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Last Activity:
Sep 14, 2009
May 14, 2009
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Sep 24, 1991 (Age: 28)
Dimensional Rifts
Me no have job DX

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Shade's_Soulmate, 28, from Dimensional Rifts

Curse_of_the_Cat_13 was last seen:
Sep 14, 2009
    1. FrozenConstellation
    2. Superwolfe
      thanks again
    3. Superwolfe
      thanks, but plz hurry!
    4. Superwolfe
      ok, plz hurry though
    5. Superwolfe
      i have these
      pichu tentacool tentacruel gallade EV trained lv 100 flygon EV trained lv 50 castform swablu gible cressalia gyrados medicham rotom great nature scyther drifloon bagon gyrados shiny treeko shiny mild charmander shiny modest UT mewtwo jolly absol shiny cressalia shiny swampert lv 100 ev trained flygon EV trained lv 50 shiny timid gastly shiny skorupi with egg moves shiny voltorb perfect nature shiny relaxed registeel shiny adamant dratini shiny\ evd. Bold sleep talk set suicane shiny onyx adament shiny bronzor gentle modest EV trained shiny lucario shiny ponyta quiet shiny pachirisu quiet shiny Impish skarmory with spikes, brave bird, roost, and whirlwind ev trained shiny darkrai shiny timid froslass ev trained shiny charmander shiny magneton *new* shiny blaziken evd lv 100 *new* shiny electivire UT w/ egg moves *new* shiny slowbro *new* shiny abomasnow ev trained *new* shiny careful pineco Growlithe (Adamant) EV trained Chimchar (Adamant) shiny empoleon modest EV trained Togepi (Timid in a Lux ball) Trapinch (Adamant Yanma (Impish shiny giratina modest shiny scizor ev trained *new* i have these events: jpn regigigas 10 aniv celebi 10 aniv ho-oh manaphy: pokemon ranger SOA rioulu: pokemon ranger SOA darkrai (regular) pokemon ranger SOA 10 Aniv suicune EV trained and shiny hayley ranch phione __________________
    6. aggronrules
    7. Superwolfe
      depends what youre looking for, what do u want?
    8. aggronrules
      ok ill give you both
    9. Superwolfe
      ya, what do u want from me?
    10. aggronrules
      heard you have an ev'd starmie, i can offer

      i can offer:
      shiny bold UT giritana
      shiny bold UT vulpix
      shiny adamant day cared lvl 10 larvitar, max att ivs
      shiny torchic daycared to lvl 2
      shiny UT Adamant dratini
      shiny UT adamant beldum
      shiny UT docile beldum
      shiny UT milktank BASHFUL
      Shiny Ut charmander BRAVE
      SHINY T Lucario max att ivs, adamant
      SHiny UT gyarados adamant max att ivs
      SHINy UT adamant max att iv horsea
      Shiny UT rash sneasel
      shiny Bt distand land Togetic
      SHiny BT Bold latios
      Shiny hasty heatran MAx SPAC ivs, and 29 att ivs
      shiny modest mewtwo

      WCS09 Milotic timid UT
      NZ JIRACHI, timid
      ALAMOS DARKAI, docile
      MOVIE 08 shaymin CALM UT
      10 anniv CELEBI, BOLD UT

      for it, 2-3 for 1.
    11. freakyboy05
      Sorry I couldn't go today, it was for personal reasons><. But this week a friend of mine is going to lend me the wifi usb so I can connect right from home.
    12. freakyboy05
      Hey I can go to BK today at about 5:30. But that's if you're ready.
    13. freakyboy05
      Sure I have a lv. 49 persian which I can breed into a meowth.
      As you can see the I don't have wifi at home but I would gladly go to a BK.
      I can go this friday afternoon at 3PM. Just to set the time differences, it's 6:01 over here.
      My FC is in my sig, send me yours!
    14. freakyboy05
      I don't have much to offer.
      I have tons and tons of charmanders lv. 1 maybe you might be interested in a good natured one.
      Anything that you ask for I would try and get it.
    15. ScytheSwipe
      I figured you seemed as such and I'm not the one to rip somebody off either so I figured it would be okay. Um I'm not sure if the japanese one will work in the english HG/SS but it supposedly will open up an exclusive area on the pokewalker called Edge of Night Sky in case you didnt already know you can check the details on the events list :) well thats all from me for tonight ttyl
    16. ScytheSwipe
      lol I heard you say I did a stupid thing by trading it for the dugtrio first I just assumed I could trust you I guess it sounded like you were talking to your bf or something lol I have a WISHMKR too it sounded like you are looking for certain jirachi's no?
    17. ScytheSwipe
      lol I guess you can't hear me on the voice chat for some reason but I tried to ask if/how you would be interested in trading the growlithe for any of the other pokemon NZ jirachi is real too btw
    18. ScytheSwipe
      the houndoom I'm guessing you didn't hear me on VC
    19. ScytheSwipe
      yup yup me 2
    20. ScytheSwipe
      you r teh bestest eva! lol
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  • About

    Sep 24, 1991 (Age: 28)
    Dimensional Rifts
    Me no have job DX
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Lover of Arcanines :3

    Pokemon, spending time with my fiance, drawing and painting and writing


    My diamond (which is used for trades) FC is:
    5070 1826 0754

    My platinum (which is used for battles) FC is:
    4640 7912 4047


    My Earth Elemental Battle FC is: 4640 7912 4047