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  • Nah, here's what I'm trying.
    An angry Gunter(With Finn's hat on) is floating up in the air pointing a flipper at Marceline's dad. Marceline's dad is kneeling with his hands covering his face is fear. Haha
    Really *confused* but I thought... Ah, well.
    Enoby is never going to win, becuz preps and posers h8 her 4 no reson.
    Yeah, your right. I do know alittle about The Ghost type Mafia, from my friends here, but not too much.
    Enoby said Gothic not Goffik! XD She's crazy, I hope she slits her wrists and dies in one of the contests.
    Kimiyoshimai is a sweet girl. she's not trying to beat anyone or win the game... unless the prize is cookies. She'd kill for cookies.
    BTW, I don't really care much at all about the ghost type mafia or the row family to be honest ^w^; Sorry. Kimiyoshimai came off kinda bratish XD
    I shall try and beat you! You have no choice on how your person is played, so you have no idea if those points are true or not. Even if they are, if your person comes off mean, they shall be voted off. Plus, if Enoby wins I'm slitting MY wrists... the world is ruined.
    Hey, I know you said you liked Unholy Crusade, so I was wondering, are you reading Devil's Ascent, it's sequel?
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