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  • Take your time with it. Well, at least try and have it done soon. I'll probably have to update again to keep us moving
    Billy hasn't posted at all and he has a reputation for suddenly leaving RPs. In fact, I actually have a list of people I probablu wouldn't accept signups from because they're unreliable when it comes to posting. Least from my experience
    Well, it takes place in Season 3, but nothing big would be mentioned. The foe is in fact one from the G1 cartoon of the 80s. So i don't think much knowledge will be required
    Good, I'm about to start a new RP. It's a Pony one. We're currently havign someone doubling up to fill the spaces, but you can still sign up so Vampirate doesn't have to double
    Is that the main character from Katekyo Hitman Reborn? If so, 8/10, If not, still 8/10.
    Yes. It is No-Good Tsuna
    I don't know if you noticed, but not only did I already ask for Water to be reserved, I've already completed the app for it. Mogar just hasn't been on to review it yet. XD
    The first post hasn't been updated in a long enough time on Children of Legend for Water to be taken. Ground has someone working on it, but they've said that If someone else finishes on first they'll give it up. The fully open ones are Rock and Bug. Poison may or may not come up, if the GM gives their second character's type to Treeconator. I am fallible though, so it might be worth it to double check in the thread. ^_^;
    Hey, I hate to nag, but could you post in Guardians? I know mine was kind of a cliffhanger, but my intention was for Oliver to resolve it.
    So, uh, do you wanna post or should I say your reply in my post depending on what you want or post that Finn just runs ahead and start the fight with the birds?
    Hey, I don't know if you still need help or if DVB is helping you, but Hekate (or Hecate or whatever, variable spellings depending on translation and all that) is a goddess of magic, so you could have powers as simple as spell-slinging that grow progressively stronger as the RPG goes on. You could also consider shapeshifting, as Hekate is an archetypal threefold goddess associated with the changing faces of the moon, and her followers in the myths (Cersei springs readily to mind) turned men into animals. Pigs were popular. So animal dimorphism perhaps?
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