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    and wat the hell is a "dumpass"? You know what? The hell with you I'm just deleting and blocking you!
    Ok what the hell did I tell you on March 30th 2010? Look 3 msgs below this 1 and you'll see. Why the hell am I even your friend? If you bother me with nonsense again I will delete and block you.
    I still have no effing clue on what ur talking about..... If ur gonna bother me with bull sht then plz don't bother me.
    You are a spammer. You have to report someone and then a mod will review what you are reporting and see if qualifies as ban worth, also getting enough infractions will get someone banned
    No serebii1 isn't joe, no mod would ever do that and if they did for some stupid reason joe would just undo it, since this is his site. serebii1 is just one of the accounts that spams the forums like you.
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