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  • How is my request going?
    Just wondering if you have any of them now (one or two or all).
    If you have any, can you trade it now?
    I curvedbean, I am on the Clan Chat now, just wanted to ask a few questions
    Hello... I hear you breed Pokemon.
    Anyway, I recently bred and trained a Sceptile up to level 53 only to find out that it's IV in Sp. Attack was 0, and it's IV in speed was 1, so I'm pretty devastated T^T^T^T So yeah, is there any possible way you could breed me a Timid Treecko with Leech Seed and 31 IVs in Special Attack and Speed? If you're busy then I'll just breed another one myself, but I was just trying all my options... xD Anyway, thanks c:
    hey, its me again and i need you to breed me a shiny spheal with 31 iv's in HP defence and sp. defence and a relaxed nature with ice body. can you do that?
    Hey, I sent you a pm a while back, but I'm sure you've been busy and your breeding requests have been piling up. So, if you haven't started on that request, then don't worry about it. But, if you have time, could you please breed a modest Piplup for me with high IVs? A 31 in SpA, HP, and Speed are crucial. I would still prefer that the others were as high as possible, but it's not as important. :) thanks

    EDIT: I'm just now changing this and I don't want to spam your VM wall. Instead of the IVs that I requested, could you try for 31/31/31/30/31/31? I believe that is the spread for HP electric.
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