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  • heyy! I've been meaning to post 4 ever! I have been reading your fic hot chocolate since before I registered and love it! :) U inspired me a while back to write a contestshipping fic and if you're interested I'll send it to u. (i'm not really planning on posting it but you are welcome to read it as everyone else who wants to.)
    Merry Christmas dear, if you ever get around these part anymore =(
    I miss you love, give me a call from time to time, kay ?

    Bye bye
    Good luck with your exams, I really really wish you the best ! :)
    And I'm really glad to hear from you as well. I'm actually quite relieved, since now I know that you're not around because of school and more important things as well ^^

    Ok, I wrote down your numbers, so now you can edit your post so that no random stalker might come around and write that down ^^'

    I rather planned on getting a facebook acount, but whateva, either project would have to wait untill the end of my school year since...exams start in one month's time. *gasp*
    I'm doing very well, thanks, like I said, every ounce of energy is either spent on my driver's license or on learing for exams/tests...so just like you, internet has become more of a tool for research than for pleasure and entertainment, but yeah, that's what it's meant to be lol

    I'm so glad you took some time to write to me, and I'll be sure to phone you some time, try saturday night, since it's my school's party for the end of the year (aka. "prom" in some parts of the world) and I'll let some of my drunk freinds talk to you LOL

    Until next time, stay healthy and lovely ^^
    I miss you !! :(
    Do you ever come around these parts again ?
    Do you ever have time to get on msn ?

    Do we ever have time to chat ?...I miss talking to you so...

    At least, now it's possible here ! ^^
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