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Pokemon Addict~ <3

Why Pokemon of course~ !! <3
Between mind and matter~
Favourite Pokémon
Honing my skills~ <3


FC: 4441 8886 4682

Do not trade me hacks or unlegit Pokemons I will not accept them only trade with me If you are certain that the mon you are trading me is legit

Most of my trades will be done via PM~ !! Each single one of my Pokemons are purely legits. None of them are hacked If I somehow trade a hack to you I will make a trade-back /RIGHT/ away~ Most of my rare Pokemons have been either received by myself or obtained through trades on here which I've always made sure of their legitimacy first hand. Some may be cloned however. I do not mind receiving clones myself unless they are Pokecheck clones with a "Premier" ribbon I consider those to be unlegit~ Thank you very much for your time.