteen and then I think about you so I am here to tell you I have seen the error of my ways and am not only no longer homophobic I am also dating a girl now. Funny how things change.

    Sorry to bother you but this bothers me sometimes and I needed some closure.
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